21 Day Abundance Challenge Reviews

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Mutka and Ansuhl’s 21 days of abundance reviews

Deepak Chopra 21-Day Abundance Challenge Review by Mutka and Anshul

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Deepak Chopra 21-Day Abundance Challenge

21 days of abundance reviews
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for conscious female entrepreneurs only

Vanessa Cottam wrote

21 Day Abundance Challenge Reviews

May 20 at 1:45 PM on Facebook

The Abundance Challenge rekindled the pure joy of life that comes from a stronger spiritual connection with the universe. Thank you.

Fenella D’addio

21-day abundance challenge review

May 8 on Facebook

Really enjoyed doing this challenge. (Don’t feel you need to do it to a specified time pressure. It was far nicer to dip in and out when we could.) I Really recommend it for more peaceful living. And I am very grateful to Klaus for taking the time to send this to us, very kind of him

Katarzyna Anna Paruzel

21 day abundance challenge review

February 23 on Facebook

I am half the challenge of plenty but What Klaus does to enrich the challenge itself. In a simple form given by Deepak Chopra is wonderful. It is great to observe changes in yourself under its conduct. Thank you so much.

Jane Record

21-day abundance WhatsApp review

February 10

I hâve done This abundance challenge with Klaus a couple of times now. Whilst I have not always managed to do the homework. I have loved the meditations with Deepak and Klaus’ ideas and guidance have given me real food for thought. I will keep repeating and plugging away at the abundance challenge. As every month something new pops up for me. And I keep learning more about myself and more tools to propel me forward! Thank you Klaus

Nancy Barboza Mendonca replied:

I keep doing the 21 days with the group. It’s truly wonderful. Thank You Klaus Forster. 🙏🙏🙏 I am grateful.

Zahra Naz

Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Challenge Reviews

January 27

Klaus is very attentive and helpful. He guides you throughout the practice. And it’s inspiring to see all the other people from all around the world. Who are also doing the abundance challenge and how it’s made a great impact on their lives

Jahmilia Lynch

Deepak Chopra 21 day abundance review

January 25

klaus thank you so very much in giving me the chance to participate in this group challenge. Also a big thanks to my friend vinaida for mentioning vitality4happiness. I most say I have opened apart of me. I never knew was there. Since i started this challenge i have been attracting abundance in many little ways. And then the biggest one came my way and am so happy and so grateful. I will be doing this again and sharing the love that I got from this.

‎أسماء حلمي‎

Deepak Chopra 21 day abundance review

January 24

A truly life-changing experience and rich content! I am deeply grateful for knowing inspiring people like Klaus and the ladies in the group. You made a big difference, Klaus. Sincere thanks.

Mona Sheikholeslami

Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation review

January 24

Dear Klaus hello,
As you may know we have been experiencing disaster here in Iran. And so I have had very bad days full of tears and hopelessness. But with your help in this abundance challenge I have become stronger with full of hope and internal peace.

Vitality4Happiness replied:

So good to see how gratitude helps you through challenging times. Thank you, for the open words.

Sonia K Sarpal

Deepak Chopra abundance review

January 24

This has been indeed a wonderful experience. Words cannot express the differences you see. You have to try it to fully understand. And guess what? I will be repeating this over and over. That is how great the experience is.

Manju Mahar

21-day abundance challenge ervaringen

January 24

Great meditation! Klaus is so helpful and very response to any questions. This offers an opportunity for a collective group of liked minded female entrepreneurs to create a positive energy. And move in the direction of growth.

Dominique Simpson

Deepak Chopra 21 day abundance challenge reviews

January 24

The challenge is very interesting and the guided meditations really made me think deep. My only criticism would be that as this is run in a large WhatsApp group. You can get up to 30 notifications a day! I would rather one group with the mediations released daily and one group for the chat. Other than this I really enjoyed participating

Vitality4Happiness replied:

Thank you for the ides with a second group. I am already thinking about a way how to organize it better. You may put the group on “Mute” so the phone does not give you a notice for each comment. On the other hand, the Mastermind WhatsApp Group especially for curious female entrepreneurs. To grow your self-employment to a self-running enterprise following your passion.

Nancy Barboza Mendonca

21 day abundance challenge Deepak Chopra review

January 24

Great meditation experience on a daily basis.

Sharon Stanton Anderson

21 days abundance challenge scam

December 25, 2019

What a wonderful experience. I will be doing this again. This group is amazing!

Morgan El-Zeinab

21 days of abundance challenge Kritik

December 23, 2019

The experience Klaus creates in his abundance group was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I LOVE how easy it was to have the information sent right to an app. I already use daily, the conversation with other members was uplifting, positive, and spiritual. Highly recommend and hope to continue with this experience.

Alison Hassan

21 days of abundance feedback

December 2, 2019

Great well organized experience so far🙏🏼 Grateful

Lolet Balanjiu

Deepak Chopra meditation review

November 23, 2019

The challenge has changed my life. I am more grateful now and look at life in a better perspective. Thank you to our facilitator Mr Klaus for guiding us to be more abundance.

So Phie Peperstraete

21 day of abundance experience

November 16, 2019

Lovely people 🤗. It was the second time I did this challenge. Love to do it. I see changes in my life. I wish all of you lots of success and luck within your own process. 🍀
A big thank you for this opportunity, Klaus! You’re doing a wonderful job and make a difference in people’s world. 🙏✨
I am grateful for being in this group of warm-hearted people. And I say thanks to the persons who gave me hope, support and practical exercises.
With love, Sophie 💕

Vitality4Happiness replied:

Thank you for the detailed feedback. It makes me happy and proud of you, that you can see the development in yourself! 🙏

Allismicro Microla

Deepak Chopra 21 day abundance meditation review

October 27, 2019

Mahalo for the blissful journey with abunDance. Profound and divine healing is happening. Aloha …

Fitatwork Fit At Work

Bewertung für Vitality4Happiness Coaching

March 10, 2017

Coachings mit Klaus Forster haben mir unmittelbar geholfen. Es hat geholfen meinen Fokus darauf zu richten Kunden anzusprechen, die produkttechnisch und menschlich zu mir passen. Das war ein wertvoller Befreiungsschlag um meinen persönlichen Geschäftsidee auszubauen. Er hat mir dabei viele nützliche Kommunikationskniffe mitgegeben und mich in den Zauber des erfolgreichen, ungezwungenen Vertriebs eingeweiht.

Petra Wolff

experience for the Vitality4Happiness Business Retreat

February 15, 2017

It was a blast for me, the website or. to work out the text with you. I thought it was particularly great with which course of action you brought out of me exactly what was important! Your support has made the big hurdle of the website become very small for me! You are a great companion for me! And that was just the beginning of what I got to learn from you! 😘 Thank you for that!

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Deepak Chopra 21-Day Abundance Challenge

21 days of abundance reviews
Start your challenge – NOW!

for conscious female entrepreneurs only

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