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Vitality And Happiness FAQ

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What Are Vitality And Happiness?

What is Vitality?


"This is a very personal answer about the meaning of vitality, because VITALITY is my #1 value. Because it serves happiness. However, GRATITUDE and FREEDOM are competing with VITALITY. But anyway:

VITALITY means mental and physical health and fitness.

What would you gain by having Vitality on your value list?

Longevity = an extended livespan

Firstly, you may enjoy for an active and long-lasting life. Therefore, it gives you time and energy to finish the mission your are here for. For example, plenty of time to visit all countries of the world. Additionally, being capable enjoining what you experience, i.e. being an attractive lover. Finally, avoiding medical treatment, and saving time and money due to that.

Then you might ask yourself, what does it cost to have VITALITY as one of my top values?

Similarly, VITALITY requires the effort to take well care for yourself. But you will experience, that it is well worth it! Because you would experience happiness each time you are

  • Learning something


  • Training your mind or body
  • Doing something for your health
  • Eat something healthy
  • Stretch
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Any other kind of sports
  • Meditation
  • Take your thinking time
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Run
  • Swim
  • Ride a bike
  • Push youself
  • Experience growth
  • Share your learnings and experiences
  • Teach or visit a seminar.

Above all, complete this list with your benefits. But, make the items of this list as alternatives. Finally, you want to combine them by and "OR", not and "AND". Because, with an "AND" you will end up in perfectionsims, with causes a hell of a life and distinglishes happiness. So, this leads to the next question ...

Vital and happy regards

What is Happiness?

Above all, to live life according to your values. For example, due to knowing your purpose of life, have a vision and mission that serve your values. For instance, passionately work towards your purpose, and continuously grow on it. Subsequently, that brings us to the next question:

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