Abundance Challenge Experience

Abundance Challenge Experience

This is Suma’s experience of the Abundance Challenge.

Abundance Challenge Experience:

“Dear Klaus and all,

I had done the abundance challenge on whatsapp two times earlier.

Abundance Challenge ExperienceLater sometime I was in a discussion about how long it takes to form a habit and I was like does it take 21 days or 40 days or 🤔 does it take just a moment 🧐 and so I was surfing the net to find out what other people had to say about this matter and that’s when I found this –

It takes 21 days to form a habit, as Maxwell Maltz published 1960 in his book “Psycho-Cybernetics”.

And that got me interested to read more on your website and lo and behold I found a link for the Abundance Challenge and this time “for conscious female entrepreneurs”.
I was curious to know how you go about facilitating it and so I chose to just watch it the first time.

For me abundance means harmony in my family.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was the best birthday that I have had till date.
I received loving wishes from family and friends and we had dinner together as a family.

I would say that one of the things that made it happen was the abundance challenges that I did earlier.

Also I found the video you shared on your website on I guess the last few days of the previous challenge here very helpful and this time I am going to keep that in mind – about making the dreams into reality and not simply dreaming pretty dreams.
This time I want to be result oriented 🤗
Earlier I used to think its enough to just breathe into your dreams and they happen.
I am sure that that is an important part but I also see that I feel lazy about implementing the dreams I dream up so this time I am going to work on dealing with my laziness and my dream about being fit and looking beautiful.
So I am thinking about waking up early doing my yoga and eating healthy to be fit and healthy and beautiful. And I need to make this a reality and get the results.
And the second dream is about becoming a zero waste citizen.
I am thinking of starting with composting my own kitchen waste.

Much love to my friends and you Klaus for taking us on this beautiful journey. I was the onlooker in the last one and in the next one I am going to be an active participant 😍😍❤❤😘😘”

Learn more about Suma:

Suma is from Delhi, India. She was facilitating the learning of her daughter without school for the last eight years. In the last eight years, she has been deeply studying relationships, one to one as well as group. Difficult conversations and the shift in consciousness that’s required to bring flow and harmony in families.

Suma has studied the tools like Nonviolent communication, Sociocracy, Convergent Facilitation and is now exploring Blueprint of WE. She wants to contribute to the lives of others by listening to them and supporting people who want to work through conflicts and stress. And most of all to work with how we can bring up children without hurting them and giving them a beautiful place to live in 🙏🙏🙏🤗

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Your Gratitude and Abundance Meditation Challenge

fallacy of time management

Logical Fallacy of Time Management

Instead of asking: What will I do when?
We should rather think about:

Why shall I do what?

fallacy of time managementManaging our urgent tasks is the Logical Fallacy of Time Management. We should manage our tasks depending on how essential they are. To be able to do so, we need to know what we want to achieve in our life.

This is much easier if we have written down our dreams and targets. To find the next required step, it is good to reread your dreams and targets, in order to stay focused. Then think about the next little task, that you are going to initiate today.

Can you feel, how your focus shifts from urgent to essential?

Inborn Logical Fallacy of Time Management

The damn thing is: We are genetically programmed to focus on the urgent stuff. If a dinosaur did hunt your grand-grand-…-parents, they did run! And they did not think about, what would be the next essential step to becoming spiritually enlightened! Nor they sat down and smoked a cigarette to think, what would be the best in this situation?

This instinct to take care of the urgency in this situation saved their life. And by acting like this, they were able to protect our species. So we should be grateful for this instinct because we are alive due to it!

How to overcome the Logical Fallacy of Time Management

Nowadays dinosaurs are not around anymore. So other things came into our lives, that we consider as urgent, e.g.:

  • the taxman,
  • our boss,
  • being on time for a date,
  • deadlines,
  • and schedules.

Which is good, if you have thought about the priorities first! And if you schedule most of your time for tasks, that serve your dreams and targets! By doing so, you made your essential tasks urgent. So your basic instinct of focusing on the urgent stuff serves your essentials!

So, go and review your dreams and targets to overcome the Logical Fallacy of Time Management. Then choose the next little step and schedule it for the next week … just to make it urgent!

… because this also makes you happier!

Frugal meaning

Another Word for Successful or Success

Another word for successful or another word for success is an achievement. Here is an affirmation for entrepreneurs to manifest success in your subconscious mind. Start the video, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, get calm, program your mind for success, and enjoy.

Run for Success: Marathon FinisherI act in a positive way in situations. The things I cannot change are excepted. Everything around me is perfect. My thoughts, that come to me, are positive in nature. Great opportunities come my way. I recognize that all opportunities help me to succeed. I am open to success. Success is in me. My mind is a powerful magnet for successful ideas. I am successful because I know what I want and I go for it. I define success my way and I create it.

Another Word for Success is Live Your Dream

To live your dream is a successI am a profitable creator of successful ideas. I am now on the royal road to success. Because I resolve all the problems with ease. I make decisions with confidence and ease. I always choose wisely. My mind is a jar. I am a true entrepreneur. I always seek for new ideas. And I recognize great opportunities. I act on my decisions. I find the best way to capitalize on my passions. To succeed I learn, learn, learn.

Another Word for Successful is Self Love

Another Word for SuccessI analyze risks wisely. I love being my own boss. And I’m excited about new ventures. I am successful. I can make anything happen. Because I am motivated. I am ready for anything. I am ready for new challenges. And I seek to enjoy what I do. I have superb energy. I am rewarded for my efforts. Because I always finish what I start. I obtain success every time. I feel energized. That’s why I am successful. I am a winner. All is possible in my life.

Another Word for Success is Vitality

Another Word for Successful - or - Another Word for SuccessI make my life as I want. I believe in myself 100%. Because I am strong-willed. I always find the answers I’m looking for. And I network with many people. I believe in my goals. I am in control. So, I create my future reality. I’m comfortable taking risks. I am persistent. Due to this, I attract success. It feels good to reach my goals. I react in a positive way in situations. The things I cannot change our excepted.

Another Word for Successful is Happiness

Another word for successEverything around me is perfect. The thoughts that come to me, are positive in nature. Great opportunities come my way. I recognize that all opportunities help me to succeed. I am open to success. Success in me. My mind is a powerful magnet for successful ideas. I am successful because I know what I want and I go for it.


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Day 21 for Your Abundance Challenge: Living Abundantly



The most maluable asset is time

What is your most valuable asset?

While writing this, I am on the flight to Austin, Texas. I will participate in a seminar from Keith Cunningham. On the flight, I am listening to his book “The Road Less Stupid“. It inspired me to think about the most valuable asset. Which brought up this idea:

Sharing my thinking time about the most valuable asset with you, my dear!

What is the most valuable asset? It’s time!

Time is your most valuable assetTo do so,

– I will send you 2 to 3 times a week questions about a thinking time issue
– until the next day we collect our ideas
– on the third day, we evaluate the ideas and decide which one we are going to implement
– then it starts over again with the next issue

Due to being a big fan of simplicity, effectivity, and frugalism, I want to start with thinking about “saving time”. Because time is our most valuable resource. It creates space to do things, that improve your life, health, wealth, growth, vitality and happiness. So, saving time provides you with the biggest benefit. Apart from, if you are permanently bored. But I can’t see that risk in your case. Here are the thinking time questions for today:

  • What am I not doing anymore?
  • What would I recommend to you, not to do anymore?
  • Which of my habits doesn’t produce results?

Find and share at least 3 ideas within the next 24 hours. Write down what comes spontaneously into your mind. Perfectionism is not an issue here. The more ideas, the better. Spontaneous ideas need less time, so you are already implementing one time-saving method!

If you think you don’t have time for this exercise and taking care of your most valuable asset, it means that you would have the biggest benefit from it! So, here are the questions, once again:

  • What am I not doing anymore?
  • What would I recommend to you, not to do anymore?
  • Which of my habits doesn’t produce results?

My ideas about my most valuable asset are:

What am I not doing anymore?

  • The most maluable asset is timeTraining up to 5 times a week. Only training 3 times a week, up to 1 h maximum with high intensity, e. g.
    • Cardio e.g. running, swimming cycling
    • Strengthening e. g. dumbles or weight lifting
    • Mindfulness e. g. yoga, stretching, tantric energy
  • Stop oversleeping, having 1 to 3 rests during the day, lifting night sleep to 6 h max
  • Working longer than 90 minutes continuously
  • Not writing blogs in German anymore, English only. Let Google translate it.
  • Having someone who does the German translation for me
  • Planing the outcome of tomorrow before I fall asleep. Then concentrate on the single most essential task

What would I recommend to you, not to do anymore?

  • protect your most valuable assetClose the door behind you, when working.  And put an “ON AIR” sign with a skull on the outside, e.g. while producing music, learning, writing or having your thinking time. So that nobody disturbs you and to avoid interruptions.
  • Only have those things on the table, I currently need to get my current job done.
  • Concentrate on a single task. No drinks, snacks, cigarettes while working. Nor playing with the smartphone, telephone calls, WA, FB, Emails while eating.

Which of my habits doesn’t produce results?

  • Instead of mentoring Chris individually, adding him to the mastermind
  • Not doing social media myself anymore
  • Removing those participants from the mastermind who don’t contribute

One member of the mastermind group came up with the following ideas:

  1. most valuable assetWhat am I not doing anymore?
    Because someone knows more about a particular subject than I do, I would never assume their advice on that subject is right for me.
  2. What would I recommend you not to do anymore?
    Do not talk about lack and limitations, unless you want more of the same
  3. What am I doing due to a habit which doesn’t produce results?
    Complaining about the changes in my company

Another member came up with these thoughts:

  • What am I not doing anymore?
  1. Let me persuade you to dispose of any rubbish from tenants or the like.
    • Listen to boring stories of things that I do not really care about. (Keep your hard drive clean and organized.)
    • Do not feed your mind with any junk you do not care about, a quote from the series “Elementary” (Sherlock Holmes).
    • Endless phone calls with interested customers lead but, as quickly as possible but also as necessary, come to the point and arrange a visit.
    • pointless visits reduce Ala “I wanted to stop by”
    • waste (personal) too much time with Instagram etc.
    • Expand email templates to save time when answering emails
  2. What do you recommend to me to stop doing?
    • Check out what’s fun and then stop doing things that make you unhappy
    • To deal with Apple devices: D
    • Possibly. also from other digital things that will kill you like Newsletter2go etc.
  3. What do I do out of habit, which brings no results?
    • To be the good-natured one
    • Do things quickly and in between that just distract me
    • Listening to stories that do not interest me in principle

… and join the mastermind today