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Positive Affirmations For Good Health

I Love Bali Podcast

Let's do these "Positive Affirmations For Good Health":
Please, close your eyes, now ...

Take three deep breaths ...
Breathe in ... and out ...

Breathe in ... and out again ...
Once more, breathe in ... and out ... and now, let's begin ...

I wish you infinite health, vitality, happiness, and longevity
with these Positive Affirmations For Good Health:

... I am ... I'm myself ... I learn and know better and better, how to cure myself ...
I am thankful for my healing power ...

I am good the way I am ...
I am healing myself, I am healthful!

I can do it, I know I can do that. I can cure myself ...
I can deal with any symptom, that appears!

I can recover from any symptom ...
because I am able to interpret it correctly!

I can analyze the symptoms, and learn from them, ...
to understand the message within it.

I can learn anything needed,
to cure myself and others.

I am permanently healing my body,
to recover from any symptoms.

I can turn sickness into growth, by understanding,
and I am acting according to the message behind the symptoms.

I live a healthy life that fulfills me deeply.
I can change my state of health at any time within a heartbeat.

I'm healing my body quickly.
I can achieve any state of health I want.

I can do it, I know I can do that.
I can cure myself and others ... I am healthful.

I love my body unconditionally,
and my body loves me.

I reserve time for my body,
which loves me unconditionally.

I am worthy, to have the healthiest and most beautiful body.
I am healthy.

I respect my body's needs, it deserves to be loved ...
and ... I feel a deep fulfillment by doing so.

I treat my body lovingly.
I take well care of it, and its health.

I do things that are good for my body, every single day.
I reserve some time, just for my health.

I can do it, I know I can do that.
I can cure myself and others ...

I'm strong and healthy, and I am proud of my health.
I am constantly healing and rejuvenating.

I use my abilities to heal my body,
and I help others to heal their bodies.

I have endless healing power. I am healing holistically,
which removes the root causes fundamentally, and the symptoms disappear.

I cure myself and others ...
to get healthier and rejuvenate.

I am magically attracting health.
My body deserves infinite health.

I am grateful for my healthy body,
honoring my healing power.

I can be as healthy as I want to be, at any time.
I am feeling deep gratitude for my health.

I can do it, I know I can do that.
I can cure myself.

I am healthy!

Positive Affirmations For Good Health
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