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Welcome to your “Guided Letting go Meditation”


Are you aware, that

Letting go is the first and the last step in life?

This fascinating game, that we call life, takes place for your pleasure!
And it is our job to live, to laugh, and to let go of everything, that doesn’t really enrich your life.

Whenever we’re not happy, we get tutoring from life.

But, we always have a choice, whether we learn on the royal path of understanding, or on the usual path of suffering.

This guided letting go meditation, will assist you to let go of everything that makes life difficult:

  • Activities, that are not really fun.
  • A relationship, that isn’t really fulfilling.
  • All circumstances, that do not let your heart really grow wide.
  • Also, an apartment, that does not have a healing effect.
  • Further, you should let go, negative thoughts, self-reproach, doubts, worries, and feelings of guilt.
  • Everything that doesn’t really make your life richer and more fulfilling.

The first step in letting go of something is, to accept what is currently an issue. Only when I have accepted something do I have the chance to change it.

Letting go is perhaps the most fascinating adventure life has to offer.

We are in a very pleasant position. Because we can choose freely:

  • Our behavior,
  • health,
  • wealth,
  • success,
  • our partner,
  • the place of our residence,
  • our job,
  • yes, and even our mood.

But, hardly anyone is aware of it.
Due to that, for most people, it seems that they don’t have a choice.
Because they don’t know, that they can choose at any time,
they do not make any choices.
And due to that nothing changes.
This experience manifests in the mind,
that one has no choice.
Once this is manifested subconsciously,
they really have no choice anymore.

But in fact, nobody needs to accept unpleasant circumstances.
Say “NO”, if your life is going the wrong way!

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This guided letting go meditation, will guide you to let go of every hindrance, and leads you to live the life you deserve.

The 3 Steps of you Letting go Meditation:

1. First of all, define exactly what you want to let-go.
2. Then check why you haven’t let go of it yet.
In this way, you recognize the respective obstacles, patterns, or incorrect programs.
3. Remove the obstacle.
Dissolve outdated patterns.
And then let them go.

Do I live my life as an ego, as a person, or as a personality?
Then I have a lot to let go of:

  • anger,
  • stress,
  • fear,
  • worries,
  • problems, and
  • lack.

As my higher self, I don’t have to let go of anything.
I just have to be who I am.
Then I live as I am meant to be by the creation.
And my life is just right.
If so, then sit back and enjoy the game.

Start your guided letting go meditation:

Make yourself comfortable to meditate in your higher consciousness.

Close your eyes, and relax your body. Let all the tension go.

Open your crone chakra, and step out.

And at the same time,
connect both parts of your brain,
with your heart chakra,
and with the crown chakra.
Enter the holistic way of thinking.
Now, consciously feel: How do you think?
Think with both parts of your brain at the same time.
Integrate the thinking of your heart.
And involve it with the thinking of your crown chakra.
Do all of this simultaneously to enter the space of holistic-thinking.
And let your mind step completely out of your body.
Grow beyond yourself.
And arrive at your higher self.
Then, consciously connect your mind to the cosmic energy field.
Dive into this infinite energy field.
And feel the smooth shift into your higher self.
And to verify that it is happening,
let the cosmic energy flow into your body.
Allow the cosmic energy to heal you,
and feel how healing happens.
Now, consciously, let healing happen in your body.
Experience how good it feels,
to be connected to the infinite field of cosmic energy and information.
While you stay connected to it,
remember that it is your choice, to remain connected permanently.

The first thing you want to let go of is your past.


It’s so gone.
It will never come back anyway.
Why should you bother yourself with it?

Letting Go Of The Past – How To Get Over The Past In Minutes


Also, to let go of is the victim mentality.


Let go of beliefs like:

  • You can’t have everything in life.
  • Things anyhow turn out differently, as you expect or want them to be.

Because it happens exactly as you cause it!

To Letting go is also the fear.


Based on the knowledge, that my fear only wants to show me:

  • That I am not living in my higher self.
  • What means, that my consciousness is narrow.
  • And that my fear is simply an opportunity,
  • It is a reminder to expand my consciousness again.
  • And to make me remember, whom I really am.

There is really nothing you need to fear.
Because, it is me, who causes what happens to me.
And, I can change that at any time.

To letting go are also any feelings of shame or guilt.

By realizing, there is no guilt!
There are only necessary learning steps.
Any mistake only shows that something is missing.
And in realizing it, the mistake has accomplished its obligation.

  • Every problem,
  • any kind of illness,
  • every difficulty,
  • and every crisis

are gifts of life to me.

All of those are loving, even if sometimes painful indications,
that I’m not living according to the creation.
And, that I am not in harmony with the universe.
Therefore, every problem is a task,
that I have to solve,
in order to live a more correct, coherent, and better life.
What we call a problem, is actually a task that life gives me.
Of course, life expects a solution for it.
And very often, I just have to give up something, in order to solve it.

Letting go of anything that is no longer true.


And by doing that, I develop a whole new attitude towards difficulties.
I hold out for it, and I find the best solution in peace.
As soon as I have solved it, I am ready for the next task.

Then I should let go of the judgment.

Because all suffering arises through judgment.
Who actually suffers when I suffer?
Just my ego, not my higher self.
Even if you cannot forgive, you should let go of that.
You let go by realizing, that there is never anything to be forgiven.
Because, anything that happens to me, is caused by myself,
or, what I created, according to the law of attraction.

Let go of sickness.


By leaving the wrong, and doing the right thing.
If you take it seriously, illness has no chance anymore.
And, you easily extend your life by 20 healthy, vital, and happy years.

Let go of the suffering, too.


Suffering arises from

  • judgment about,
  • resistance to,
  • or a desire for something.

Whenever I suffer, it is a message of life.
And it is a request for a change.

Also to Letting go are any disappointments.


From the knowledge, that until now,
I have obviously been living in a delusion.
The other person has just ended this painfully through deception.

Serenity also comes from letting go.

To be serene means, to be able to

  • leave others, as they are,
  • and accept yourself, as you are.

Letting go of all identifications is essential.

So above all, I need to let go of what I am not,
through understanding that:

  • I am not the body.
  • Nor I’m the mind,
  • Or the feeling
  • Neither I am my ego.
  • Ultimately, I am not something I can name.

What’s left, when I’ve let go of all of this?
It is

  • my higher self.
  • Pure existence.
  • Holistic consciousness.
  • Awareness.

I am neither like this nor like that:

  • I am.
  • I’ve always been,
  • and I always will be.
  • Because: I am.

Once all of my identifications are gone,
I am at the goal of my personal evolution.

I am perfect.

Then, I can also let go of searching.


Because I have found it.
The adventure of this fascinating life,
is awaiting your instructions,
and is ready to fulfill them.

And this adventure begins with letting go.
Before you can do the right thing,
you need to stop the wrong.
And if you want to,
this fascinating adventure of letting go starts right now!
And it lasts for a lifetime.

And if you let go of everything that is imperfect:
You are perfect!

Letting go is the first, and the last step in life.


End of the guided letting go meditation

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