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Exercise For Mental Fitness And Health #LONGEVITY

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Exercise For Mental Fitness And Health

Mental health meaning: What is mental health?

Why have so many people set their highest priority to the least essential component of vitality?
First of all, our reptile brains are genetically programmed to concentrate on urgent things. If our ancestors would have ignored the urgency to run away, if a saber-toothed tiger was attacking them, and instead of that, they would have thought about something essential, for example, their purpose in life, we wouldn't be here today! This behavior got programmed in our genes. The thinkers of the stone age, who took care of the essentials first, got eaten by the saber-toothed tiger, and their gens got lost. And due to that, the concentration on the essential things, instead of the urgent ones, seems to be counterintuitive to us.

Times have changed, and today there is no saber-toothed tiger around anymore. Even if we are consciously aware, that taking care of the essential things first is the smarter way to act, and produces better results, we are trapped in our genes, and usually take care of the urgent things first. Another reason can be, that it is fun to be a "firefighter". It serves our desire for adventure!

Why we do not Exercise For Mental Fitness And Health?

Most of our knowledge is influenced by marketing. There is a lot of money in the fitness market, basically in physical fitness. The same thing is true for health, there is much more business in physical health than in the mental health sector. So, what you will get to see, read and hear about vitality is mostly in the physical fitness or health domain.

You might say: I learned about it in school, or from some kind of media, such as a book, a seminar, or a magazine. But you need to understand that your teachers are human beings, too. They also rely on the media. And all of the media is strongly influenced by some kind of lobby. If they publish something about vitality because they get paid for that!

Third and finally, those things that have the biggest impact on your vitality are almost available for free! No one is interested to promote this.

Why it is essential to make vitality urgent?

For your mental health, you can practice meditation to create a positive mindset at no cost. You can get a kick start by participating in a meditation challenge, which is a fun way to build a meditation habit and learn how to meditate. This will create a habit so that you will do it consistently! Your mental health and vitality will benefit much from a meditation habit.

For your mental fitness, you can create a balance between periodic stress to train your mental strength and relaxation to recover from it for your growth on your own, free of charge. Even mental strength training might be helpful to get this habit started and create more awareness for it.

For your physical health, you can do breathing exercises, all for free. If you want some inspiration to get started with it join the deep breathing challenge. And learn some fun breathing exercises, build a deep breathing habit, and learn even more about its benefits for your vitality. It works on both sides: mental and physical!

Make sure that you stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water. Water is our most valuable food. And it is available for almost zero cost! That is probably the reason why we underestimate its value so much. Simply set a timer for every 2 to 4 hours during the daytime. Have a glass of water, to make sure you drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day.

How to make sure that you Exercise For Mental Fitness And Health?

Identify the weakest point in your vitality components, and feel, if the proposed recommendation resonates with you. Then choose one, and go for it. Make it a must to succeed. Commit to someone whom you respect, that you will take it seriously and finish it. Give him or her the authority to fine, punish, or blame you, if you fail! Do you think that is absurd? No, you only make the essential urgent. With this little trick, you overcome your genetic programming in your reptile brain to focus on the urgent instead of the essential things!

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Exercise for mental health and fitness
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