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2020 Life in Bali Review

Originally posted 2021-01-01 07:43:19.

My very personal, ironic 2020 Life in Bali Review: Why is it so hard to enjoy life in Bali?

Enjoy life in Indonesia

I spent New Year Eve 2019 at Batu Bolong beach with my couch surfing guest from Thailand. In the first quarter of 2020, I did a lot of webpage Search Engine Optimization and mobile speed improvements. Which resulted in an increasing number of visitors.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Further, I created a new video webpage. And Published over 60 videos for the abundance and gratitude challenge. This resulted in an Abundance Challenge hype, with up to 20 new participants per day.

New girlfriend ... sex, love, and her delicious food ... which made it so hard to enjoy life in Bali. Not to mention the additional pounds I gained.

Thomas's visit to Indonesia, a scooter tour around the island, and joining the biggest ecstatic dance event at Udara, made it hard to enjoy life in Bali. After our trip, I moved to Gianyar, Rumah Lebih. No Nyepi, but months of lockdown, peace, quietness, and mental growth followed.

Bali Day of Silence 2021 – Nyepi

Learning the language of the symptoms from Kurt Tepperwein

Sorry, these videos are only available in the German language. But you can activate English captions. I published the Stock market meditation videos and started the Volatility4Happiness game and no-loss trading.

Decision-Making Meditations

I moved to Canggu, where I met Sim. I learned about nootropics and started experimenting with them.

Together with my friend Jenny from Cuba, I worked on the Manifesting Abundance Program.

#LONGEVITY Secrets blog series and YouTube channel

Falling in love with Komang at the Cacao Ceremony at Udara Bali.

So hard to enjoy life in Bali

We did many trips to waterfalls, and blessings, and participated in her Brother's wedding. As you may imagine, this made it even harder to enjoy life in Bali.

The first Bali Silent Retreat in November 2020

This included the day with the biggest earnings in my life, which made it so hard to enjoy life in Bali. Further, I became passionate about writing, healing, and mental growth.

Bali Silent Retreat – An Honest Personal Review

And I ended up buying a little plot in Lovina and becoming a banana, papaya, and coconut farmer ... without realizing it.

How to become a coconut, mango, and banana farmer?

The release of the Longevity Mindfulness App

LONGEVITY APP – Extend YOUR Lifespan App

Currently, I am on the second silent retreat. Due to that, I will be offline most of the time until the end of January 2021. I guess, you understand now

Why it is so hard to live in Indonesia?

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I love it, and this, why you will love Bali, too!

What is so special about Bali? – Why You Will Love Bali?

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so hard to enjoy life in Bali