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Minerals in Food

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Warning: Too Little Vitamins and Minerals in Food

While writing this I am sitting in a restaurant in front of a colorful

Organic Wheatgrass Drink Advertisement

This inspired me to think about nutrition. I recalled, that many nutrition specialists keep telling us different versions of the same fairytale over and over again, e. g.:

“Once upon a time, food was better. Today there is low Vitamins and Minerals in Food. Nowadays fruits 🍌 🍎 🍉 and vegetables 🍅 🌽 🌶 only contain less than 10% of the vitamins and minerals they had 20 years ago. As a result, you would have to eat about 10 times more, than your parents had to eat 2 decades ago.”

This is probably also the reason why Coke bottles contained 0.2 liters when I was a child. And now they come in sizes up to 1 gallon!🤪

Further, they argue: “The Minerals in Food is low due to:

  1. overpopulation
  2. industrialized production methods,
  3. exhausted soil and poisoning caused by fertilization
  4. rubbish.

I consider that the entire

Low Minerals in Food Story

is complete nonsense, because:

1st lie about Minerals in Food: Overpopulation

This world is not overpopulated, otherwise, the population wouldn’t grow anymore, because everything which goes over the edge starts decimating itself. This is just a law of nature.

2nd lie about Minerals in Food: Industrial Production

Industrial production methods make fresh foods better, due to more efficient harvesting and quicker delivery to your table. It is even keeping it clean and cooled during transportation if required. So you receive fresher food with higher hygienic standards. I am not talking about processed foods, that is a different story.

3rd lie about Minerals in Food: Fertilizing

Nowadays the soil gets fertilized according to the needs of the plants🌱 that will get planted on it. This is like putting a child in a school that supports its talents and interests best possible. It will learn with ease, and grow faster. And it will be much better, more specialized, and will be outstanding compared to what it ever could have achieved in a normal school. This is what farmers did in the past when they were fertilizing each and every plant with the same combination of 🐷 piss and bull shit!

4th lie about Minerals in Food: Rubbish

Especially in Asia (with a few exceptions, such as Singapore and Japan) a lot of the countryside looks like a rubbish tip for polyethylene plastic bottles. This mess is due to a lack of a supply of drinking water quality, no efficient recycling system, and unfortunately - I need to say: Due to a lack of awareness! Luckily one can see that this awareness keeps increasing. But polyethylene is neutral, it doesn’t poison anything, even if you burn it, it just turns into water and carbon dioxide. Plants need both to grow! I am not saying that plastic bottles belong there, but this kind of rubbish doesn’t harm our food in any way, even if it looks dead ugly in the botany!

By the end of the day, most of those "Minerals in Food specialists" are just selling some kind of overpriced nutrition supplements, e.g. JuicePlus, or this wheatgrass powder. Which are all processed food.

I do not believe that the quality of our food has decreased. And finally, no one can prove it, because nobody has 20-year-old apples or tomatoes available in its food storage which are still in their initial condition, to compare the difference of their vitamin and mineral content with the ones we eat nowadays. I think the opposite is true:

The food available now has never had a better quality

Plus our food has never been so cheap before as it is today. The majority of the world's population only needs a relatively small amount of their income to buy their food. In the past, it was the main thing they were working for. Ok, in some under-developed countries this is still the case. But the fraction of the population that needs to work all day for food has never been that small in the history of mankind. That’s why my truth is:

Most people just eat the wrong processed food,

  • with too much sugar, empty carbohydrates, and
  • too little water content and essential fats!

Eat fruits and veggies instead of the fucking processed supplements

Eat them preferably raw. If you want a hot meal, so prepare it by steaming the veggies for a short time. And avoid the deep-fried shit. Not due to the fat content, but only due to the damage, the heat does to the fat. Because that will supply you with more than enough natural water, fat, and protein as well as vitamins and minerals.

Nutrition supplements make sense as short-term support if you got lack some vitamins or minerals. Pretty common is, for example, a deficit of vitamin D in winter for people living in a place far away from the Equator, due to a lack of sunshine. In such cases, additives can make a big difference in the quality of their life, mood, and energy. But you want to add them after a blood analysis from your doctor. Based on that you are just adding exactly those that are missing because

Focus is Power!

And you will realize how much energy can give to your body a little correction of supplies in the right direction. But in the long run, you want to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet with a higher content of the vitamins and minerals you are lacking.

Nature always has provided everything you need, and it always will!

11 thoughts on “Minerals in Food

  1. The fact is that chemical mineral nutritional vitamin supplements
    are not as easily absorbed as normal food particles are.

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  2. blank
    Louisa Califano

    Hi, the Minerals in Food Warning: Your Food is Low in Minerals and Vitamins article it is well written and has helped me a
    Let me share with you a product that helped my mother lose 62
    lbs of raw fat.

  3. blank

    Hey, you make a great job with The article about Minerals in Food Warning: Your Food is Low in Minerals and Vitamins helps me and my friend Dallas a lot in our Weight Loss.
    We have had a Custom Keto Diet plan from here: You can have it too!
    Life is so beautiful, I am so happy! 🙂
    Kiss you all!!!

  4. blank
    Tracy Wilkinson

    I always laugh at the stories people make up about nutrition.

    I was a farm kid and grew up on home grown fresh produce and home grown meat. We learned to respect what we eat, appreciating the effort it took to cultivate effective growing environments. We traded with neighbours who produced something different – lamb, fruit and vegetables for milk, bacon and beef. It was simple and food had extremely low food miles, so was always fresh.

    As a parent, I grew my kids up on fresh produce too. My friends would question me when my kids came home from school, opened the refrigerator and took a handful of mushrooms, a carrot and a piece of broccoli to snack on. They could not understand why I would allow my children to eat raw vegetables.

    The world has gone crazy! Give me simple, fresh, earth grown fruit and vegetables any day of the week. My body will thank you for it.

    1. blank

      Dear Tracy,
      Thank you for sharing your thought and story about food. A lot of people still think, that beautifully wrapped processed food from Pepitos is healthier, than the odd grown cucumbers and bananas with brown dots from the small fruit and veggie shop across the street. But pleasantly I can see a movement here …

  5. blank

    This is such a great post Klaus. I recently read something similar and have kept me thinking on how much we let the media manipulate our buying choices.
    The only thing you didn’t mention is the number one natural resources our bodies need: water.
    Maybe you can write another article about it 😊

    1. blank

      So true, water is after oxygen the second most essential resource our body needs. And it is worth to mention that, which I already did in the post about the healthy food mix:


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