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Meaning of Disease 😷 #LONGEVITY-SECRETS of Your Body 🍻

Originally posted 2020-11-19 12:00:57.

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Meaning of Disease - Understanding The Signs of Your Body

Be aware, your body cannot lie! There are deeper, holistic, metaphysical, or spiritual messages and meanings in any disease, illness, pain. If you are able to understand the signs of your body, it leads to everlasting health and longevity. To solve the problem, it is not sufficient to treat the symptom. It is necessary to understand the signs of your body instead.

Our body sends us permanently messages, in its own language, as a symptom. Doing so, it draws your attention: there is something to be acknowledged here. And it says very precisely, what needs to be done. Because it is sending a very special message, from the respective organs, or the respective body part.

It's a bit like your car: If the oil indicator light comes on, you don't need to

  • check the tire pressure
  • refill cooling water
  • refill fuel
  • clean the windscreen.

The car says exactly there is a lack of oil. And just like it is in a car, you don't need to worry about the oil control lamp at all. By refilling oil, it hardens to glow by itself. The lamp has fulfilled its duty.

It is the same as the sings of the body: It sends a symptom.

And when we understand the spiritual, holistic, metaphysical, or mental meaning of disease and solve the cause behind it, it disappears. Just as it came. This is the natural way to heal yourself!

Escalation is the natural reaction of the body

Without understanding the signs of your body, we ignore the first sign and do not pay attention. The body sends a further escalation signal, which is more intense. Then it will send us pain!

which means: he forces us to deal with the message.

So, I can't ignore you anymore. as soon as you feel sick, you don't have a choice. but if you still don't react to the pain, or if you think like advertisement promotes it so beautiful:

just gush away the pain!

that is as intelligent as, if the control lamp is on, and you go to the workshop. The master is not there.

But the apprentice says: little moment, we solve that immediately. I'll cut the cable. and then the oil control lamp does not light up anymore.

We would never fix our car like that. But that's exactly what we do with our bodies!

We simply turn off the signal without eliminating the cause. and of course, the body must send another signal.

you still can drive with this car after we have cut the cable from the oil control lamp. at the moment the car is still running wonderfully. everything is fine, apparently!

But only for a certain time. As soon as there is no oil left, the cooling water thermometer will be in the red area.

and you will go to the specialists again.

and he would say: you have another problem? that can be solved!

I stick the pointer of the cooling water thermometer in the green area. here, we have a new contact sticker: In 5 seconds the pointer of the cooling water meter is fixed in the green area, forever! as long as you have this car, the pointer is now in the green area.

Of course useless, the water still boils. Then there will be a special garage under the motor hood.

if you have bad luck, the pulp will fly around the ears. And the engine is fucked-up!

as mentioned before: We wouldn't fix our car this way. only with our bodies make act like that.



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