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Confeneurs Application Phase

“Heroes are not born. They are made.”

Yesterday I announced the Confeneurs Application Phase my new project: Confeneurs Bali, especially for conscious female entrepreneurs. You belong to the most exclusive circle, which receives this information first.
Many customers and prospects are already aware that Vitality4Happiness mentors self-employed women in the field of fitness and health. And supports them to build a highly successful business.

Whether it is fitness and health care or similar companies. All of these companies managed to double their turnover within two to three years! And exactly this knowledge, these experiences, how Klaus Forster has managed to make these companies pioneers. As well as, he managed to turn his own business into self-learning and thereby profitable growing business. Klaus Forster contributes as a personal coach for the members of Confeneurs Bali.

Confeneurs Application Phase

In this conscious entrepreneurs business retreat, you will be personally coached by Klaus Forster and his experts for 14 days on your way to your big goals! Incredible processes are awaiting you from the best Conscious Entrepreneurs Experts! You will not only get guidance to your next level through the workshops, personal coaching, and seminars. But you will also travel exclusively to Klaus Forster and his expert team. To the island of Gods: Bali!

The Confeneurs Application Phase starts today

But this unique business retreat is limited to only 12 participants. And today the application phase starts! If you are interested to be a member of Confeneurs Bali and if you want more information about Confeneurs Bali

You need to do the following:

  1. Apply for free for our exclusive Confeneurs Bali Launch Online-Event:
    Only entrepreneurs who meet our strict evaluation criteria will be invited for free. This day is pre-cast to get to the next round to become a Confeneurs Bali participant!
  2. You will receive a personal call with an acceptance or cancellation from our Confeneurs Bali team:
    After applying for the Confeneurs Bali Launch Online-Event for free, you will receive a call from our Confeneurs Bali team within a short time. After you have checked your application, you will find out whether you have been accepted for the Launch Online-Event or not.
  3. Join for free the Launch Online-Event:
    On this Launch Online-Event, you are learning the remaining terms and conditions and hurdles to be admitted to Confeneurs Bali. In addition, you will receive exclusive coaching from Klaus Forster and his experts on how to lead your company consciously according to your purpose!

Complete your application now. And do not miss the chance to be one of the most exclusive Confeneurs:

I would like to point out once again that we can not invite every applicant to this Launch Online-Event! The Confeneurs Bali are limited to exactly 12 participants. And experience shows that the Launch Online-Event will be booked out within a very short time.


Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster


PS: This Launch Online-Event will take place only once and it might be the chance of your life:

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions

Confeneurs Application PhaseFirst of all, thank you very much for the great feedback, I received from you during the last days! I knew the Confeneurs Bali would be a great success and so many people would apply for this for free. Of course, I want to answer the FAQ about the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat. That’s why I have summarized the most frequently asked questions. And now I would like to answer them for you.

If you are not one of those who have applied for free for the online launch event, you can still do so now! Here is the application link:


FAQ 1 about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 2020:

For whom is the Confeneurs Bali suitable?

The Confeneurs Bali is, let’s be frank, not suitable for everyone. It turns the structure of already successful and exceptional people. Entrepreneurs who still want to perform on their purpose of life, a dream, a breakthrough, a quantum leap.

Find out through our application process, whether if this is suitable for you:

Confeneurs Bali Application

FAQ 2 about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 2020:

What is my time requirement as a member of the Confeneurs Bali?

Your personal time is manageable. Meet up with Klaus Forster and his experts for 14 days. Hosted at the beautiful Udara Resort in Bali, which will help you a lot. The Confeneurs Bali will start in February 2020. You will also follow up on your goals in the form of online network meetings, telephone or Skype calls, e-mails, etc.

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

FAQ 3 about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 2020:

Why is the Confeneurs Bali limited to a maximum of 12 participants?

There can not be too many participants, to be able to respond to each member individually. For 12 participants, this is absolutely possible. But there shouldn’t be too few participants either. This ensures that the individual participants through their ideas, contacts, co-operation, etc., really fertilize each other. Because the other 11 participants (the business retreat is limited to 12 participants) brings you unique expertise and benefits!

For example, you get a perspective from the “outside” on your business. Due to other entrepreneurs, who are not depending on you or in a personal commitment with you.

FAQ 4 about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat 2020:

How do I become a member of the Confeneurs Bali?

Apply now for the Confeneurs Bali by sending a WhatsApp message to Klaus Forster. Please click the WhatsApp icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Content, Dates, Prices & Preconditions

However, the Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat is consciously aimed at people who are developing and want to take this program a huge step forward.

So, take advantage of this unique opportunity and

FAQ about Confeneurs Bali Business Retreat

Attention: In a few days, the early bird offer ends! Thereafter, according to experience, all seats will be awarded.

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

PS: Travel to Bali with me personally and experience unique things you’ve never experienced before!

How to Practice Gratitude

How to Practice Gratitude

How to Practice Gratitude

Almost every day I am writing down 5 things I am grateful for. And I am doing it already for some years. As soon as I was feeling the benefits, I started asking myself: how to practice gratitude in a more intensive way. And I found that during and after meditation the feeling of gratitude appears. So the easiest way to intensify it consciously is to concentrate on gratitude during meditation.

Why to practicing gratitude?

Gratitude is the opposite of fear and grief. Both negative feelings disappear if you are grateful.
I am explaining this in this video in more detail: Gratitude – A simple exercise against grief and fear.

Here is how to practice gratitude:

Sit down in a lotus position and close your eyes. While you are breathing diaphragmatic, lead your breathing energy down to the Muladhara chakra. This is the source of your tantric energy. You can optionally intensify it, by tightening your pelvic floor muscles.

How to find your pelvic floor muscle?

Hold this tension of the pelvic floor muscle for some breaths. You may start holding this tension for 2 or 3 breaths. And then consciously release it. Because if your pelvic floor muscle is not trained, you will lose the feeling for this tension after a short while. When you got a bit of training, you can increase the number of breaths for holding the tension of the pelvic floor muscle to 4, 5 or even 9 out of 10 breaths. Take in total 10 diaphragmic breaths while you are thinking:

I am grateful for my energy

How to Practice Gratitude

Smile and correct your seating position. Unconsciously you might have started pulling with your hands on your knees. But then your spine ends up like a banana. So, straighten your backbone and release any tension you find in your body. My running coach always said: Imagine there is a helium balloon above your head, which is pulling your head up. This image helps to sit with a straight back.

For the next 10 breaths, lead your breathing energy to your navel. And hold the tension in the pelvic floor for the first few breaths. Imagine the energy flow from the pelvic floor to your navel. So you got two energy streams, your breathing energy, as well as your tantric energy. One is flowing down from the nose and the other one is flowing up from your center of energy, the pelvic floor. Keep the energy flowing. And think for 10 breaths:

I am grateful for my consciousness and having my life in order

Correct your posture. And for the next 10 breaths let the energy flow in the same way while leading the two energy flows to your stomach. While doing this for 10 diaphragmatic breaths think:

I am grateful for my job, the work I am doing, my wealth and all of my assets

Are you still smiling? For the next 10 breaths let the energy flow in the same way while leading the two energy flows to your heard and think. Remember to hold your pelvic floor muscle for the first few breaths.

I am grateful for loving myself, my life, the people around me, the world and the entire universe

Then you are leading your energy, the same way as before to your throat and think:

I am grateful for the water I drink and the healty food that feeds me

Is your posture ok? Then lead your energy to your mouth, while thinking:

I am grateful for honest words

Did you keep up the energy flow? Keep it up. Then focus on your nose:

I am grateful for the air and oxygen I am breathing

Are you smiling? So focus on your eyes:

I am grateful for everything I see

Is the helium balloon still pulling your head up and your spine straight? Then focus on your ears:

I am grateful that I can listen and learn

Now concentrate on your third eye, with is above your nose, just between and above your eyes:

I am grateful for my inteligence

And finally to your crown chakra, which is outside of your body. It is just above your head, where the helium balloon is located. You might say, there is nothing. But still, you can focus on that point above your head and lead the two energy streams there.

I am grateful for my wisdom

While doing this, the energy flow from your pelvic muscle will be the strongest. Maybe you even get a goose flesh, while letting it flow.

When you are done, you might enjoy your gratitude and the quietness inside of you. After a while, you can open your eyes and you will experience the world in a much more positive state. Go ahead and do so and enjoy!

Improve your way how you practice gratitude

How to Practice GratitudeYou can modify what you are grateful for. For example, if you have a pain point, add it to the meditation. Focus on it, let the energy flow into it. Be grateful that you can heal it consciously, only by the power of your thoughts. It is not about the technic, but only about what serves you best. So choose what you are grateful for what works and resonates the best.

And don’t forget to smile. In my opinion, most of the yogis take this much too serious! If you can think about something that makes you laugh out loud, even better:

Let the world hear that you are happy
that you are willing to rock her!

Experience More Happiness

Experience More Happiness

Achievement is not the source of permanent happiness,
but everlasting growth!

Growth = Experience More Happiness

First of all, we need to understand, to Experience More Happiness, we need to grow. And that the speed of growth is proportional to our happiness. How can we improve the speed of our growth, to feel happier along the way? If you are training hard🏋️‍♀️ at the gym, what happens to your muscles?💪 Let’s imagine, you are training with a weight of 50 kg until you cannot make any more repetitions. You feel exhausted but you are happy and proud that you made it!

“Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

You know your muscles will be hurting the day after your training, they got sore. And as long as they are hurting, you are less strong than the day before. Due to that, you won’t be able to do the same exercise anymore with 50 kg. Maybe you are still able to do it with 40 or 45 kg at the most. But if you do it again after 2 days relaxing your muscles, you will be able to do the same exercise with 52 or even 55 kg! So you gained quite a bit of strength during relaxation.

So what happened?

Experience More HappinessAfter your physical workout, you got weaker, but after a rest, your muscles grew stronger! This principle is well known for physical training. And everyone knows how to relax physically. Having a refreshing drink, putting up your legs, having a massage and some delicious food, which is rich in essential oils and protein.

We can learn from athletes to get the right balance between training and relaxing. If you train too often your power goes down and you damage your muscle. But if you do not train often enough, you gain much less than possible. To find good timing for the next training session the key is to improve the speed of growth. For the average person, 2 times a week is good for physical training. If you are more active it can be 3-5 times a week, but the training should be less intense. If you are in good shape already, training once a week with high intensity can be enough to maintain your form.

Why do top athletes train each day 2 units a day?

They concentrate on every training on a different section of their body. No marathon runner goes for two marathons a day during his preparation for a competition! And we can learn how to adapt this strategy as well, by switching between different kinds of training.

But how about mental growth? Can you apply the same principles? Of cause, you can. But most people don’t understand how to train and relax mentally.

What is mental training?

Mental training is learning, being creative, and – you probably won’t like this: working under pressure and stress, for example, participating in an exam, competition or finishing a project until a fixed deadline! Anything that brings you out of your comfort zone and increases your risk tolerance. If your head is getting hot because your brain seems🧠 to burn all of your energy, while you can smell your own cold sweat.😓

That is the stress you need as a trigger for mental growth. You will gain a higher stress tolerance. Similar to the physical training, which stresses your muscle and sets a growth impulse. And yes, it hurts!

Due to avoiding the pain, most people rather try to avoid stress, so they hardly ever get a growth trigger. Other people feel permanently stressed. They feel under pressure at work, are afraid that the taxman gets them, think that the kids are too demanding, having no time and never enough money!💰 They are caught on a treadmill, like a runner who trains by running two marathons each day. They are getting weaker and weaker and finally end up in burnout and in depression.

How to relax mentally to Experience More Happiness?

This can be done through meditation, breathing exercises or sleeping, dancing, and physical training. Actually, everything that gives your brain a break, which makes you almost stop thinking. 🤔 Sounds easy, but in fact, it is a challenge to think nothing! Especially during rem sleep, which is the deep sleep phase in which you sink right after falling asleep, and periodically later during the night, puts your brain into standby. That’s why one gets around with a hand full of shot sleeping phases per day.

How to find the right balance between mental training and relaxation?

If you are working and working or learning and don’t see any progress, this is like the hurting sore muscle after the physical training. You feel uncomfortable and😣 try to push harder. But this is time to take a rest! You need it the most when you think you can afford it the least. It seems, that our bodies are giving clearer signals than our brains! But this is not true. Especially in western society, you get more honor if you are looking stressed and overworked than for taking a break at the right time, having faster growth and harvesting the success of it. This gets rather considered as luck! So it is just a bad habit to overrule it.

Taking a break is good airmanship

Fortunately, there are also good examples of this awareness: Air traffic controllers and pilots get trained for listening to their signals of getting tired. And it’s called good airmanship when they say: “I am tired and I need to take a rest.” So another air traffic controller or the co-pilot takes over. They get encouraged to take a break from their education programs. Even this is basically done for the security of the passengers, crew and flight devices, as well as for the security of flight traffic in general. And we can utilize this strategy for our growth and happiness. To avoid a reduction in your stress tolerance levels, you need to change the habit of constant stress.

For me, it was a great improvement to take each month for one week of holiday. I booked a cheap charter package tour in a basic hotel. And I chose the dates in the offseason in a low priced region. So it hardly did cost more than my life back home. So I started working remotely, only a few hours a day. While spending my days with sports, meditation, and walking along the beach. So I kept sleeping long and enjoyed the freedom of mind away from the daily business.

Scheduling breaks to Experience More Happiness

After coming back I realized how much progress was done in my abstinence. And even better, I felt so happy about the gained effectivity, because I learned to get many things organized in a short time after my return back home.

This made it easy for me to break with my habit to stay busy permanently. And I utilize this practice as well as my junk food day each Saturday. Because always eating only healthy stuff is like being in permanent stress. On junk food day my appetite tells me what is missing in my diet. And it is easy to start, to take scheduled breaks, every 4, 6 or 8 weeks from your work routine. With this increase in mindfulness, you will become more sensitive to listening to your needs. And you will find your own optimal rhythm between stress and relaxation.

Learn more about taking breaks to improve happiness

Your Abundance

Thinking Time – Think First Then Act – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Thinking Time

Today is the most essential day of your life.

Thinking time is the most essential time of your day.

Thinking TimeThat’s why I want to share my questions, for which I am finding answers every morning (before I get up) and write them down:

  1. What would I do today if I died tomorrow?
  2. What would I learn today if I lived forever?
  3. How can I love myself and the world better?
  4. Which action will I take today to move in the direction of my major goals?
  5. Which of my dreams can I make even bigger and initiate the next little step in its direction?

This is actually a priming exercise, which serves you with new answers to the same questions, almost every day. It gets you out of the dilemma of having only two choices: Yes and no, black or white or move on or stop. By the end of the week, you can choose which answer serves you the best.

What are your thinking time questions?

Thinking Time