Least Effort for Entrepreneurs

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success For Entrepreneurs – Summary

Summary And Conclusion of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

for Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Entrepreneurs

This audio is, to embody The Seven Spiritual Laws for Entrepreneurs. Therefore, hear this summary from Deepak Chopra’s Book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Are you rather scientifically minded? Then you still may be doubtful. So, how does all this spiritual work take effect in my business?

How spirituality works in a nutshell

With mindfulness work, you reprogram your frontal leap. Evidently, it does not matter if you do it through any kind of personal development. For example

By the way, you find resources for all of that on this webpage.

Our frontal leap has the function to filter the information, that our senses send to our brains. But it is helpful. Like blinkers for a horse. Otherwise, we would turn crazy, due to data overflow. Surprisingly, it deletes the majority of the information our senses acknowledge. In fact, it receives about 2.7 Mbit per second. Due to that, the frontal leap reduces the amount of data, to the amount our brain can handle consciously. Scientists estimate this as 7 +/- 2 bit per second. Due to that, it deletes roughly 2.699.993 out of 2.700.000 bit!

Your brain creates YOUR Truth out of 7 bit

while disregarding 2.699.993 bit, each second!

With the different filter settings, for example, according to the seven spiritual laws, you get a different awareness. The 7 +/- 2 bit of information that reaches your conscious mind, will be different ones. With this awareness, you will recognize different chances and opportunities, that you would have not recognized before. Finally, you can take advantage of them in your business. However, this is how spirituality and mindfulness work manifests in the physical world.

The simplified implementation of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

for you as a Conscious Female Entrepreneur is:

The Law of

  1. Potentiality: Stretching Your Imaginatioary Skills
  2. Giving: Reinvest – in Yourself And Your Business
  3. Karma: Serve Your Customers Tomorrow Even Better Due to Healthy Earnings
  4. Least Effort: Concentrate particularly on the little tweaks with the highest effectivity
  5. Intention and Desire: Apply Your Purpose Based Vision, Mission, and Tactics in your business
  6. Detachment: Accept That Life is Neutral
  7. Dharma: Find and Apply YOUR Purpose in Life

To implement the Seven Spiritual Laws as a female entrepreneur, you want to establish

A practice of Conscious Mindfulness to Create a Flourishing Business

In conclusion, spend some thinking time about it:

Thinking Time – Think First Then Act – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Resources for Confeneurs about the Seven Spiritual Laws for entrepreneurs

Available downloads are:

Living Synchrodestiny Self Love

How Self Love Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True

How Self Love Helps … You might think this is about some egoistical kind of loving yourself. Building up your status by getting artificial eyelashes, fingernails, boobs, or money, expensive toys like stylish sunglasses, shoes, handbags, cars, … No, it is not!  This is all shallow outside polish without substance.

It is about accepting yourself as a part of the entire universe, and due to that being able to love everything of it unconditionally.

The best resource I was able to find about self-love is this video. It is rather long. But it’s well worth watching until the end:

Source: Actualized.com Thank you, Leo, for sharing this!

The content of this video about How Self Love Helps, that touched me the most:

  • To love yourself is really hard work and complicated. But other than Leo says, I think: Simplicity is a principle of nature. We do not need to understand how a gearbox works to drive a car. You do not need to understand all of this, to apply it. It even works if we do not believe in it!
  • Mostly we have at least one aspect of our selves, that we don’t like. And we look at it through a magnifying glass. Accept it, change it if you can or don’t focus on it anymore.

Here are some ways how self-love helps you to experience unconditionally love:

  • Improve your inner status to be able to accept anything around you as it is. Without judgment. To be able to do so, train your mental strength:

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

  • Here is an easy exercise to love yourself unconditionally, because YOU are the most valuable person in the world. Look in the mirror and give yourself all the love by telling yourself 20 times:

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

You probably want to write this sentence on the mirror in your bathroom to read it every morning.

Your thinking time for today (thank you Leo for this question):

  • Make a list complete of everything you dislike.
  • If you can’t think of anything anymore, push yourself further, by asking what else do I hate?
  • Understand, that all of this is a part of you!
  • Accept it as it is, and appreciate it. Just for its existence.

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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Living Synchrodestiny Self Love

Day 15 for Your Abundance Challenge – Living Synchrodestiny Self Love

Day 15: Living Synchrodestiny Self Love 💝

Today we celebrate what we have been able to afford so far, as well as our awareness of the abundance we experience every day and the openness to the abundance we desire and dream.

How Self Love Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True

Let us continue our inner work with dedication and love, with greater awareness of the infinite potential that we are and with the detachment to specific results of the process. Relying on the wisdom of uncertainty. Just know that what will come will be full of abundance.


Task 15:

Make an appreciation letter to the person you think has hurt you at some point.

 If you have considered making a letter before, thus emptying all negative feelings with truths and words, do so. The important thing is that the moment you make the appreciation letter, try not to feel anymore the resentment against that person.
Today think and meditate on who this person is. Several may come to mind, but we must do the work with only one.
The letter must be written, preferably handwritten, in order to get also the impact of the physical (e-)motion.

And finally, write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for …, because …
  2. I am grateful for …, because …
  3. And I am grateful for …, because …
  4. Further, I am grateful for …, because …
  5. Finally, I am grateful for …, because …

The Abundance Challenge task of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Confirm that you finished your task of today - Click HERE

Confirm that you finished your task of today – Click HERE

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

And here comes your Living Synchrodestiny Self Love meditation as the gift for your participation:

Deepak Chopra: Meditation Challenge – Day 15 – Living Synchrodestiny

sama sama

Terima Kasih – The Indonesian Way to Say: Thank You!

In Bali, Indonesia, I learned to say: “Terima Kasih”. Terima Kasih

Terima Kasih sounds like “Terrimakassy”.

Actually, Terima Kasih translates to “Accept Love”.

And the meaning of Terima Kasih is:

“Thank You” 🙏

And in your special case: Thank You Very Much😃❣

Your Thinking Time:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for.
    Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

And use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you to deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training – 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Law of Dharma for Entrepreneurs

Law of Dharma For Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs

What is the meaning of the Law of Dharma

or purpose in life for Confeneurs = Conscious Female Entrepreneurs?

The Law of Intention And Desire For Entrepreneurs

This audio is, to understand the law of Dharma or purpose in life for Entrepreneurs better. So, listen to this passage from Deepak Chopra’s Book the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success.

The simplified Law of Dharma for Conscious Female Entrepreneurs means to

  • Become aware of your unique
    • values
    • roles
    • experiences of the past
    • dreams and wishes
    • talents and skills
    • passion and wild fun
    • desires
  • Find your purpose in life, based on your uniqueness, and
  • Position your business, that it serves your purpose in life. 

To apply the Law of Dharma as an Entrepreneur best possible, you need to

Communicate how special your business is

as your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A quick approach to get a first idea to find your purpose in life is: 


Now, return to Task 14


Resources for Confeneurs about the Law of Dharma

Free downloads of the 7 Spiritual Laws of Dharma are available from: