Day 9 for Your Abundance Challenge – The Law of Giving

DAY 9: The Law of Giving
First of all, we need to understand the concept of the law of giving and receiving. And what it means to you as a female entrepreneur.
To sharpen your awareness for today’s task, think about what limits you in the growth of your business and you cannot see. A free giveaway is waiting for you. Check out this blog, then come back for task 9 to this page:

Task 9:

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After you have done so, write down 5 limiting believes. Believes that do not allow you to get what you really want, both materially and not materially. Believes you want to improve and without which everything could flow (proceed) better. Often, they are hard to recognize, but they mostly start with: “I cannot, because …”
Try to concentrate and go as deep as you can. Feel in your heart what those believes really are. Every change starts with awareness.

And finally, write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for …, because …
  2. I am grateful for …, because …
  3. And I am grateful for …, because …
  4. Further, I am grateful for …, because …
  5. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

The Abundance Challenge task of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Finally, here comes your gift, the Law of Giving meditation for your participation:

Confirm that you finished your task of today - Click HERE
Confirm that you finished your task of today – Click HERE

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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