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How to learn the most in Indonesian Duolingo Online Classes?

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This page explains, how you can have fun, ease of learning, and learn the fastest possible in Indonesian Duolingo Online Classes. Here are the most beneficial tips, tricks, and tools that help you to improve your conversation skills fastest and with ease. The most comfortable and helpful ones for you are the provided translations of the working material into German, Indonesian, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Have a look at this:

Learn the most comfortable in Indonesian Duolingo Classes

If you tap on the flags at the top of this page, it translates the entire page into your chosen language 🆎↔️🈯!

  • This saves you a lot of time researching new vocabulary in the dictionary.
  • Even if the translations are not perfect, they will give you a clear understanding of what the text is about.
  • The translations will save you a lot of time researching new vocabulary.
  • And after reading or listening to the text in your mother tongue language, you will have an easy time spotting and understanding the new vocabulary used in the original Indonesian text.

👉🏽 Test this highly beneficial translation function right now:

  1. Choose your preferred language.
  2. Just by clicking on one of the flags which you always find at the 🔝 top of the pages.
    🇬🇧English 🇫🇷French 🇪🇸Spanish 🇮🇩Indonesian 🇳🇱Dutch

Your Indonesian Duolingo Host Al Afif

I'm Afif from Indonesia and I teach Bahasa Indonesia for fun! I grew up in West Sumatera, one of the provinces on Sumatera Island, where Rendang is the number 1 delicious food in the world according to CNN, and the vibrant culture inspired me to share my language with others so they can experience it too. I’m an entrepreneur, and researcher, and love to meet & discuss with new people.

How to learn the most in Indonesian Duolingo Online Classes?
If you do not have a login yet, you first need to create a Duolingo Account to see my profile.

Indonesian is my mother tongue, and I am speaking English fluently. But, let's come back to the subject:

How to learn the most in Indonesian Duolingo Online Classes?

Most people start learning something without ever thinking about how to study most effectively. That you made it until here, shows, that you are a rare exception. Congratulations on your broader perspective and looking over the fence. Here are my best hacks, tips, tricks, and tools for you, to study with fun, easy, effective, and fast:

Have a look at the scheduled classes. All of the announcements contain links to the preparation material. If you do not have a login yet, you first need to create a Duolingo Account.

How to learn the most in English Duolingo Online Classes?

📽️ Youtube Videos With Translated Captions or Subtitles

The Indonesian youtube videos are a great source for learning faster. For example, we use SAYEKTI & HANAFI - FILM INDONESIA 1988 YouTube videos in the "Diskusi Serial Drama"-classes each Wednesday. Surely you already realized, that youtube videos can display Captions or Subtitles.
And if you switch on the translation in your native language, translated captions will be displayed. Now, you can listen to the Indonesian text, while reading its translation in your mother tongue language. That makes it very easy for you to spot and understand new vocabulary immediately. This video shows, how to switch the captions to one of 133 different languages.

YouTube Playback Speed

For a better understanding, you can slow down the playback speed of the video.

  1. Just tap the settings icon: ☸️
  2. Chose "Playback speed"
  3. And select "0.75" or "0.5".

🗣️ Then you can easily read and speak along with the spoken text in the video. Now you are using already 3 modalities:

  1. 🧏 Hearing,
  2. 👀 Seeing,
  3. 🗣️ Doing, by speaking along the text of the video.

And doing something is another big booster for the speed of learning! That's why people keep saying:

👉🏽 Learning by doing!

🎤  Voice Recognition Technology

You can use Google Translate's automatic voice recognition technology. With those voice recognition technology, you can almost simultaneously read the spoken text on the screen. Now, you already use 2 learning modalities to accelerate your learning speed, with no extra effort. And if a wrong word appears in the transcription, you'll know immediately: This word was pronounced incorrectly. With this instant feedback, you can rehearse with Google translate's speak out loud button: 🔊 , and repeat what you hear, until it's pronounced correctly!

How you can improve the Indonesian Duolingo Class experience for yourself and the other participants?

Especially in conversation classes, a clear sound of the ZOOM calls is essential. It improves your understanding, and you build your pronunciation skills on that.

  1. 🎤 The nearer your microphone is located to your mouth, the clearer the other participants can hear you. And background noises are less disturbing.
  2. Bluetooth headsets can work, but some of them do not have a microphone built-in or do not use it for ZOOM calls.
  3. 📳 So the microphone of the computer or mobile phone will be used, or non at all. Which is usually further away, and records a more diffuse sound.
  4. 🚫 And the Bluetooth connection adds a delay. Your voice is audible a little later than your mouth movement, which can be confusing for the other participants. Because gesticulation and speech are out of sync.
  5. 🎧 A cabled headset places the microphone automatically in a good position near your mouth. It does not create a delay and no technical expertise to connect it is required.
  6. You can hear the other participant very clearly. Because it transmits the sound directly into your ears.

👉🏽 That makes a cabled headset with a built-in microphone the preferred choice for Zoom calls.

ZOOM Audio Setting for the Duolingo Class

Some people have a loud voice, others have a weak one. That may cause a big difference in the volume when different people speak. ZOOM offers compensation functionality for that. Please activate it:

  1. Either tap on the ☸️ Settings Icon (in the top right corner of the ZOOM screen). And select "Audio".
    Or tap (at the bottom left of the ZOOM screen) on the 🔼 up-arrow next to the "Unmute" or "Mute" microphone symbol, and select "Audio settings...", as shown in this screenshot.
    ZOOM Setting for Duolingo Online Classes
  2. The ZOOM settings will show up. And you find the option:
    "Adjust microphone level automatically".
  3. ☑️ Activate "Adjust microphone level automatically". If all participants have the option "Adjust microphone level automatically"enabled, the participant's voices will be similar in volume. So that we can hear and understand each other the best possible.

How to learn even faster in an Indonesian Duolingo Online Class?

If you are not talking, mute your microphone (especially if you are in a noisy environment). Tap on the screen to make the Microphone Mute Switch Icon visible. Then you can turn it on at the bottom left on the Zoom screen.

🗣️ By speaking along with what is spoken in the class, you gain more practicing time. Because in a one-hour class with 6 participants, each one probably has only 5 minutes of talking time. But if you keep talking along with the other participants, while your microphone is muted, you might speak actively for 30 minutes or more. So you multiply your training time by a factor of 6! While you use 3 learning modalities: Hearing, seeing, and doing (speaking).

👉🏽 Don't forget to turn on the microphone, when you want to say something.

Chose classes with content you are interested in. Nothing is more boring than learning about a subject that doesn't bother you.

  • Imagine you hate bookkeeping, and you have to work on a text about it: How will you feel during the class? That's a strategy to fail twice: Hardly learning the language, and most likely giving up learning it entirely!
  • But if you are passionate about rocket science, and you find a language class about the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, Apollo Mission, Elon Musk's, Richard Brandson, or Jeff Besos space adventures, you got a gold bug! Learning in the language class something about your favorite subject will make remembering the related vocabulary almost effortless and keeps you motivated.

Never Attempt To Teach a Pig To Sing;
You Waste Your Time and Annoys the Pig!

How you can contribute to the Duolingo Online Class?

  • You should assist the other participants with
    • learning hacks,
    • corrections,
    • tips,
    • recommendations,
    • learning aids, and
    • mnemonic devices.
  • Contribute, for example by sharing new vocabulary in the chat.
  • Make mistakes happily, they are not a shame, but learning steps!
  • Appreciate corrections gratefully!
  • Be funny 🤣, crack jokes, and 🙈 don't take it too seriously! Because the stronger the emotions are, that you feel during the class, the faster you learn. Neuroscientists found out, that learning without emotions is not possible! And it is quite obvious, that 🤣 joy, 🥳 fun, and 😂 laughter are the most pleasant ones to memorize new information. Even if most people only learn through pain and fear! The approach in this class is to change that for the better.

So let's laugh together about funny answers. We laugh together with the ones, who invented those new funny ideas, but not about them! And by doing so, we easily memorize the correct vocabulary or grammar happily! In addition to 👀 seeing, 🧏 listening, and 🗣️ doing, this adds feelings as the 4th modality:

❣️Feelings Are The Ultimate Learning Speed Acceleration❣️

Can you imagine how the combination of hearing, seeing, doing, and feeling increases your learning speed? I can understand, if you cannot believe me, yet.

👉🏽 Anyway, sign up for your first class now, and let me convince you❣️

How to learn the most in English Duolingo Online Classes?If you do not have a login yet, you first need to create a Duolingo Account.

Are these Duolingo Online Classes the right ones for you?

  • These classes are best suited for English native speakers.
  • If you are speaking other languages, you are welcome to participate as well if your English is reasonable to understand the translations and explanations.
  • I offer about15 free classes per week, from beginner to advanced levels. Chose the class that fit your level of Indonesian skills best.

Structure of the Duolingo Online Classes

At the beginning of your first class, you are invited to introduce yourself:

  • My name is ...
  • My home country is ...
  • And I am living in ...
  • My business or job is ...
  • My primary product or service is ...
  • And the major customer benefit of this product or service is ...

👉🏽 Sign up for your first class now!

If you do not have a login yet, you first need to create a Duolingo Account.

How to learn the most in English Duolingo Online Classes?


See you at my next Duolingo Online Class
Al Afif

How to learn the most in Indonesian Duolingo Online Classes?
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