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Consciousness Expanding Meditation

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When I'm ready, I close my eyes and allow my body to be completely still. And I realize who I really am. I am not the body I am perfect eternal consciousness.
I always was and always will be because I am. I am part of the one all-encompassing consciousness. But my body is the tool that serves and obeys me.
And so I lovingly take possession of my tool body. Penetrate and fill my body, down to the last cell with consciousness. I am aware of my whole body.
And now I feel in my body as consciousness, become aware of myself in my center. And let my consciousness expand. My consciousness expands from the center evenly and simultaneously in all directions until I fill my entire body from the inside. Then I let my awareness expand even further, and transcend my body. Open my crown chakra, the highest part of my head, from within and outgrow myself. I emerge as who I am: as myself.
As soon as I have outgrown myself, and am larger than the body, I dive into the all-encompassing cosmic energy and information field. I consciously connect to this one force. From now on, remain connected to the one force. And I feel that I have returned to this power. I am the power
Through my wide-open crown chakra, I let the power flow into me and work as a healing power in my body. I consciously allow healing to happen in my body. I'm going to let healing happen constantly from now on. And again and again, I consciously feel that healing is constantly happening in my body from now on.
I live so constantly in a healing field of cosmic energy. From now on I am constantly in tune with the one force. I know the secret of perpetual health. Make me aware that I can also direct this healing power. And so I direct the healing power to a weak spot in my body. And let healing happen there, consciously and very intensively. As healing continues throughout my body.
Feel how one power not only heals my body but also experience how my body gets healed, how this power rejuvenates me. And from now on let healing happen constantly in my body. I can feel the healing power in my body dissolving all evil. All evil melts and vanishes like snow in the sun. And I experience it very consciously, feel it clearly as I become healer and healer.
As soon as I have grown beyond myself, I am also connected to the information field of the all-consciousness and experience, how intuition is constantly happening. I consciously immerse myself in the perception of intuition. From now on I'm always on the receiving end. Because here I have grown and become conscious, there is the stillness of thought. And the line is constantly free for the perception of intuition. It is the breakthrough to liberating insight. I recognize the reality behind the appearance. And remembering the future is also possible at any time by focusing my consciousness on it. And so from now on I remain properly immersed and connected to the cosmic energy and information field of the universal consciousness. Live consciously in and out of intuition.
I no longer make decisions, I make them very consciously. And these intuitively made decisions are not only right for me, not only in the future but for everyone involved. And while healing is constantly happening in my body from now on. I remain open to intuition and live in and out of intuition constantly from now on.
I am constantly letting healing happen. And make my decisions. Recognize the reality behind appearances. Having thus become conscious, I realize there is no personality, no quality, but pure being. I am a pure, unqualified being.
If I am ready, I can live impersonally from now on. Then I go through my life aimlessly and unimpressed. Realize that everything I encounter is indifferent. I've exceeded my mind with it.
I no longer live linearly, but multidimensionally, and let many things happen at the same time. Just like now, because if healing were happening in my body at the same time and I was in the perception of intuition, I would live multidimensionally, unimpressed. I consciously experience the boundlessness of my being. Recognize me as having limitless potential.
I have come back to real life and stepped into my natural authority as Creator. Live again as I was meant by creation. In this supreme consciousness, I go the way of pure action without consequences. Love without past, and with that, I also took off the backpack of karma. I am free from karma from now on. All selfishness has an end. I am free from ego. Do what needs to be done, free from karma. And so from now on, I live consciously in presence of mind. With that, I have fulfilled my mission. Live consciously again, in the image of God. I have returned home again.
From now on I will go through my life in this limitless awareness of who I am. And wherever I go, the world will be so brighter and more loving, because of me.
With this awareness, I will fulfill my task from now on. And in this awareness, I return to the surface of being. Back to the here and now. Whenever I'm ready, I open my eyes, allowing my body to move freely again. I'm fully conscious again in the here and now.
But I'm here as who I really am, as myself. And make sure right away that healing is still happening in my body. That I am still immersed and connected to the one force. I am the power That I'm still bruised and connected to intuition. And no matter what I do, I live in and out of intuition. And I remain conscious of my true identity. I am pure existence and an unconditional being.

And as pure existence, I now go into my body, into my personality, appearing as that personality. But I know who I really am in every moment and consciously shape the characteristics of my personality. Because my personality is my dress. And I always choose the dress. That fits the situation, in which I can best achieve my intention. I give this dress the qualities that I need now, that I want to show through now.

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Consciousness Expanding Meditation
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