Vitality 4 Happiness Components – The PURSUIT of HAPPYNESS

Pourquoi la vitalité est-elle le moyen ultime de rechercher le bonheur ? Parce qu'il augmente votre longévité et votre durée de vie. Ce n'est donc pas un acte égoïste ... en savoir plus dans tout le film


Qu'est-ce que la vitalité?

Que signifie Vital? Définition du pouvoir de vitalité:

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Vitality a 4 composants:

Santé mentale et physique et forme physique

et pour cette raison, cela signifie la combinaison de:

  1. Santé mentale - pas seulement la santé des hommes (endurance)
  2. Forme mentale
  3. La santé physique et
  4. Forme physique

Au cours de cette série, j'entrerai dans le détail à travers l'ensemble de ces composants. Que signifient ces 4 composants? Quels composants ont plus ou moins d'influence sur le pouvoir de vitalité? Et enfin répondra à la question:
Pourquoi tant de gens fixent-ils leurs priorités aux composants les moins essentiels et ignorent-ils l'essentiel ? Et ce que vous pouvez spécifiquement faire pour en appliquer les composants de manière plus bénéfique. Commençons par la fin :

Santé physique et forme physique

Parce que tout le monde a déjà vécu

  • Blessures après un accident,
  • Muscles aigres après un entraînement physique,
  • Situations où la santé s'est perdue, ou
  • Maladie, si vous tombez malade.

Et à cause de cela, il est facile à comprendre.

La plupart des gens ignorent leur santé physique, tant qu'elle est dans un équilibre raisonnable. Nous n'accordons pas beaucoup d'attention à notre santé, tant que leur corps fonctionne bien, sans douleur ou habitué à la douleur. Nous avons tendance à ne lui prêter attention que si cela devient urgent, ce qui est tragique.

C'est presque la même chose avec la santé mentale et la forme physique. Mais nous accordons généralement encore moins d'attention à cela qu'à la santé physique, ce qui est encore plus tragique !

Power of Vitality meaning

4. Signification de la condition physique - Qu'est-ce que la forme physique?

An athlete represents physical fitness with a well-trained body. But here comes the paradox: Physical training requires bringing the system out of balance by exceeding the abilities of a muscle. For example: To train your ability to run, you need to run a little bit further than what is convenient for you to create some discomfort, maybe even a bit of pain. Due to that, you find signs in many gyms, like: "No pain - no gain!" And this seems to be the opposite of the balanced of your body functions, which I described before as physical health.

The balance comes into play during the relaxation phase, which needs to follow the physical training. The growth takes place during relaxation. The training sets a growth impulse. After you over exceeded your standard capabilities, you need a rest, in which the recovery and the growth take place.

3. Signification de la santé physique - Qu'est-ce que la santé physique?

All functions of the body are working well balanced together, like a well-functioning clockwork. Health is much more than abstinence from sickness, illness, or diseases!
Physical health is a present, which we get as a newborn. And it is a result of our behavior, while we grow up and get older. Physical health is simply a consequence of what we consume. How we live and move, what we do - or don't do, drink, eat. In Germany, we say:

"Tu es ce que tu manges!"

Ce qui signifie:

"You are what you eat!"

ou pour le dire plus radicalement:

"Garbage in - garbage out!"

Because the body gets to build and continuously rebuilds from the elements in our nutrition, drinks, and the air we breathe.
Let's do a thought experiment and cut off some of the essential physical supplies our body needs to determine what is critical for our physical health. What do you think of the first? I guess it is in this sequence:

  1. Aliments
  2. Boisson
  3. Air, et enfin
  4. Motion, si vous y avez pensé du tout.

En fonction de votre état d'esprit

Vous avez probablement même pensé à certains de ceux-ci:

- cosmétiques
- compléments nutritionnels
- la Coupe de cheveux
- manucure pédicure
- l'hygiène
- vêtements
- chauffage ou climatisation
- transport
- assurances
- de l'argent
- travail

That is all brainfuck, because those are NO basic physical needs. But most likely, you forgot about

Pipi et caca!

Going to the toilet is the result of digestion. It is the rubish collection of our body!

It is tragic to forget that this will poison you within a few weeks if your body stops doing this!
All the rest is convenient! There is nothing terrible about convenience, but it is out of focus for your physical health because its abstinence will not kill you. Apart from, if you are a princess.

So, let's bring what is left into a priority. What are the essential ones of the basic physical needs? In other words: What will kill you the fastest if it is not available anymore?

  1. Air - not breathing will create brain damage within minutes or even kill you shortly after that.
  2. Buvez - aucun approvisionnement en eau ne vous tuera en quelques jours.
  3. Pipi et caca - empoisonnera votre corps et vous tuera en quelques semaines.
  4. Nourriture - vous pouvez vous en passer pendant quelques mois.
  5. Motion - this is a question of some more months or even years.

Mode de vie occidental commun

Mais sur quoi nous concentrons-nous le plus?

  1. Beauté et fitness
  2. Nutrition supplements while mainly eating processed food
  3. Alcool et fête, au lieu d'une prise d'eau suffisante pour être bien hydraté
  4. Fumer, au lieu de respirer
  5. Rubbish collection is not even on the list. So once again, we forget entirely to pee, poo, and sweat.

But the priorities should be the other way around to maintain and improve our physical health. For that, we need to concentrate on:

  1. Practice deep breathing to make deep breathing a habit.
  2. Drink at least 2, or better 3 liters of clean water per day.
  3. Pi, poo, and sweating: to detox continuously.
  4. Food - living food, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetarian oils, protein, vegetarian, fish or meat, and a little bit of carb.
  5. Motion - on top of the mentioned above, you can go for some workout because that has the least priority for your physical health! It indeed becomes a different priority if you look from the physical fitness perspective.

2. Signification de la santé mentale - qu'est-ce que la santé mentale?

First of all, stop what poisons your mind: Watching, reading, listening to the news! 80 to 95% of them are negative because bad news sells better and gets more attention. The journalists are just doing their job. But every society gets the news they deserve. They get what they pay for. And you experience in life what you focus on. So, if you fill your brain with the bad news ... you will have bad experiences in your life. Also, social media is mostly catching you with negative news. Stop it or make sure you do not spend more than 15 minutes per day on the news and social media. Most people can save several hours per day by limiting this to a quarter of an hour per day!

What can you do with the gained time?

Do something for your mental fitness! Learning is the best mental fitness training. Learn something new every day. Practice playing an instrument, a language, a hobby, the skill of selling, learn about social skills, psychology, increase your competence for your work. The options are endless! And as soon as you start looking into the details, each of those skills becomes interesting.

1. Signification de la santé mentale - qu'est-ce que la santé mentale?


Pourquoi tant de gens ont-ils accordé leur plus haute priorité au moins essentiel pour le pouvoir de la vitalité?

First of all, our reptile brains are genetically programmed to concentrate on urgent things. If our ancestors would have ignored the urgency to run away, if a saber-toothed tiger was attacking them, and instead of that, they would have thought about something essential, for example, their purpose of life, we wouldn't be here today! This behavior got programmed in our genes. The stone age thinkers, who took care of the essentials first, got eaten by the saber-toothed tiger, and their gens got lost. And due to that, concentrating on the essential things instead of the urgent ones seems counterintuitive to us.

Times have changed, and today there is no saber-toothed tiger around anymore. Even if we are consciously aware that taking care of the essential things first is the more thoughtful way to act and produces better results, we are trapped in our genes and usually take care of the urgent things first. Another reason can be that it is fun to be a "firefighter." It serves our desire for adventure!

And second, most of our knowledge is influenced by marketing. There is a lot of money in the fitness market, basically in physical fitness. The same thing is true for health. There is much more business in physical health than in the mental health sector. So, what you will get to see, read and hear about vital living is mainly in the physical fitness or health domain.

You might say: I learned about it in school, or from some media, such as a book, a seminar, or a magazine. But you need to understand that your teachers are human beings, too. They also rely on the media. And all of the media is strongly influenced by some lobby if they publish something about it because they get paid for that!

Third and finally, those things that have the most significant impact on the power of vitality are almost available for free! No one is interested in promoting this.

Voici quelques recommandations pour vous:

  • How to put the priorities to the essential components?
  • And how to make it fun so that you stick to it?

Why is it essential to make the power of vitality urgent?

Pour votre santé mentale, vous pouvez pratiquer la méditation pour créer gratuitement un état d'esprit positif. Vous pouvez démarrer en participant à un défi de méditation, which is a fun way to build a meditation habit and learn how to meditate. This will create a practice so that you will do it consistently! Your mental health and fitness will benefit much from a meditation habit.

Tâches du défi 21 jours d'abondance et méditations Deepak Chopra

You can create a balance between periodic stress for your mental fitness to train your mental strength and relaxation to recover from it for your growth on your own, free of charge. Even entraînement de force mentale pourrait être utile pour commencer cette habitude et créer une plus grande prise de conscience.

Maîtrisez les peurs et les inquiétudes - Terminez la crise en gagnant

Pour votre santé physique, vous pouvez faire des exercices de respiration, le tout gratuitement. Si vous voulez avoir de l'inspiration pour vous lancer, rejoignez le défi de respiration profonde. Et apprenez quelques exercices de respiration amusants, développez une habitude de respiration profonde et apprenez encore plus sur ses bienfaits pour vous. Cela fonctionne des deux côtés: mental et physique!

Défi de respiration profonde

Make sure that you stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water is our most valuable food. And it is available for almost zero cost! That is probably the reason why we underestimate its value so much. Set a timer for every 2 to 4 hours during the daytime. Have a glass of water to make sure you drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day.

Identify the weakest point of your vital power, and feel if one of the proposed recommendations resonates with you. Then choose one, and go for it. Make it a must to succeed. Commit to someone whom you respect, that you will take it seriously and finish it. Give her or him the authority to fine, punish, or blame you if you fail! Do you think that is absurd? No, you only make the essential urgent. With this little trick, you overcome your genetic programming in your reptile brain to focus on the critical instead of the crucial things!


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