Deep Breathing Challenge

What the fxxx does the world need a deep breathing challenge for?

Deep Breathing Challenge, you might think: “What nonsense. We are breathing anyway

  • Everyday
  • Day-in, day-out
  • Automatically
  • Subconsciously”

From all our basic physical needs, is oxygen the most critical one. Without oxygen, life is over, very soon. It only takes minutes until our brain gets irreparable damage without oxygen. And breathing is the way to get the oxygen in our body. My first yoga teacher used to say:

Deep breathing challenge
The Trick is to Keep on Breathing!

Deep breathing challenge bad news

A little less oxygen concentration in our blood reduces our mental and physical strength dramatically.

Deep breathing challenge good news

A little more oxygen concentration in our blood increases our mental and physical strength significantly.

Actually, there are in fact neither bad nor good news. The things are just as they are.

But due to our modern working habits, sitting all day in front of the computer with very little physical motion, we get used to shallow breathing. This creates only an air exchange in the upper part of our lungs.

This is not very helpful.

The majority of our lung capacity is only used if we are deep breathing. Our body knows that: Actually, that is one of the reasons, why many people after 2 hours working at their desk have the desire for a cigarette. We know that this is not healthy, but it is a deep breathing exercise. Even if I would not recommend it …

So, the question simply is: What is more helpful?
And the simple answer is: Deep breathing is more helpful than shallow breathing.

Deep Breathing

  • Increases and oversaturates the oxygen level in the blood
  • Alkalizes the body (cancer can only grow in an acid environment)

further, deep breathing enables you to

  • Breath out and hold your breath for 2 minutes and longer, after only 30 minutes of breathwork!
  • Experience a boost in your physical activities
  • Not having sour muscles after intense physical training and enjoy faster recovery
  • Increase your concentration ability and longer concentration span
  • Meditate deeper
  • Increase your free diving time (even if Wim Hoff keeps saying: “Don’t do it in the pool!”)
  • Take long ice baths without dropping your body temperature
  • Control your sleep rhythm
  • To fall asleep in minutes, and
  • Come quickly to full energy after wake up.

This should be enough reasons to train and practice our deep breathing skills. Here you go, for your DEEP breathing challenge!

Day 1: Deep Breathing Challenge: WHM

The WHM (= Wim Hof Method) is so surprisingly easy and shows such amazing results. This video shows how to do the breathing exercise:

Source: Youtube WHM Wim Hof Method

Day 2: Deep Breathing Challenge: 1-4-2 Breathing

Helps to fall asleep quickly

Calming Breath: Getting Around With 2-4 Hours of Sleep a Day – Part 3

Day 3: Deep Breathing Challenge Fire Breathing

The breath of fire helps to wake up and skip morning dizziness

Deep Breathing Exercise: Getting Around With 2-4 Hours of Sleep a Day – Part 2

Day 4 – Free Diving Breathing Training


Day 5  to 30: Breathing Challenge

Repeat the breathing patterns, each day one of the exercises.

Find out which one serves you the best, and make deep breathing to a habit.



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