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About Klaus Forster and Vitality4Happiness

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About Klaus Forster and Vitality4Happiness:

I am Klaus Forster, a telecommunication engineer, born in 1965 in Germany. Since 1989 I worked for software companies, that were providing the automotive industry with software development tools. In 2009 I started a music business, serving bands, and musicians with a license to be loud, and I did provide them with practice and recording studios. Since 2016, I am living the dream of my life in Bali, Indonesia, the beautiful island of the gods, as an investor.

Vitality4Happiness is my passion, teaching people to enjoy a satisfying, healthy, and rich life.

My business Rooms4Music, founded in 2009, worked without my presence on site since 2016, when he started traveling as a digital nomad, doing marketing and controlling remotely. After falling in love, first with Bali and then with Becky, I packed everything needed within 2 weeks, handing over my business to a manager and moving to Asia in 2017. Even a broken leg couldn't stop me! In 2019 I sold the business and became an investor.

Learn, why it is "So Hard To Enjoy Life in Bali"

Klaus Forster wants to counteract time to build up vitality and health

Klaus Forster wants to increase the lifespan by focussing on mental and physical health and fitness.

In 2012 I was sick, overweight, always tired, and every movement of my body was hurting, being caught in the self-designed treadmill of my self-employment. And I was working 4 days a week as an employee, and another 40 hours in my own business, being sick and unfit. When I came with a prescription in a pharmacy the owner asked me: "Mr. Forster is it really necessary that you are already eating such shit, at your age?" That woke me up!

I made a decision:

To focus primarily on health, mental and physical fitness

And I started jogging and participated in running competitions. 11 km after 2 months, a half marathon after 8 months, and a full marathon another 3 months later. While I learned to reorganize my self-employment into entrepreneurship, grow the business, and become a business owner. And by doing so, I understood that growth is the source of happiness, which finally turned into Vitality4Happiness.

Jenny Verano About Klaus Forster and Vitality4Happiness

Jenny Verano:

"Klaus has proven possible, what many see only as a dream. …

What stands out for me is the value, of working in the spirit of cooperation with other entrepreneurs, who are on the same journey.

Because it means, we can learn from each other’s mistakes and grow a lot faster in many ways."

Being a Contribution to The World

And nowadays, my passion is to share what I learned:  How to enjoy a vital and happy life. Click on the link below and read or listen to the new book:

Tellement difficile de profiter de la vie à Bali

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Contact : Klaus Forster
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