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Why self-confidence is so important?

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"It all depends on how we see things and not how they are."

(C.G. Jung)

We have to be aware of ourselves: In my opinion, this process is one of our most important tasks in life. Who are we really? Do we know our strengths and weaknesses? What are our most important needs? What do our deepest dreams look like?

Self-awareness is the ability to recognize one's true nature, accept it, and live by it. But many people unconsciously prefer to live according to the rules of others instead of following their own path.

You transcend boundaries in your life

The following story: A bear lived in a cage six meters long for five years. All he could do was walk back and forth those miserable twenty feet. But what happened when someone removed the bars after five years? The bear was by no means looking for freedom. No, he continued to walk his few steps back and forth. For him, the cage and its bars were still there.

There are bars in our lives too: they stand for our upbringing. For the environment and the society in which we live. And the flood of media, that affects us every day. One lives in a larger cage, the other in a smaller one. But we have all been and will be put bars. But those who look out of their cage through the bars will find unimagined opportunities.

You recognize your chances

Like this eagle from a profound story by De Mello: A man found an eagle egg and put it in a hen's nest. The little eagle hatched with the other chicks and grew up with them.

What happened? Throughout its life, the eagle behaved like a chicken: it pecked at worms, cackled, and occasionally flew around a bit. One day he saw a magnificent bird in the sky. He glided gracefully through the air. The eagle on the ground asked in awe: "Who is that?" A chicken answered: "An eagle, the king of birds. But don't think about him anymore. You and I are of a different kind.โ€ So the eagle living among chickens forgot about that bird and died believing that he was a chicken.

You realize your worth

Hardly anything fascinated me as much as the message behind this story: Like the eagle in the chicken yard, there are always opportunities in our lives to overcome boundaries and broaden our horizons.

How does a human realize that he could lead a life as an eagle? How does he become aware of his nature? How does he find the courage to learn to fly properly? How does he learn to listen to the giant's voice instead of the dwarf's? The answer I've found in my life: When we take a serious look at ourselves, little by little we realize how valuable we are. We recognize our strengths and our weaknesses. We accept our weaknesses without feeling inferior.

You control your life

Equipped with this self-confidence we are able to make real and conscious decisions. We consciously choose which life we โ€‹โ€‹want to lead. We no longer live below our level, but according to our possibilities and talents. We also consciously choose who we want to be with. It will be people who have their own visions and build us up. We are now fully aware of the opportunities that are available to us. And do you know what happens with that? The constricting bars of our lives are slowly becoming invisible. We leave our cage.

I really want to encourage you to take this path. It is for sure the challenging and tiring way. But it's worth it: little by little you will become a freer person. And you don't have to go it alone: โ€‹โ€‹With this coaching program, we accompany you on your journey to a fulfilling and self-determined life. Use your freedom!

Why self-confidence is so important
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