21 Days of Abundance Tasks

21 Days of Abundance Tasks

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Being a contribution to the world with your business

The 21-Day Abundance Challenge for Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

The intention of the 21 Days of Abundance Tasks on WhatsApp, Email, Youtube for conscious female entrepreneurs, is to:

  • Contribute to the world with your business
  • Attract Abundance for you and your business
  • Experience a mindset of gratitude
  • Create WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you, your customers, and the entire universe


For the completion of every task, you will receive an abundance-meditation from Deepak Chopra as your PRESENT!


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Welcome to the 21-day challenge creating abundance in your self-employment. I am very happy that you decided to embark on this journey. Finally, it will lead you into stillness and silence to experience authentic abundance consciousness with a focus on your business. Over the next three weeks, we will focus on different aspects of abundance. Consequently tailored for female entrepreneurs.

Review Abundance Meditation Challenge – Abundance Experience

The 21 Days of Abundance Tasks on WhatsApp for conscious female entrepreneurs contains:

Week 1

In the first week, we will consider the promise of your unlimited entrepreneurial potential.
During this time, we learn what true abundance is:

  • The infinite source from which you and your business can grow.
  • How consciousness and the mind affect its development.
  • Finally, we will embody, how we can deeply understand how abundance is a divine right.

21 Days of Abundance Tasks

Week 2

During our second week, we will show how abundance relates to the seven spiritual laws of success.

  • We will beginning with the law of pure potentiality.
  • What exactly is possible?
  • And ending with the law of karma.
  • Further, how to increase abundance in our life, by serving humanity with our unique skills and talents.

Abundance Challenge Review

Week 3

In our third week, we contemplate the practical aspects of abundance. True living in abundance as our natural state of being.

  • During this time we will explore the depth of synchrodestiny.
  • As well as, consciously manifesting our destinies by harnessing the power of intention meaningful coincidence.
  • As a result, we will discuss the importance of living gratefully.  Gratefulness that leads to customer relationships. Which are carefree, with love, and unity. Finally, to create an environment of abundance in your business.

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21 Days of Abundance Tasks

Abundance Challenge Experience

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