Here are two videos that explain “How to do Meditation” and “How to Meditate Deeper?” for beginners or more experienced abundance challenge participants.

In our Confeneurs (Conscious Female Entrepreneurs) Mastermind some participants of the abundance challenge were struggling to calm down during their abundance meditations.

How to do meditation

If you have not done so, yet: Sign up for the 21-Day Abundance ChallengeΒ on WhatsApp – NOW!

To start your practice watch this:

How to do Meditation as a Beginner?

Source Youtube: Thank you, Leo Guera, for this guide on how to start a meditation practice

How to do Meditation Deeper? (For Experienced Meditators)

If you are already more experienced, here are some tips about how to improve your meditations.

Source:Β YoutubeΒ – Thank you, Leo, for sharing your insights about the improvement of your meditation practice, and how to do meditation and meditate deeper.

Now, go backΒ to the Abundance Meditations and practice it!

Abundance Meditations

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