Living Care Free

Day 17 for Your Abundance Challenge – Living Care Free

Day 17: Living Care Free

And so we go onto day 17! May you have a gentle and hopeful awakening in your work of self-healing, in your journey of transformation!

Today we have a very special exercise!

Here are some thoughts about it that shall inspire you. Have a look at this blog, then come back to this page for Task 17.

Sad Mood – Snap out of it

Task 17:

Make a detailed list of the things you have, material, spiritual, tangible and intangible.


  • I have a smartphone to communicate,
  • I have credit to send messages,
  • I have great friendships,
  • I have a bed to sleep,
  • I have food,
  • I have love,
  • I have peace,
  • I have hot water in the shower,
  • I have personal supplies for my care …

There is no upper or lower limit of what you should write … Recognize everything you have.

And finally, write down 5 things you are grateful for, those things can be related to the list above:

  1. I am grateful for …, because …
  2. I am grateful for …, because …
  3. I am grateful for …, because …
  4. I am grateful for …, because …
  5. I am grateful for …, because …

Today’s motto:
I lead my emotions and choose to feel full, healthy, prosperous and blessed. Grateful!

The Abundance Challenge of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Deepak Chopra: Meditation Challenge – Day 17 – Living Carefree


Grateful Meaning - Meaning of Gratefulness

Grateful Meaning – What means Gratefulness?

Grateful Meaning = “giving or revealing thanks, primarily to other people”

Grateful Meaning - Meaning of GratefulnessThis is what dictionaries and phrasebooks say about grateful meaning. But within this blog, I will share some deeper thoughts about it. And offer you some supplementary grateful meanings.

Don’t you think that it is much easier if you are convinced in your heart, that prosperity is your birthright? And wouldn’t you achieve financial freedom much quicker, if you are determined to be financially free? Due to the Law of Attraction. The problem is, how can we get that conviction? Here are some thoughts about gratitude, and how gratefulness helps.

Many people are too negative in their attitude. In this blog, I will talk about how we can avoid the negative. How can we get into a fundamentally positive attitude, that ultimately makes you wealthy and happy?

Do you remember the concept of responsibility? It says that we always have the opportunity to choose our RESPONSE. Because there is a gap between an event and our response to it. A free time gap. We can fill this gap as we see fit. Our freedom of choice exists in this gap.

3 Common Misconceptions About Responsibility

Most people talk about reality, rather than about a stimulus. All events, all situations are only stimuli. We always respond only to stimuli. And we can choose how to respond to a stimulus. So we decide what we believe!
Many people think that they automatically react to certain circumstances. That they can not determine their own emotions and reactions. And therefore they are not responsible for them. The truth is, that there is no negative automatism to which we are unconditionally subjugated.
The power of commitment is not clear to most people. If we have a big goal, we should commit ourselves to achieve that. Then something magical happens. We will choose in these gaps the response, that brings us closer to our goal.


Grateful Meaning = Living in the Present

Today we are talking about a tool that helps us live the concept of responsibility better. And how we can “control” our feelings as well. We often believe, that we respond to circumstances, and our fellow human beings. However, it looks very different. In reality, we are reacting to a world that exists only in our own minds. John Milton writes in his book “Paradise Lost“:

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make
a heaven of hell,
a hell of heaven..”

Do you have serious fears sometimes? Do you worry too much, at times? Today we will deepen a thought from this guided meditation:

How to practice gratitude?

When we are worried, we generate negative energy. Let’s try to imagine this negative energy as a black cloud that ultimately catches us. This black cloud gradually destroys more and more positive things in and around us. It then dominates a sense of impending disaster. Now we have to come to an important realization: We created this cloud ourselves! And if so, then we can also create another one: A bright, positive cloud.

One more word to the black cloud. People surrounded by it, no longer find peace. They only see what goes wrong in their lives and in the world, a pathetic state. And indeed: People in black clouds feel helpless and delivered.

The feeling of weakness gets intensified by the contemporaries, which walk through life with an eternally smile. Those who explain, that one only needs to utilize the power of positive thinking. But the problem is, that negative thoughts have much more power in real life than the positive ones.

That doesn’t mean, that we have to put up with the negative thoughts. However, we should accept that those are a serious danger. So we need to know if we want to be positive. And if we want to be metaphorically surrounded by a bright white cloud, it requires effort and work. But it’s possible. And the effort is absolutely worth it.

Grateful Meaning = Thinking positive about the presence and the past

The advantage of the worries

“Advantage of worries” – that sounds absurd. But what could that be? The idea behind it is quite simple: if there were no advantage, people would not worry. Psychologists say: Worries allow us to feel in control.

If people are worried, they feel they can prevent something worse from happening. And so they get stuck to their worries. Worrying becomes a kind of ritual. And as long as this ritual is kept alive, it is said that the really bad things won’t happen.

But which worldview is hidden behind it? A person worries only when he believes the universe is indifferent to him. The basic assumption for that is: I am alone and depending on the mercy of a more hostile universe. It is the legitimation for this belief. Religious people are clearly at an advantage. They believe that there is a God who cares for them. And because God cares for them, they do not have to worry about themselves. Worried are only those ones, who are not taken care of.

It is already very helpful to develop a friendlier picture of the universe. We can do that without any spiritual or even religious background. After all, the Universe serves us with all we need for life: air to breathe, food and water … It also provides us with the raw materials we need to make our lives comfortable. And now it gets interesting: as we become aware of this “support” through the universe, we minimize our worries. In other words, living gratitude is the opposite of a life full of worries. And those who are careful, are automatically grateful.

The Power of Gratefulness

Grateful Meaning = The opposite of fear about the future

Suppose there is a kind of power of gratefulness in the universe. And that we feel well when we are connected to this field. That then we have better ideas, helpful inspirations, flashes of thought. Then we are also better able to deal with problems, to recognize solutions, recognize and accept offers of help from other people … The power of gratefulness that enables us to literally outgrow ourselves.

Whenever we feel connected to this source, we don’t need to worry anymore. We literally can’t do it anymore.

How do we perceive this power of gratefulness? By gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most underrated remedies we have. Because gratitude increases our ability to perceive things. And gratitude comes from mindfulness. When we are grateful we become more attentive! And extremely positively minded, grief, fear, and mistrust goes away.

But it reaches even further: Within this power of gratefulness, we are able to do things we never thought to be able to. Because, if we practice gratitude, we are able to perceive things we never imagined to be possible to experience. The path to happiness is thus in knowing. The universe works miraculously, we just have to recognize it.

The tool

A Simple Exercise Against Grief And Gear

grateful meaning

Even the dog gets pimped and dressed up for the gratitude ritual in Bali

I remind myself to be grateful every morning with an exercise: I write down some things, which I am grateful for. It might also be sufficient to list these things silently in your head. But it has become a routine for me to write these thoughts down. Of course, the things I am grateful for are often repeated. But new ones are also added from time to time.

Note: This is not about the things we should be grateful for. Then the exercise becomes a burden. Because we are not connected to our emotions. Rather, the gratitude exercise is about, really feeling and visualizing the things, we are truly grateful for.

So after writing down a few things, I’m quiet for a while, focusing on the feeling of gratitude. I feel that it comes from my heart. My heart expands, it opens. And then I imagine that I have a connection to the power of gratefulness. To the source. Then I am fulfilled and one with the power of infinite giving. Filled with infinite gratitude. Nothing and nobody can irritate me in this state.

When we train with this tool, we feel the effect more and more. We literally float in the power of gratefulness. This exercise can be repeated anytime during the day. Already utilize it at the first small sign of worry. The more often we do it, the more consistent is the connection to the power of gratefulness.

Brian Tracy

Once I heard this story about Brian Tracy. A coach that I adore. He got throat cancer some years ago. Imagine what it means for a speaker to get pharyngeal cancer. Unable to talk anymore. Irradiations, Chemotherapie …

And do you know what Brian did after the surgery that removed the malignant tumor? As soon as the effect of anesthesia passed, he started working on his next book. Right after the surgery. Why? Brian’s words about it: because he had such a great sense of gratitude for doing exactly what he loves. He still could. Write. The rest would show up. But as long as he had that feeling of gratitude, emotionally nothing could happen to him. Today Brian Tracy is holding seminars again.

I do not know about you. I do not know if I could react in a situation like Brian’s. But it is good to have such role models. And the gratitude exercise is certainly the right tool. We can best prepare for difficult situations by coping well with normal situations.

Being grateful for what?

Grateful Meaning = Expecting the Best From the Future

We can be grateful for so many things: that we

  • can breathe
  • can stand straight
  • have no back pain


  • warm water
  • an apple
  • not having toothache
  • our house

and if it exists, for

  • our home
  • our family
  • the pleasant weather

And even in bad weather:

  • for the roof over our heads.

Isn’t it really the case, that the universe is wonderful for us?

It may be that some things are not so pleasant at the moment. But how many thousands of things are doing great work in our bodies and around us! We can not take these things for granted just because they are always there. On the contrary, whatever is there can remind us that the power source is always there. And while we perceive or acknowledge these things inwardly, we can try to feel how gratitude flows from our hearts.  Then we can stop acknowledging. And we can feel how our hearts are so grateful, that we cannot and must not name the blessings of our lives. In this state, we are then open to the connection with the power of gratitude.

The best use of the Gratitude Exercise tool is twofold: Once every morning. And then whenever you receive negative signals. For example, because you are worried. In the best case already at the first tiny negative signal. The shortest way back to the positive emotional realm is if we haven’t gotten far into the negative emotions. We need to know that with this tool we can stop all negative thinking. Really everything. But it requires discipline. Or, to put it mildly, as long as we do not control our mind, we are spiritually immature.


Grateful Meaning = Being Happy With What You Got

When we are connected to the source of power or carry the feeling of infinite gratitude within us, we have absolute inner peace. Of course, most people are looking for happiness outside of their bodies. They want money, prestige, luxury … But real happiness is only in us. There is not one world out there. Only the world that exists in our own mind.

To maintain peace, we have to work on it all the time. Constant use is required. Periodically and whenever needed. Because inner peace is an active state. We have to work for it. That requires discipline – but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Gratitude extends our horizons. We also see the good in the universe. The connection to the Forcefield gives us this consciousness. With a broad horizon, we can see how much good life offers to us.

Grateful Meaning = Living Frugalism

My idea is quite simple: if we have a connection to the power of gratefulness, we can accomplish great things. And only then. This means that ultimately our responsibility is limited. (And that takes the load off our shoulders.) Limited because we “only” have the responsibility to connect to the power of gratefulness. The rest is done by it or the law of attraction. So we just have to do one step at a time. The rest follows automatically. This thought is encouraging. The courage to be happy.

Of course, it’s all relatively easy, as long as we’re not feeling really bad. But, we can prepare for real emergencies. By practicing daily. On the other hand, we can look around for real pain. Then we discover people who still have to suffer much worse and who still remain cheerful and grateful. Like Brian Tracy. There are people whose connection to the power of gratefulness becomes even stronger when circumstances become very difficult. And these people can give us courage. As Viktor Frankl says: “Every suffering has its meaning.”

Conclusion: Grateful Meaning

Grateful Meaning: The highway to getting out of scarcity

I believe there is a power of gratefulness that cares for us. When we are in touch with this power of gratefulness, we are fine. Really good. When we recognize the things for which we are thankful, we connect with this power of gratefulness. All worries and negativity disappear. We have a state of great confidence and deep peace.

At first, it is irrelevant which world view we have. Because it is very easy to check: When we do the gratitude exercise, we feel better. We feel strong, confident, positive and good. When our hearts expand in gratitude and we have established contact with this power of gratefulness, we feel confident in ourselves. Then we know that true prosperity is our birthright. And we know that there is no other way than to become rich. Financially free. Our gratitude mixes with confidence. And for that confidence, we are filled with even greater gratitude.

To do to Embody Grateful Meaning:

  1. Do you have a morning routine? Does the gratitude exercise have room in it?
  2. When can you integrate the gratitude exercise into your day? In which situations?
  • If you are standing in line somewhere.
  • When the waiting loop on the phone is endless.
  • When you got stuck in traffic.
  • Whenever you have to wait.

Waiting is a stupid activity. But using this time for the gratitude exercise is wise.

  1. Do you have a gratitude journal? If not get one. This can be a notebook from paper or an electronic one, it can be a task list, or simply your calendar.
  2. Write down five things you are grateful for.

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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

Grateful Meaning - Meaning of Gratefulness

Day 16 for Your Abundance Challenge – Living Gratefully

Here you have Day 16 and it is all about living gratefully 🌸

Do you want to get into the right mood for living gratefully? Please read this blog about the meaning of gratefulness. Then return back to this page:

Grateful Meaning – What means Gratefulness?

Today’s motto: I accept myself and give myself permission for my thoughts, feelings, and expressiveness in terms of abundance.

Task 16: Living Gratefully

Make a list of things that you have pending to be done.

Things that you wanted to do but left for later because you prioritized other things or even because you were worried about hurting others.

The idea behind this list is to ask for forgiveness for not having done it.


I, whole name, forgive myself completely and lovingly for not having done or finished my degree.

I, whole name, forgive myself completely and lovingly for not showing my insecurities.

Write however many phrases as you want, there is no limit.

And finally we practice living gratefully, write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am living gratefully, because …
  2. I am grateful, because …
  3. And I am grateful for …, because …
  4. I fell gratitude inside of me, because …
  5. Finally, I am living gratitude, by …

The Abundance Challenge of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Deepak Chopra: Meditation Challenge – Day 16

Intellectual Property Rights – The fallacy of IP Protection and IP Rights

No one has ever invented anything,
they are just using the work of others

The fallacy of Intellectual Property Rights

Observing the speed of development in the world, it is easy to see, that Asia is growing much faster than the western world. One of the differences in the Asian culture is, they hardly have an idea about the value of intellectual property rights (IP rights). And there is a good chance that the abstinence of Intellectual Property Protection (IP protection) and IP rights, is at least a part of the reason for the fast growth of the Asian economy.

Common Knowledge ./. Intellectual Property Rights

Commonly available knowledge, which is not covered by Intellectual Property Rights,  allows everybody to make the best use out of it. Which allows growing faster. Because everybody can use it and build new ideas, methods, techniques, and strategies based on it. Many people thinking at the same time it is like the multitasking of a supercomputer.

The protection of the usage of knowledge is a big handicap for growth. Because only a few people who got access to it can build upon it to develop. So creativity is very limited. A view of people thinking is like the single thread of an abacus.

IP Protection

Curiously, even in the western world, those companies who are collecting the most information from their customers are growing the fastest: Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, … Why?
With their cloud services, they store so much data from their customers.

But knowledge is NOT power,
Knowledge is only potential power.

One needs to use it and act on it,
Only applied knowledge is power!

So why are the data collectors growing so fast? The answer is simple: They analyze it, learn out of it and act. If this is legal or not – I don’t know. But the result is obvious.

Intellectual property protection 🇨🇳🇱🇷

IP rights protection is the single most limiting factor for growth in the western world. And it is already leading to international conflicts. The Americans worry, that China will become a stronger economic force than the USA. And what they even fear more, is: Not having the strongest currency in the world anymore. That is the reason for the trade war with China, the import taxes, and all the noise around it. The USA will do anything to avoid, that China is getting stronger. With protectionism, taxes, money, oil or blood. Just with the manners of the Sheriff of the world, acting on spiral dynamics red meme. And a lot US Americans think like that. Which is probably one of the reasons, they voted for the president they currently got.

Learn more about spiral dynamics on Thank you, Leo, for sharing!

There is no question if Asia will be the leading economic force in the world. The question is just: When?

So, instead of IP protection, it would be better to solve the problem at its source:

Drop Intellectual Property Rights (IP Rights)

Love instead of Intellectual Property Rights IP, rights protectionEliminate copyright, patent rights, and other nonsense, that limits (intellectual) growth. Because no one has ever invented anything, they are just using the thoughts and work of others in the best case in a new combination.

Any knowledge has been around forever. Who are you, to claim that anything of it belongs to you?

God? OMG, what a shitty believe! What’s god got to do with it? She’d never keep something only for herself! Sharing is caring is one of her first principles, you may also call it LOVE.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts in our mastermind for conscious female entrepreneurs.

Living Synchrodestiny Self Love

How Self Love Helps to Make Your Dreams Come True

Do you want the pain of discipline?

Or do you want the pain of regret?

How Self Love Helps: If you are disciplined, it shows that you love your self.

The content of this video about How Self Love Helps, that touched me the most:

  • To love yourself is really hard work.
  • Mostly we have one aspect of our selves, that we don’t like. And we look at it through a magnifying glass. Accept it, change it if you can or don’t focus at it anymore.
  • Here is an easy exercise to love myself unconditionally, because I am the most valuable person in the world. Look in my mirror and give me all the love by telling myself 20 times:

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am.”

You probably want to write this on the mirror in your bathroom.

How Self Love Helps

Priming yourself with Incantations

Your life is like a helicopter, you can fly anywhere you want. What is holding you back from it?

How Self Love Helps

How Self Love Helps to Escape!


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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster