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Messages From The Body, Kurt Tepperwein

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Kurt Tepperwein says: We see injustice, sickness, and suffering. It's so apparent that we don't even think about it anymore. But if we recognize the reality behind the Messages From The Body, then we see absolute justice. And illness and suffering are only messengers as a natural consequence of the abuse of man's creative energy.

What Your Illness Wants To Tell You?

Source: YouTube By Kurt Tepperwein

Let us realize that no fate distribution point in the whole universe assigns a pleasant and difficult one to the other. There is only the law of course and effect. And every outcome we experience, without exception, we have caused ourselves.

That's also a fantastic opportunity because we can change it at any moment. You can change each cause into a different outcome. We can change that in a moment, and set new reasons so that our results will improve. We all have our fate and bear it more or less patiently. But hardly anyone asks himself:

  • Why do we live under these circumstances?
  • Who is causing it?
  • Whether could it be changed?

As soon as we do that, we realize: that our destiny is in our hands. And we have the opportunity to change it at any moment. But not on the outside. No matter how hard we try. Our destiny can only be altered where it arises. Our living conditions show, like a mirror, the content of our consciousness.

I once had a married couple as patients: both only children who couldn't keep things tidy because their mother used to put everything away. And solving this mess was not that easy. I thought they only need to hang their coat in the cloakroom when they come in and put the bag there somewhere. Put the shoes in the shoe cabinet. But if you have practiced it differently for 20 years, it leaves a trace throughout the whole apartment. In which everything flies back and forth. And then it happened again, and everything was messy. I've seen that most people are incapable of living.

So, we have to learn it slowly first. Not what you learn in school, where you learn "important things," how many battles Karle the Great fought, how much iron ore is mined in Australia and all these things that you need every day in the life. But the "minor issues":

  • How do I solve a problem?
  • How do I stay healthy?
  • And how do I get along with my partner?

All these little things you have to teach yourself later in life. I suppose you came here to take a step in that direction? It's not just about understanding the Messages From The Body. But about following them and ultimately making them redundant. And we are constantly receiving messages from life; we call them illnesses or strokes of fate. And we are always trying to suppress the news when it comes up as a symptom. Then we go to a specialist and get a diagnosis, and he also mentions a Latin nickname for it. But that doesn't get you anywhere. At the moment, you still have your complaints. and then he prescribes something. If we are unlucky, the symptom disappears, and we consider ourselves healthy.

But imagine you would do something like that with your car. If the oil control lamp lights up and you drive to a workshop. And there is only the apprentice there, and he says: we have that immediately: I'll turn the lamp out for you. Yes, or imagine he disconnects the cable. Or if that's an eco-freak: I'll stick a 12-ply cloth over it, guaranteed not bleached chlorine, biodegradable, then you will no longer see the glow! You would tell him something to do so with your car. But that's what we do with our body, which we can't sell second-hand if it is ruined.

Strangely, we understand the context and, of course, follow them in our car. But we are so short-sighted with our most important instrument that we are happy when the doctor has eliminated our symptoms. When I resolve a sign and then consider myself healthy, I force my body to repeat this lesson. And the progress we make with our idea of ​​medicine is judged by how easily we manage to suppress the symptoms. The more often we do this, the more often we get tutoring as a result. Our healthcare system is becoming more and more priceless, and at some point, we can no longer pay for it.

If this will finally will settle in people's consciousness, we will recognize the reality behind it. We will do what we do with our car: We will eliminate the cause. If the oil control lamp lights up as a symptom, then we will refill some oil. And we don't have to worry about the oil control lamp. We do not need to worry about the symptom. I have to understand and follow the message behind it, and then the sign disappears as naturally as the oil control lamp stops shining, as soon as you have refilled the oil.

So fate is not an unfathomable whim of God, and neither is it a blind coincidence. Instead, it is the justest law imaginable: Everyone gets what he causes. No one wants to cause disease on purpose. I've been healthy for months now. So, I would have to do something again. What did I not have for a long time? I haven't had a heart attack for more than two years. That will probably not work if we unconsciously cause illness. For example: Nowadays, not only men who get a heart attacks. Because they always try to live out of their heads. When I stop listening to my heart, my heart forces me to listen to it again, and I get a heart attack. The body reflects the narrowness, in the emotional life, in nature, and the veins. And at some point, a part dies. A heart attack is a result if you live very out of your head. And I caused it because our other center withered. We are not in harmony.

Most people are against animal testing, but then they play guinea pigs themselves. They test themselves for the effects of nicotine, alcohol, and maybe even drugs. And then they are amazed that this also affects them. There are certainly some of us who already know this: I have just seen the latest results from 92 studies in the USA: Smoking heavily for ten years lowers life expectancy by 23 years. You have to be aware of that. We can put it more excellent: Every cigarette brings me closer to God, for about half an hour. A total of 23 years and, of course, it also affects the time before that by illness. The same thing happens with alcohol.

Sooner or later, people try to understand life better and to understand themselves better. And life has a messenger for us, who is ready to explain everything to us, however, in his language. This excellent messenger of life shows us precisely what to do to be in harmony with life. We constantly receive Messages From The Body that tell us what we might be doing wrong. Namely, to draw our attention to disharmony in our thinking. That means: Before the pain comes, we have already ignored the painless messages. If I also miss my pain, then the body sends more intense messages, and as the last message, he sends death if we don't obey the directives.

E.g., The people of the Hunza tribe in the Himalayas in Pakistan impress me so much. This tribe did not live in the distant past, as some legends, a myth, but they live nowadays and in this age. Sixty-five thousand people are unfamiliar with the disease. They don't know the condition. That's why there isn't a single doctor. He would be unemployed. What should he do? There is no health or pension insurance either because nobody retires. Nobody knows what that means.

Why should you no longer be allowed to work after a certain age? Their work is their joy. And why should one forego this joy at some point after a specific date? Is there anyone else among you who still works occasionally? You should turn that off in a flash. Nobody should ever work! If you have done that so far, then you can change it at any moment. Because work is something you do to earn money, get ahead, satisfy your ambitions, be promoted, or whatever. I haven't worked for many years. And, of course, I'll never do that again. That doesn't mean that I don't do anything. Just imagine: I made enough money to live the rest of my life. And that was already 20 years 22 years ago. Then I retired. And then I said: What do I want to do now?

Get up in the morning! Good morning, after work! But then the day is still ahead of me, and I have to fill it with something meaningful and fulfilling. And very quickly I said: the most beautiful thing is to serve the day with joy! What do I enjoy? Well, for many people, it would have been traveling. But I've been everywhere I was interested in going. That didn't appeal to me anymore. Then I said to myself: "I think it's best when I sit down with a few friends once or twice a week and talk to them about an interesting topic, where I can go deeper. That gives me pleasure." So that's what I did. You came. I also get money for it. And I can fulfill myself. And of course, I never work, that's very clear.

However, do not think that at some point, you will be unable to do anything. The attempt has just been tested in America. Students were paid well for doing nothing. An air-conditioned room, with a comfortable armchair in the middle, and they were allowed to sit down. Every hour they got $ 20 richer. The first capitulated after 33 minutes because he couldn't stand doing anything. And not a single one could do anything for a whole day. So, that means we need something to do that is part of the fulfillment. To do nothing, even if it sometimes seems nice, is not a worthwhile goal.

Let's come back to the Hunza tribe. They fulfill themselves with their work. And the 100-year-old works just as hard in the field as the 20-year-old. He enjoys it as well, and he has never been sick. And he will never get to know a disease. It's been like this for generations.

But meanwhile, the blessings of civilization are slowly beginning to get there, too. The first Coca-Cola cans appeared. So, it can look different in the next generation.

Death is also dignified. A person who at some point has become 100-105, or 110 years says my life was fulfilling. My time has come. I've done what you had to do. I'm ready to go. And then he tells his family, tomorrow, I won't go to the field with you. And then, everyone will know when they come home. Then he's gone. Then he did not die of an illness. He wasn't in the ward in the hospital either. Because he never got to know that. He doesn't even know what a doctor is. Of course, that doesn't matter because he never got an illness. This is how you should have lived, and this is how you should be allowed to walk.

You could say: "Yes, that's how I want it." Well, they're not quite dead. So, you could still change things. As I say that, I mean, most people die between 20 and 30, and then they are getting buried between 70 and 80. And in the intervening time, they were just there, have waited. But you should make sure that you lived to die. So many people care about the afterlife. I find it much more important to be interested in life before death.

Many people may want to ask: "Have you already lived today?" But sometimes one would like to ask: "Have you ever lived before? Do you even know what life is? How to enjoy the pressure to stop doing anything?

There is another point: MUST! I've removed every must from my life. I don't have to do anything anymore. If you find a must in your life, then turn it off! You should recognize yourselves as human beings as intended: Being naturally free! Nobody has to work!

Messages From The Body

Messages From The Body: What Wants Sickness Teach Us?

We get Messages From The Body all the time. And you can say: "I didn't know." But from now on, you have no excuses anymore.

We get messages all the time. Nobody can say he would not have known. It can be that they got along, but then the pain comes when they overlook a signal. And so, of course, not only every symptom is a message of everything that happens to us. Our whole living conditions are your message of the look, for example.
As a non-medical practitioner, this is, of course, allowed. I thought that would have put me to rest when I became a non-medical practitioner and opened a naturopathic practice for 22 years. Me, it is, of course, fascinating to look people in the face. I find the most beautiful things that you have your face openly in front of you and that everyone is not allowed to look into anyone is angry if you make use of it, because the face is, of course, the most exciting message on the front, the landscape is facing, every disease shows up long before it becomes symptom appears.
Of course, the face shows the character of an otherwise invisible person, and all of this can be grasped in a second since it shows the possibilities of a person who has learned. And so, of course, you can tell the other what to expect because it is written on his face. Because he is responsible for his appearance and again and again there is no condemnation if someone is one way or the other or if your illness can come to him at any moment and that's nice when it overlooked., can change it, if it still hasn't noticed, can then change that, he can also change it, if the pain comes, can even change it. Even if the doctor says, there is nothing more we can do for you.
I always remember the patient who had end-stage colon cancer and wanted to operate on him and woke up to find bodies full of metastases while not doing so. So you just closed it again and didn't tell him anything, but there's nothing we can do for his wife. At some point, maybe 2-3 weeks to live, just a few more days to make the days as comfortable as possible, take them home with you and the woman wrestled with her for a day, and then she did the most sensible thing, What could I do to him? He says that everyone has the right not to be lied to, but to know where he stands and what the doctors feared, which is why they didn't tell him anything that a twisted one was a shock for him. he thinks he has had an operation now, that he has got over it, that he is on the mend and the clock, there is nothing left to do, and again he had a few.
It takes days, and then he brings himself to me and says, I know that you can't help me either. This life is over, I only have a few days to live, but I believe in the next life, I would like to prepare myself as well as possible so that this doesn't happen to me again. What can I do? And I told him first of all not to give up this life before it is over. If you are only living now, what should I do now? I say the most important thing you ever do. Can you change consciousness?
And under the pressure of the circumstances, he was not only ready but also capable. Asked the bear child, what does that mean what exactly should I do, I showed him how to change his thoughts, when you put your feelings in order, you relax your body how to give the message to the body, myself who I am, I am healthy, and you believe my tool, you are now reflecting this knowledge, but why are we talking about it? Let's just make it practical. We want to do everything right here and not just talk about interesting things. It's best to sit down comfortably. You have a chance to do it now. I told you to sit down comfortably. Why didn't you sit all the time comfortably? It doesn't cost extra money, you then sit down differently than you can sit all the time for cream before, so do it make yourself as comfortable as possible all the time and now maybe close your eyes for a moment and watch your body once you may start with your feet, and once you feel how your feet are touching the ground, they are relaxed. That's loosely true. If you want, you can change your natural posture.
Just get your body in order. When the lower body was on the legs, let loose the arms, the neck, and the head. Make sure that your whole body is relaxed. And if you find tension anywhere, go there and release the tension.
And then watch your thoughts, not intervene. Just perceive what I'm thinking. Table and just its function. Now you can single out one thought.
Size whether this thought corresponds to your inner standard. And if not, change your thoughts consciously. Think differently in a new way so that it corresponds completely to you, that you say you want to speak to my inner standard.
Of course, you can also consciously do a completely new one. You can do that once out of nowhere. No matter what, a thought corresponds to your inner standard. Because we're at it, let's take a look at what you are feeling. What are you feeling right now? Make yourself aware of what is for you.
How do I feel that she can intervene? Can the feelings change? E.g., Could you create a sense of good humor?
Stand up to it, introduce yourself, step in front of an inner mirror, and look in there and look in the mirror, and your reflection smiles. You have to be that inner smile spreading out in your heart until it is outside your face as a smile after divorce 13.
Just imagine every cell in your body smiling. You have 100 trillion cells, and now you let them do the math. Can you make the earth's body feel much more comfortable right away? With a smile on your lips, you open your eyes again. You are again consciously here.
Just realize who was watching the body now? Who perceived and changed the thoughts, who optimized the feelings, and who improved their mood? They were who they are because you're not the body, they are not the name they bear, they are not their past. You are not the role you play. You are conscious. You are the one who just did all of this, and who you are has never been sick.
But not old, he can't sleep. Consciousness is Borussia is not born no wrinkles do not get older, they are, and since you have felt yourself now, you are aware of how old you are in consciousness, if you feel yourself, how old I am then you will see that has nothing to do with the year of construction of your body, that is a completely different size is you are not a specific age in itself.
Exactly about twenty-eight, that's how I feel, and that's the nice thing when you realize how old you are inside you fill it up, then be sure that your body will run out of hair during the marriage, your face will always be longer, you can't avoid that, but of course that has nothing to do with her age, that's just the outward appearance that she currently perceives without age.
They have never been sick. But don't die. As soon as they are this awareness, they allow disharmony to happen or create it. Do you get a message?
Grein's symptom about the disease in the body or the living conditions is always an example when currently seized a man is not cheating that only men do that? Do that occasionally, but it's very easy for a man or a woman to cheat on them alone. That's nonsense, and you can't cheat on them at all. You have to know each other a bit before this man comes home and looked in front of it. Honey, what I experienced today, is that I met a sweet girl and if you understood her well, we went straight to the hotel, that's why it was two hours later. Yes, we seduced each other so sweetly; that was incredibly beautiful. I feel young because German, that was good, what the woman wanted to say. Probably nice office honey, that you experienced something so beautiful. I'm happy that you are good, or it could be that she phrased it a little differently. Yes, she will probably phrase it a little differently, but why?
Based on the example, education based on tradition is not considered virtuous, but almost everyone does it, and we have heard we have a bad conscience. Somehow that seems to be part of human nature. In every man, there is still the Neanderthal somewhere. We have every woman who didn't get up on the trees fast enough, that didn't change that quickly, and now it's emerging.
Report a problem is not that serious what is there if we look at the reality behind the bill, one of the two has just experienced something very pleasant and beautiful, and he would like perhaps to share with his partner now and then to sleep together. Do not be granted in our society, but that is quite natural. That can be done. You can say that you can speak to someone on the street. Sorry, I would like you to have time, and he says: OK for half an hour because of me, that would be completely unproblematic. yes, but in this society, it would be frowned upon to eat something with a stranger. You only do that with your partner. That's just ironclad. Suppose they could come home just that, and then her partner would be the partner and Sarah how nice for you, that makes me happy, but that you are good, but hopefully, I didn't eat and send together. No, no knowledge. You can rely on it and then it's good to eat at home. It would be just as conceivable and also no more reasonable than what we practice only through our attitude, and only through the attitude now a partner has a problem that is not there is clarity one of the two has imposed something pleasant undeniably pleasant beautiful enviable doing well. Doing good makes you younger, and improves your mood.
But we now have a partner problem in that the other has the attitude. You did something to me, I hurt myself deeply, disappointed, insulted, and humiliated, I would never have thought of you, I trusted you so much, I don't even notice that we were on the other something projecting an attitude and our fears you have to love me.
Otherwise, I feel hurt in my self-worth. Why love does not do it that way? Love does not come and go with a person, so it is, of course, absolute nonsense in front of the altar in the face of God to shake hands to promise to be true to oneself until death do us part that no one can rape one's future like that do something, how one can answer for it and most of them try afterward.
It is wonderful when love stays with a partner and is not pressed by others. The wonderful idea always occurs only when it is not so to force yourself. To pretend to live in harmony and disharmony sooner or later, I have to be sick. The body may be specific projection surfaces of the partner problems for every problem area, it is the kidneys partner problems go to the kidneys the other still to me, what was now about 20 years ago, until then, these connections did not exist, I have never heard something about it, and I had the best teachers nobody told me about it, probably it was not known yet. Someone can come to my practice that day and say, I have kidney problems recorded exactly how it expresses itself.
How often does this occur? I strongly feel the left or right all the details and then recorded his entire medical history and then said to me yes here is next is also back you also have a partner problem, which is also noted partner problems marriage shattered 22 Years married and so on. Though he has two problems, a physical one I have a kidney problem, and a psychological one then marital problems on the same day can have another and say to himself I have come to you because I have a partner problem, I don't know what to do, my wife has one found someone younger and want to leave me, I can't cope with it, I'm attached to her.
Not good for me physically either, I often have pain in the kidney area, which is often a nice moment, but someone told me again today or the next day and said I would come to you because of kidney problems. I told you, what is your partnership like? I had how do you come up with it; I'm living in a divorce. Has that been a problem since when? Well, and whether that is a problem because I first recognized this connection and then always now one came either with a partner problem or with a kidney problem I asked about the other side, and lo and behold that was always there it often happened that he said. No, I don't have anything with kidneys, so I said the tenth time I got a shoe off, I've got the kidneys. Pressed reflexology hurts, but I haven't seen any kidney problems, but the energy is already there.
That is, well, we have this projection screen that will be multiple projection screens. For every problem, there is a part of the body or an organ that is then energetically loaded, and that can be tapped again at the foot reflex zones, that can be measured at the acupuncture points and still little known, that can be seen on the teeth because every number is there again in connection with an organ, so check out where in your life you could improve something that is taken for granted and thus set a cause for a correspondingly better life. Because if you do not have to do that, you will become aware that it cannot be overheard and overlooked. Overlooks it, shouldn't be surprised if one day I hear and see goes by.
And when I work on myself, it is being worked on. But unfortunately, the teaching about a healthy lifestyle has been replaced by more and more perfect health care, and this comprehensive health care system takes more and more of the responsibility for himself and his illness from the individual himself in his healing to contribute. Still, health cannot be bought, you cannot get a health insurance certificate, and you have to make people aware of this connection, and that's why we came together. I'm always surprised how open-minded most are when they find out that Your actions cannot influence the course of the illness favorably, but that you can avoid illness in the future and take a look at your life.
Refuse to understand a message, where in your life you still have a message that you have not followed up to now because every illness is only the chance to take a step forward to improve a different way of life, and we should live this illness as an opportunity to use. It is not a matter of misunderstanding Christianity patiently taking on me the grave illness that the Lord has sent me. The Lord does not send serious illnesses, but you have to do it yourself, so no longer bear your illness patiently, but remove the cause and thus create the possibility that the effect will also disappear.
Sometimes I can't help but tell patients that they are fine, that they are doing badly. Of course, they are outraged accordingly and think I lack compassion and understanding. I have to say it right now because I understand. I see that there is no other way with them. Some you have to shake before you can move them, and that worries the disease to the core. They are shaken so that they slowly wake up again and are ready for the reality behind it. We like to say:
man thinks God directs.
we should emphasize a little differently:
man thinks that God directs.
Lay creation waits for us to lead our lives, that we take ourselves in hand, that we direct it, that we determine where it should go. No illness is a condemnation. Each is a chance to improve if we deal with illness and with messages. Then, of course, we would first have to ask ourselves who is sick and clarify the question, who am I actually who am I really and how do you feel when you speak of yourself? Who are you? What would you say? Difficult question so who are you come from, but who are you have a body or do you agree or are you a name?
Brightness is an awareness that everything I have just listed, they are not they are neither the name, nor the body, nor the intellect, nor the mind, nor the ego, nor their past, nor the role they play, nor the position they fill, all of that are aspects on their part, but they are not, they are consciousness, so, first of all, would be the most important step towards healing.
To identify with me and for this, I have to recognize myself, I have to recognize myself as consciousness, I am conscious, I live as consciousness, and then just from this other identification with myself, the goals of life will change, what is that To learn the meaning of their lives to mature, what do the others say, to feel harmony and even more?
To live, that would be the most beautiful lakes, and I think the meaning of life is to live can you say that you live someone among you who lives a provocative question or of course everyone thinks he can say, of course, I live otherwise I couldn't have come here. I mean live you have the feeling to live you meet friends to have.
If not, what are the disruptive factors in your life? Let's take a look at the other messages, and not just look at the symptoms; where else is it wrong in your life or let's say it turns out differently if you can start yellow something they would do differently. Why do they change it? No longer a very important question, almost all people who asked the question would do something different if they start all over again, could the Sahara, I know a lot.
If I then ask why nothing is happening now, not too late. You can change everything now. You can change everything, make yourself aware of this in the job partnership in the state of health of your spiritual development, you can change everything, and you can start right here. So, what would you like to have otherwise but not at all until the body sends some message that has become necessary, that has to be changed, let's take a look. Prophylactic, what would be good if things changed in your life?
What are some examples? Ok, what would you like the partnership to be different? You can say that very specifically if you want to say that, another partner or one at all, or do you have the wrong one or another none would be the easiest solution, and you want someone else you dare to say among us there are certainly some with this number which should say that but doesn't dare to, they are not in the right partnership. Let's make ourselves aware that every person has the ideal partner in every moment, there is no other way, so I have to ask myself a lot more, why do I have this partner, what is my lesson, what do I have to learn so that a fulfilling partnership is possible and then I'm learning it right now and
Then I can let go of this partnership because it has been fulfilled, and then I am ready for the fulfilling partnership. There is a very simple way to find your ideal partner, who will make me an ideal partner. I am thinking of the man, who was rich and famous and who was then interviewed by a journalist says you have now achieved everything you are a multi-millionaire Nobel Prize winner recognized scientist book celebrated author, I may ask an indiscreet question, why did you never get married have you never found the ideal partner. But say that I was 38, I met her. Yes and says it all, he says the problem was., She was also looking for the ideal partner; he wasn't ready, so you have the ideal partner.
Unless he thought he would meet him now. Perhaps he would be here in this room, and you would recognize yourself in the break should know that my ideal partner is if you are not ready it is of no use at all, if you have not taken the necessary step, you can talk to a media partner Do not start anything because they are not yet ideal themselves, so, first of all, we have to make sure that we agree that we are an ideal partner for this encounter to take place at all. Can. Because only then do we attract the ideal partner according to the law of resonance.
That can also be loneliness. If that is an ideal partner, if I can learn the most there, if I can get closer to myself, I would also like to encourage you to let go of the usual way of learning; maybe the usual way of learning is to go somewhere like to listen to such a seminar, what always says to select what is interesting to write down the home, perhaps to read through again or even to work through several times, to draw conclusions that may lead to new habits, the old weaning through mental things to experience work on yourself the new enters, that takes, that is laborious. Yes, and at some point, you always leave things to be done. Having a new way of learning new people that they are is a lot easier.
Listen and remember. You remember. You encounter falsehoods, and you immediately integrate this truth into your consciousness by saying yes to it, then it is your truth, you were only heard and recognize that is true, that is not true, that is not true, but that whenever is said in that year Is it yours? You just remembered yourself again. There is nothing to be done. You don't need to work on yourself. You weren't the one to memorize it. You don't have to draw any conclusions from that. We immediately integrated them into InDesign if they live out of consciousness in the future.
Then you are always up to date. There is nothing to learn. Perhaps you wanted to practice that right here. You can say it in me with everything you hear here. Yes, this is my truth, and if so, then it is your truth. All he had to do was make himself aware. That's mine. That's me. It has already happened out of this constantly changing consciousness, which is always up to date.
Hermes should be distinctly integrated. They are just said to be so. They are conscious and check once if that is also true. I ask you not to believe a word I say here either. It could be nonsense. What I say is do not shape yourself into anything wrong, but check it in yourself when you two evening we have a wonderfully simple instrument with which we can check these things, whether you are our truth the arm test, you come to the front so that I can do an arm test with him, you have a real chance of survival, well, you hold your arm up, no matter which one with strength, I'm trying to push it down now. He was so strong are now you think you can calm down again, and now please think of some problem, the difficult situation, they don't want to describe it, don't just tell you.
Take time out only problem area because something is no matter in which area good, if you have this problem in mind, then hold up the name again and try to keep it up, but don't think about your problem, that is as soon as we do thinking in problems when we turn away from reality, in reality, there are no problems problem is an idea a problem is never reality, there is no problem, there is a problematic attitude to the things in life something else, but that is my Attitude. So as soon as I walk away from reality and I think I have a problem, I am no longer in reality, and this is not, in reality, it's bad for me right away, I can not put my arm up, and is a monument upside down, let's think in Solutions Think of the same problem and imagine a solution.
When you have her, she has to hold her arm up again with strength. Thanks. Thank you, as I said at the moment, for what I wanted to demonstrate with it. Yes, thank you happen, what I wanted to demonstrate is when I direct the view of things from reality to appearance, that is, I think there is a problem, there I am in the appearance of this appearance in the consciousness trend myself from myself, that is Incidentally, what is meant by the term sin. Sin comes from the Old High German word are and means separation as nothing. I am just myself, but I last a problem to be the result of his attitude and that bad immediately, always in every case and everyone.
Or I look at the same situation that I just tasted. Still, I now think about solutions when I turn to reality because the so-called problem is always only one task. Again whiter the language already says this task contains a gift, a gift bigger. This is your problem like a gift if before you get a gift.
For the gift, you have to buy wrapping paper. You have to open the package, untied it, and maybe knotted it, it will take a while. Yes, maybe you would rather go for scissors there. However, you have to solve that before you determine what I got, what did I get a gift, and the same with your problem. The only problem is the packaging. The gift is the knowledge, the memory of myself, and so I have to know. It does not work, and the problem is about the solution, and as soon as I have put the paper away and see the possibility again the knowledge that life wants to give me, e.g., That there is no problem again seen earlier that has that there is no problem at all, there are only tasks. Tasks that I have made necessary to take a step in life before the task so and now it is waiting for that I take this step, and I take this step and have solved the task and am free right? I don't take this step because I don't want to, then I suffer, and it costs me strength, then you could say something, not this evening, what should the arm know from where is my problem?
Suppose the arm doesn't know anything about the solution. In that case, the arm only shows that the power is flowing or the power is not flowing again, the clock doesn't know anything about the time, and the hands don't know what time it is. It just does its rounds, I can tell you the time, so we can tell I'm in the flow. I am in the power of life, or am I not in power, and has brought me out of the power? Haha, I was thinking, I had a problem now, ask a question, maybe you want to say what you were thinking of
Wonderful and that is a help for all of us because they all face a task from time to time and are perhaps in the same situation as this gentleman, that they believe that what has to be done is almost impossible, you can do that and if you let go of this view for a moment and look back to see whether we are alive. How many hundreds of such tasks have you faced before, and none have remained unsolved? There is no one on the edge that you have not managed. You have accomplished your task with this knowledge. I speak of the problem to find the task again, saying okay, that is a task that I have already solved hundreds. With a dozen, I had the impression that I don't see any starting point for doing it. Maybe I can't do it at all. You replace this attitude now with the idea of ​​when life completely confronts me with a task, I am meant, and then there is a solution that I can bring about now.
So I have to look, where is she not? Does it exist that the changes at the same moment the power flows, for example, I have given life a standing order or other anywhere and anytime wherever I am and need a parking space is my parking space there, that means whether I arrive at 8 p.m. the Wupper comes, and everything is open there a parking lot, or at 6 p.m. at the main train station or wherever I don't go there with this attitude, I get it again this time and then only where is it was then?
I experienced that for the first time 20 years ago in Cologne. I don't know if you know how it was at the opera house back then, now there is a taxi Parking lot Sunday status five parking spaces directly from the opera house, and it was raining. I had just learned that cause or Victor cachet is the cause that I'm skeptical about by nature. I have to see that again. I always want to touch it, and I was a management consultant for far too long to be as susceptible as I should have to use fascinating intellectual techniques only from the top. To do this, I set the cause at home 20 km away and then drove to bäriswil in the evening with great anticipation. It was still raining, I was disguised and wearing a suit and tie and was lying flat and wanted to go to the theater and looked from afar and was at home in Cologne for 30 years
never seen one of these five parking spaces free for the first time in my life one was free. Just in front of me was a long line. They all had their indicators out too. They wanted to go to the theater too. They didn't want to get wet either, so my mind said yes, so you have your parking space. You saw that for a moment, but now the next one is driving in there, but not the next case, the one before over with the next but one before also over and the ten in front of me drove past and I in front of me and my mind said I understand I understand that they didn't just want to have parking space for everyone. Did life suddenly blind them all, or why didn't they see? I did not understand but looked ok. I have my parking space, I have set the cause, and have experienced the effect. It worked that I have now and has been back for six weeks later. The theater has turned out today that was not wanted. You can make yourself comfortable in life. If you already have the opportunity, I have caused my parking space again.
Later I looked from afar. Where is Canada too? Immediately the skeptical mind has got it right, what have you done differently? Should check again step by step, but I did it the same way as last time there was still no parking space. Then the queue stopped, and then it finally went on. The one in front of me was sleeping, that is, he was doing something, and earlier everything was free and on the right were the parked cars, there I couldn't pass the flowing traffic on the left, there I couldn't classify, I wanted to get impatient, and print than he came up again and noticed that everything was free and drove off and I say no, So sleepyhead and open the aisle. I want to start, but then someone next to me turns off the indicator; I didn't even notice who got in really how I am. I left it out, and I drove in, and I had my parking space again, and again his mind tried to understand if the person in front of me had not slept and if the queue had not stopped at all, or if it had 10 seconds what does 10 seconds mean?
If it had lasted seconds longer or would have ended sooner, then the person behind would have got the parking lot, I would have been over if I had gotten in more so if something had been different, it would not have worked, but if and if and but you could have forgotten everything. It worked. That was 22 years ago. Currently, I have duration, but normally at the creation, all parking spaces are always there, but a whole series of other things set causes and make my life more pleasant. Interesting question, how do you do that? I'm not telling secrets now, and they're consciousness. Every sentence is important.
They are part of the one consciousness that we call God. Or all or Krishna or no matter what culture will come, so this one force, we are part of this one consciousness that Master Eckehart has., Said something very heretical in the 13th century when the most important church teacher said something very heretical if I weren't there, God wasn't God, because I would be missing if I died in time. If they had been burned for this, today you are no longer burned, today you are simply laughed at, but we are part of this one consciousness, but if am part of this one consciousness.
That this world was created, then I have the same consciousness abilities, then I am omnipotent, omniscient omnipresent avenue. Most are brought up in a Christian way, maybe you remember the disciples Jesus once asked the more question, but I know your answer, he told you, no matter how imperfect you are, give your children the best, don't believe that Heavenly Father also gives you the best and that is the best, what could Heavenly Father so God give us of what we said here, what could be considered the best. It was a great decisive realization for me when suddenly in me the truth remembered God did not create the world. God would bless the world.
There is only this one substance which is consciousness, and I am a part of it. Somebody once asked me in the seminar, very sinful, did he think he was? God is who else you are, and I ask you who you are. You are a part of this one consciousness. Still, if you are a part, then the consciousness should make use of it. You will also draw it from others if you are a creator, then tell creation what should happen, the parking lot, the health, the partnership, whatever, and how to do it. That was the prerequisite now. Only a consciousness has to have the power to create, so first of all, I have to enter into a power of attorney for you. I have to be aware of myself, and I have to be aware, that I am a part of it. That one coffee that has created everything, that receives everything and can change everything at any moment, I have the authority.
Pet trade to scoop up my life, I can intervene in the world of another of my partner's lives. I have the authority, and each individual has the authority, and as a creator, you only need to speak the word as I said it. There will be light, for example. I say the form is the same, and they can think it, sing it, and write it too. You can say it out loud. I make myself aware, that I need a parking space now and forever, wherever the same.
Or everything I need to fulfill my life, I always get in time. Also, one of my beliefs. Ski touring stuff so happens I always have the right partner, that a belief and a cause it is not enough to say that if I don't believe it, I say that, of course, beautifully, but I don't think that is possible, I cannot always say that this is not a belief, that is a rational formulation, I have to be convinced that I am part of the one consciousness and I am a treasure, and I am now creating that.
And then that happens, but of course, I can't say to stick with today's topic. From now on, I am healthy, rich, and happy. His beliefs, and then I continue to eat the wrong thing, move too few clothes, I'm wrong. Think negatively, I can't break the law all the time and say I'll be spared the consequences, I can't put things into practice, and I don't want to affect, of course, that doesn't work, but as consciousness, I don't even get the idea to do something like that as awareness I realize what is to be done now too?
To set this cause, if you want to get well, there are two levels. One level is to make you more aware of what messages I am currently getting from my body, what these messages mean, and what is the consequence. From that, I am ready to do that, yes or no? If I do that, the symptom disappears, the message disappears, and I wait for the next message to recognize you again and solve it. It disappears. At some point, the moment says, why should I wait first?
Please message comes, I also don't wait until my car is broken until I break down somewhere and then call the towing service, but I don't give it up before pulling it away Inspection look inside, so I'll do an inspection once in my life and take a look before it breaks is before a message, which energies are there, what dissatisfaction do I have with my life, where it is wrong in my life, I don't have to wait until it has become a symptom, eliminate discrepancies in my life.
I want to tell you more; that is the next level of being. I do not wait until something is broken. I inspect a car earlier and will inspect it more often in my life in the future. That's why I asked you earlier, where are you dissatisfied, and what would you like to change? The lady said to Basti partnership, so my counter-question, what are you waiting for? You are a sweetheart. Get the new partnership with you, you have changed here, and you change even more here.
I have to express this change in the circumstances of their lives. If you've dared to say so. the wrong partners if you can think that alone, then you can also attract the right partner, you were just aware, I remember myself here, who I am according to the law of resonance, this changes my partnership, I am ready for the partner who, according to the law of resonance, now agrees with me, I have recognized that that is not true and as a creator, I let go of things now and in harmony.
Making way for coherent means, well, with the instrument of the poor test we can make a discrepancy in our consciousness visible then an example of asking a doctor who says he has but if I know the instrument of dinner I find it fascinating But in my case, no further, I have a job that fulfills me, I always knew I was a doctor. I am a doctor through and through. I am enthusiastic.
But I'm breaking down more and more, I can't cope, and I asked him what it looks like. Here he says yes, of course, I would spend my time with the job because it is so beautiful, I work six days a week, and on Sunday mornings I do bookkeeping and post and a few things and the afternoon is for my family, but I notice that not right, but the name test made a doctor strong, that's why I say yes, so I'm a doctor seven days.
Six days weak, five days four days strong, three days two days one day no more four days strong that was all had too much of a good thing, that was the message, yes, the right job, that's why he went around in circles, he couldn't get enough of it, but he didn't know any more time to read, no more time for leisure, none Time for his children, no time for life, that wasn't right and then looks back at his job and says yes, but that's my fulfillment. Who forgets that he has too much of it? With the help of the office, you can ask about possible solutions that you already had at the time of the expert opinion. If there were dozens of ways to find a solution? The flow of life makes the life force the inner wisdom visible, that is ZA.
I can forget the other thing. Then I need to look in that direction. Of course, I still use the opportunity. I would never buy a sweater without having tested it beforehand. The lucky ones, later on, I'm fed up because they all have clothes to think about in their wardrobes after all, with women the wardrobe is full of clothes that they do not have to wear. Yes, that means if you wear them all the time in the morning, then you always like to wear these things, which are a bit worn but which you probably look for the ones you like and maybe have a few newer, more modern chic ones but not today Today not again why there are clothes in which you feel good, which suits you, who they are.
Whenever I am asked repeatedly, do you know your trademark or look at things I have or why they look white, I just say because I like it. Clothes should suit him well. I was twenty years of practice; there, I was always wise when I had nothing else because she didn't move me in the evening either. It stays that way, but I also feel. After all, I buy something other than hanging in the closet now and then, Because I'm going to go back to the white circle. So you can test it now in the future that will be my favorite sweater or blouse or robotic suit or coat or whatever, you test it carefully beforehand with the saleswoman, I'll make it myself the first time I'm the entrance, I still think the about it in the entrance, and I like the things of this sweater. I want to test it. I'll tell him how it's done right away, so I tested it, you say, because she is so dear and press on the arm and show her how.
That should do, and then the business owner came and looked a bit strange and then came close, I can help him somehow, yes-no, thank you, young lady, is already doing it, we're making dinner, I've just been testing it if I would like to feel comfortable with this sweater said that it works, he was so enthusiastic about it afterward that I will go through my entire camp then I'll come after all. Yes, in the future I will only come to things 1, in which you feel comfortable, that is a great opportunity, but to answer your question there is, of course, a solution even for that, then make yourself aware of your life again a task determines a large or a very small one, there is always a solution and always bring it about the simplest test here alone in the evening is for single people do the middle finger and thumb as a ring.
And now the two into each other and hold them tightly together and pull. And it stays together and now think about it, one problem, and you can't hold it anymore. Bears cute and some really real problem in front of their eyes and really solid teeth illness solo accident at what they want is already the power gone and then the question they want to have and then you know this evening is for single people how to can answer the question and so you can test everything medication, for example. I am unsure of the food. I still remember how I had just learned that he then went to eat at the Kambach Opera during the break, the so-called little moment-by-moment logging in here perpetrated on it.

With this evening we have a possibility. To check, is that true for me now, or is that not true for me now? That can be, should I take the job in Frankfurt, or should I part with my partner, or whatever? Yes, should I still take the medication for you? Just be careful with medication. They are very wrapped in sugar. Sugar weakens. That is, if you were to test a pill, you might test the sugar, and it would badly, and you might need the drug very urgently, so then open up and test the drug and the test. For these things, food medication is under the tongue.
Me too sweater that would be sun again for food what you can eat a little under the tongue and hold there and then you can do the test bake a simple example when you test sugar you do sugar under the tongue and something neutral to take. He always tests weakly, that is, the one encountered, and now you fill your consciousness with the idea of ​​this. Gamble it exactly. My body needs I live Antje Kraft, he is so good for me, fulfills me properly pure energy nerve food. Yeah, it could tear so much. They want the arm to stay strong, but only as long as they are thinking, and once you let go of the thought and get back on track
if I can't do anything to myself, I am already so much the creator for myself and swallow the poison, if I disturb you with my consciousness probably yes, but this attempt has long been made. It's history. I think it was Behring who gathered in front of the university students, one from what tuberculosis culture, I think drank and have to get sick.
It didn't get sick because he knew it was poison, but it can't harm me. I can only recommend it, but I saw it a few years ago by an Indian who, for journalists, does not believe in the skeptical and such humbug. A barrel with a flammable liquid stands for the interview that Oxford had studied. He says I like to stand there; you can now light the lighter, the other one hit the flames up to the navel about shelter in flames and discussed a lot of Oxford English very chosen in English with the journalists now the situation the power of belief the power of the spirit and course has dozens of questions well, yes. They don't burn, but why their clothes, they hang in there and whatnot but until he answers everything, had the questions that he doesn't mind and then said, I might want him, that's yes.
Children's stuff, I might like to show you something more convincing. I have a bottle of smoking sulfuric acid here and since maybe not everyone believes that the smoking sulfuric acid is in it, give a coin that you no longer need here, and then they put the coins on a stone made of the most varied of alloys and then there was a droplet of fuming sulfuric acid 340 to bubbling a wall hole in the mint and when he had perforated enough coins fuel, the rest of the bottle maybe 80 cubic and all waited for the organs to fall out now, of course, or if there had to be an accident nothing happened, if he said one thing the journalist gives in the front of this interview, it doesn't work if she drank poison now
then they would have to be dead now. He said that you must have seen that I had not changed the vial, and you can still punch coins with the rest afterward, but they also said the solution was if I had just drunk poison, I would be dead, of course. Of course, I changed the molecular structure before I started that with the power of the spirit, I drank water, but when we all saw the bottle, yes, that was also a weak thing in it and didn't do it as long as you do I can't simply change the molecular structure with the power of the spirit in a film by Heinz Rühmann as Father. Brown says he says something nice about believing too much in the power of knowledge and knowing too little about the power of belief, and that's why you can test that with your more harmless substance, namely sugar, you don't eat bad sugar and you can tell yourself because that can they run yes moment even is not dangerous, you can't die there. This sugar star, we are now pure.
High-calorie food, yes, that builds me on it will always stay strong, if done right, when you smoke a cigarette knowing it not only makes it impossible to even reverse it. You can say that every cigarette makes me younger. Yes, healthier. Do you want or have enough? Doesn't it matter what? They want the power of the mind to cause exactly that, and it only works as long as they are conscious of this, as soon as they are no longer consciously aware of it, the cigarette is again the way back again the poison, so we shouldn't smoke are not supposed to break the law, but with the power of the host letting me you do that is good, and then that is good for me. Yes, that can't be done as long as I keep it in mind.
That works. I have one, e.g., I got to know him personally, he had fasted for 30 days and he was invited on that evening I will fast until then and then that evening he stuffed and ate and drank and talked and I always smoked in front of the walls said that that couldn't go. The organism can't cope with that at all, and then I asked him how you know it, how dangerous, that's what we're doing, maybe that's not dangerous at all. Of course, I'll have eaten that much now. I'd probably be dead. I dissolved that beforehand and swallowed something wet.
I haven't eaten anything, and now you can let me run into my stomach; otherwise, it would be really dangerous, but you have to be able to do that first, but we can all know that this is our natural ability, we have to practice a little again, practice with the harmless ones Things that we can believe, I could now, for example Here in front of them just sit on the table and do without the Swabian and just a meter high, if I can believe that, I can't believe it. I think that falls under it; that's why I need diarrhea down; otherwise, I can't believe that that is beyond the limits of my belief.
It said you had the belief of a mustard seed. You could put the situation in a position, that is exactly what we have to learn again to learn to believe. I have defended the arduous path for myself. I can only learn to believe from experience, so step by step, this has to be done abruptly, and I know that I can do it and have this experience a little more the next time. Then I have to know to experience it again first. Yes, that is also possible, and you can also believe step by step.
Not that I die, dying is so strange because it is only the experience that it is, not the belief that I am talking about, that is the belief in the apparent identification with the body the personality thinks the mind thinks is convinced of it to live, and that is of no use, earlier we made an important difference in consciousness, I would like to remind you again is that only works with a Creator.
when they are in identification with themselves and belief happens according to their belief, when they are in identification with a path with your personality with your ego, only the power is realized only the power of their thoughts for example with the arm test 80 % of people, e.g., Test weakly when they say their name because they are not at peace with themselves, especially interesting for women who have already had a turbulent history behind them, perhaps twice-divorced Men because the name of the maiden name the divorced name because you can still see charge is where it is still bad, where is just not resolved and if one then
Is awareness I am aware they are always strong. That is reality. So I have to learn, and that is the most important part of today's economy. I can learn to understand the message and to obey the more important part. Still, if I were, I can learn to identify with myself and remember myself repeatedly and live as myself because illness disappears when people, e.g., Would you learn to understand people to learn to read next to the landscape of the face? You would know what problems I have in front of me and what tasks I am ready to do. We have a chance. Then I know that is possible but it would be much more important to ask the question, and that could be learned again in school. Is this the right partner for me now, or even better, am I the right partner for him? Do you belong?
I could indeed learn that, that you can learn to find out, and sometimes I have to say in such a consultation that it is simply not true and that is why it cannot go well, still don't drive from each other, they continue, but That is another thing again, not everyone who knows what to do and then does it, but you should do that as soon as you have recognized what needs to be done, then let's go into the best possible consciousness. Call once whether that is what you are now, whether that is the best that is currently possible for you, or whether an increase is conceivable with this awareness. Let's now see whether there are any questions left to take a test.
Should perhaps make us aware of where the test center for clothing is, as we said for food under the tongue. It would now be impractical for sweaters or clothing. There is the test point in the forehead that in the future you should test everything you wear, including your underwear, especially your nightwear, and your bed linen, of course, that's true for me. You will see me there. You can gradually remove all weakening factors from your life.
Wonderful, if you can do that, that's very nice. I can do it too, and even then, don't do it in the evening when I know beforehand, I feel inside myself, I was only imagining, if I would do it differently now, then I would know that, but you have to have practiced it. Yes, for those who have not yet practiced it, it is easier. I'll have a look, and then you could only dress up in strengthening clothing and then also the details of grading pieces of your glasses, your watch, your jewelry, your wallpaper, yours Curtains the author, we had just bought a new car some time ago, had just bought a new car location in front of the door so that we had come straight down during the break to test whether this car was also absolutely convinced in terms of strength, I was still wondering how if you do that, say do a test then sit in, stretch your arms and someone pushes
He came back very sad. Outdoor weakens me, yes that sells mother-in-law, and water factors in life then didn't even arise whether I read the newspaper discussion whether bigamy should still be punished in the future, I am in favor of that that is no longer punished. Only punished enough with two mothers-in-law, I mean, of course, I can't complain, I have a fantastic mother-in-law, it's just a joke that the arms have to pay for it and it's just a synonym for someone I am with can't cope. That can be anyone in my environment, maybe it is even me with whom the others cannot get along, and of course, you can also test why it is.
What weakens me about the other? The other reminds me of something in me something unfinished and coherent. This memory weakens me. It just reflects me, and then, of course, I can deal with it completely differently. I don't need to avoid the person. I can learn to understand the message again, what there is to learn, and am finally free and then they are still weak on their behalf react, then you should also check where I am not in harmony with myself, or if the divorced name weakens, where have I not processed something, what still needs to be done? But also her bath additive and her sleeping place. Yes, even you.
So I don't take the canary under my tongue. It is enough that you touch it or drive or whatever your favorite dog is; touch your cat with one hand and do the arm test and see if you stay strong. Very often, we also notice that we are weak. Yes, there are simply voices that you can't even listen to some news commentators, who were always surprising foreign correspondents, so to come back to the earth's rays or the bed situation, that can be very different. And that's why I can look at myself.
The different places in the room can do the arm test and can feel the differences. I like that particularly well on the evening of, you don't just do that with me and then tell me the result. I can believe it or not, but I am the display instrument myself. I can feel that it was a little weaker than that, that it was stronger, that it was very strong, so that would be the best place for it now. I don't need a specialist. I have the largest subject given to my body because that's what it's ultimately about, then I can also ask him, and so I can fix a lot in my environment with the arm test. Then see what gets me. Above all else, I see one thing.
That every negative thought has an immediate debilitating effect on me, and then, of course, I have to ask myself, can I still afford to think negatively? There is always only one example in your life of someone you cannot forgive s something that has done the unforgivable. Johannes, make yourself aware that you cannot forgive badly whenever you think of him. It just takes power, which has nothing to do with it, it is your lesson to make you also aware that a person has never done anything to you, what you do according to the law of resonance, it is impossible to attract something that does not belong to me, the other is only the postman, the postman, the messenger of fate through whom it happens, even if she betrays someone, insults, offends, betrays badly of them, she speaks or whatever, they are the cause. It can only drive you again if you have made it necessary by your thinking. With the arm test, you can be there.
Always keep in mind that it is important to think positively, but most people do not know what positive thinking means to think as the motto do it like the sundial, only count the cheerful hours or always look at the sunny side of life that I don't positive thinking that is one-sided thinking, then I ignore a whole part of my life, but that's why it is still topical and of course also effective positive thinking means recognizing. All is well. Everything wants to help me with them, and the unpleasant thing is that these are the most effective teachers, so where I suffer, I can make the greatest progress.
Or don't stop at the store. Every suffering is a call to go out every pain is a challenge to face the fact that I report back and forth, so I should make these demands of life
Then just needed to rethink everything. You don't even need to think about it. You need to realize how it is because you have had some negative experiences in your life. Someone has already experienced something negative. Yes, tell each other a concrete example from your life with hand and foot. Where did you have a negative experience for
Alcoholic father Alcoholics have had negative experiences for years, often with a stepfather who was an alcoholic. Before you entered this life, you chose your parents and their successors very carefully, suppose that you also deliberately chose your stepfather as your private tutor; you thought about who could do what. That could have been what prompted me to choose this stepfather as a private teacher. What was it that I learned from these burdens, these negative experiences, what was it? Then they should find out, for example, that they have been prepared for a task. We're getting closer to the matter. They understood it better and
Bet that you couldn't do it nearly as well if you hadn't had these lively years of experience and if I create that, for example. One possibility, we can't go deeper into most of them. Otherwise, we have to clarify the details. First, that won't interest everyone, but assume whatever happens to me will serve and help me, that will help me, so whether they now have a back payment from the tax office or an audit or sacrifice their wife. She leaves, or whether the notice of termination is given or the job is rationalized away, it doesn't matter what any experience wants to be similar to and help, and you should ask you right away, what does the good thing for me, what does it help me for, where does it take me.
What is so good about not just saying to yourself, that everything is good? It will make sense that it is not enough. I have to question what
Hamburg the total knee with my knee on the frontman torsion bar broken and she said what is that supposed to tell us, and we have just talked about friendship, but about friendship, what it has to hold, it has to do and so on in life that you that at some point if then immediately, she is there right away you could, I think, could be helpful if we take a look at what is a reindeer something a mother animal something animal a mother animal spoke of
left from left to right car, what does car in the world mean, that is what to do with the car, the car means translated even then translated car means itself, oh, yes, they were in themselves yes yes, now just see everyone was in
When he was on his way to the airport in Hamburg, something animal came jumping from the left into her consciousness and collided with herself. And to deepen the message. Do you have a knee that frightens the left speech, said very well, said very well, I once said with you and then with the knees of the soul, what is the knee is a connection between two parts that should be movable, that is the function of the knee so that you can go forward. One can be humble, kneel and bow down.
But it's the connection between two parts and the one where left is pretty cute to them. Left feeling inside choose feeling right outside event. So, if we now translate it in summary to on my way, something animal suddenly entered my consciousness, which collided with me and showed me that an emotional connection was a pain in this context.
That is their message. The other two were just so scared, they say that means, the animalistic got under their skin, they had no concrete at the moment, they must have a concrete connection to you, where the animalistic suddenly entered consciousness painfully, or yes, or it is made painful to them that this plays a role there or is inconsistent and that is why he collided with himself with the car. The others would be frightened when they were called in the soul, that is to say, that they had not completed the animal part of life as a message, animals did not complete the animal part of life;
Sexuality behind you, yes, something dirty is a pure need. I am on the spiritual path. I let go of that, and when I meet someone like that, I dispel Rosanna and walk past. At some point, I stand in front of Heaven's door and could enter or Betas cotton in the thick book to Salach, that's you, you've taken good steps, not very well developed. You have come very far, and you are very welcome, but look back there and see that there is a suitcase that you turned off your sexuality at some point and you are no longer bothered about it, so go back to perfection and get it all the time wear deal with it, that means specifically for the two women here, they have the problem.
Not solved, they have solved the problem, and when it then comes into consciousness, then they are frightened deep down in their hearts. I might still be shocked if it happens because I'm not prepared for it, I haven't yet, I haven't found my way, my attitude, I'm not with each other, that is, with each other. Everyone gets a different message in the same situation. Yours is kneeling. The other is terrifying in the soul. Yes, the third person could perhaps give a clink in his head, and if you get food for thought that he thinks about it again, these are very concrete examples of the message from living conditions.
Part of the body's message is included right now. No, that's just the way it is. We make ourselves aware of our life stories in the diary of our bodies. Everything trembles in appearance. The body is the visible expression of consciousness, and now we have just mentioned important things of course left side, and right side again consciously perceive the internet left side inner world feeling what I have brought with me, and the right side is the outer world outer events, choose what I made of it do there are people, for example, They will always be on one side regardless of whether they have a toothache or a migraine or whether their leg is broken. It's always left or always right. Yes, that is always the same message. This area is not true what is being said, or the feeling is left then right.
The will of doing the external behavior when I have a car accident where someone drives on it from behind, yes, and what happens then with the car in crazy concrete terms? So another self collides with the trunk of my past, what I have behind me. Yes, and that slowly brings me to the fact that I now need to know the message in concrete terms. What does that mean in this special case? So I always have to know again and again. The car is a symbol for me. I want that on me on the way here. The sidecar was quite dirty, and on the way here, it was even dirtier. I won somewhere up here, haven't found the hotel yet, but I've seen a gas station First drove you through the car wash in the car wash. I feel a lot better when my car is washed, and that doesn't change, I don't even want to live it for more, I enjoy myself so much that even as a young man I had little money when I was.
An agreement with a gas station to wash the car every day, but it cost 20 but washed 200 marks a month or every day, it was worth it for me to get in a freshly washed car every day, what's the message? I didn't know then. At that time, it was just a need for me, I thought, maybe riding speed or for cleanliness or something. Today I know that I always liked to keep things up to date. I should always be cleared. Need I still have it in the garage today? When I get to it, it is no longer mandatory every day, but I prefer to get it every day.
Now let's have a look
Thanks, you said it so clearly that I don't want to add anything. Now you are sure to listen to what you said, that was before, when I am 18 and carelessly harm someone else, then that's the whole message, you don't have another harmed person by carelessness. Yes, that's enough, of course, that's very clear, the construction men can't add anything to the fact that he sent me a bit of this insurance report when someone in an accident sent me to his insurance company, I came off the street and brushed against some parked ones Cars buckled a lamp post to tip a woman with children.
Car broke through the bushes, a sound rushes down a slope, and then the rule runs
So in my direction, I am you, so I wanted to be careful, but then now tell me what you did, I'm looking in the wrong direction, I looked back, when looking after 9:22 you would have overtaken before. You do not need to watch out for the cyclist from the right when you are driving on the street, because you have overtaken him beforehand if you turn you know I have a week there on the last 50m, when I am I then he is one more can come at the back, but that is a very important message for many of us, we make a mistake, imagine how quickly.
Normally drive 160 on the freeway. Whoever offers more arrives in the car. Yes? Okay, anyway, I have a certain speed, imagine if the windshield would now be hung up in only the rear-view mirrors, they can use the rear-view mirrors to orientate themselves where they are on the side of the road, but they look ahead, nothing, how fast would they be there, probably significantly slower or charging you to stop.
That is what it means when you live from experience when you always project what you have learned in the past onto the future, then I live in the rearview mirror, then I don't look ahead, and that was exactly the message here. Yes, I found out again that someone could come from behind, you better look to be careful, but I didn't look where I was going, where I was going, I wasn't standing. The call is to look ahead, be more prudent, be more careful, and be forward-looking. Yes, you see no connection at all for people who do it once or twice a day.
A very similar one, consciously or unconsciously, mostly even unconsciously, the feeling of being soiled, which can be active or passive active, I have done something that I cannot forgive myself, passive, I allow something that I should not allow where I am An objection should have been raised a long time ago, so and then since I cannot or do not want to turn it off there, I transfer that to another level and clean things up where they no longer take a shower that I was close to who did that, give me an example, I know an example from practice one from my practice someone had a shower once a day and he says I get very rough skin, I then have to constantly apply cream afterward. I've just finished putting on the lotion. Then it's time to shower again.
Initially, more and still, my skin suffers from it. I don't want that, but I can't get rid of it, and then I just explained the context. Where is there something you want to clean up? Still, for some reason, you don't do anymore, yes, and of course, I knew immediately that it was my mother who was dying. I did not come because I was prevented from doing business. I thought it would not be so serious yet, but then it was serious mother died, and he did not warp. Not only that that couldn't make up for it either. Can. Don't call him back to life for a moment and die properly with her and that he let his mother down when she needed him when she called him and said boy, can you come? I need you now who says you can't do it now? Coming as fast as I can then the next day and then it was too late and I couldn't make up for that and
looking for a way to shower this guilt he had charged himself in his opinion and at the same time the inability to solve it because the situation could no longer be put right. Repairable. Yeah, and then I just told him there is no guilt, there is no guilt. Nobody can put any guilt on themselves, nobody can make your mistake, but even if he made a mistake and he knew that it is a mistake.

Was that important here again, that recognized that it was a mistake and that I’m making a mistake for the seventh time now, that it’s the seventh time that it’s the message that’s a mistake? Then it’s a very important message that comes with To convey knowledge is a mistake. If something a behavior conveys this message to me, this knowledge, then that is not wrong. Then that's an important message, then the mistake was, so not a mistake at all, but a necessary message to have a chance to make deposits, that means, well, I also told him that there was nothing wrong, maybe it was hers Mother needed her mother to feel alone, I think much more than she shouldn't need to feel alone, that that was the prerequisite, that she turned inward and realized that no one has ever died alone. There are always others.
Because those who went before us pick us up, like you pick someone up from the train station, or bring you to the airport, so you get picked up, nobody dies, alone is someone outside, so I let myself be distracted by it. Talk to the one who appears at the end of the day, which still gives me a guilty conscience. It would help if you didn't leave me. I need you. I can't live without you because he can't even concentrate on dying. The pharmacy still has a guilty conscience, so it falls away. Perhaps this relationship between mother and son would have been occupied in such a moving conversation that she does not even deal with the really important things. He would have been honest with himself, and the confrontation with what we are dying and death would have told him that it believed me that he was so arranged that he could have his mother one last love service that she would not have wanted and which he would not have wanted not have voluntarily done.
As if life added to it, and it was good that he realized that he howled terribly like a castle dog and calmed down and showered everyone else once a day. Baci, you are once a week whether they are dirty or not, but he just fell through it all. It was this fault that forced them to clean up on a level where it was possible, and when it was corrected on the causal level, he didn't need any more
if there is no guilt, the problem of abortions and the termination of pregnancy arises, I like a question about my imagination, it interests my imagination or the truth overnight truth and then takes a look for yourself because if someone is able then to ask a question only when he knows the answer, but does not dare to take the answer consciously, create a question.
Shoot the answer, so maybe you should tell us now thank you, thank you, thank you, that blinds you to the truth. That is enough already sender today to abort a woman for whatever reasons she would be strongly innocent of a Christian. Thank you for this clear definition of Christian standpoints. If you as a Christian, I have to specify that pre-Christian standpoint; you would not be guilty. Ecclesiastical point of view, you would blame that an essential difference well and now I have to say I am a church Christian, then I have a clear statement, then that is a fault.
I have just destroyed you to equate Mart's mortal sin with this guilt I have to live, and in order not to have to, I am not allowed to load it on myself, but if I am Chris, then I can look to you in reality, what would Jesus have done face myself in front. You are pregnant mother-to-be, Jesus is here, and she says Lord her, I'm stupidly up to this lesson, I've invited a child, but I don't have the strength, I don't have the ability, I want a child in three years when five Years later, but now it would break, I can't, I don't feel strong enough, what should I do?
What would Jesus answer this woman was not at all, the child will come back in five years because I can't kill anyone when I look at reality, what is happening, you can say a little cheekily, if we then understand it more easily, me I advertised an apprenticeship and someone made an apprenticeship contract and wanted to enter and then I could cancel the apprenticeship again before he started, but he also did but not one, what makes your soul whose apprenticeship has been canceled said an Edeka please not be angry and has no stage of development. The soul sees the note from mother and says I came too early. I'm sorry. Sorry, I'm coming.
I want to come to you. You will be missing in three years, I'll be back in three years, but you could say right away, how do I know that because very simply talk to your soul, ask them, they can talk to their children long before they are born long before they are shown, you should be able to talk to your children, why do you come to me, when are you welcome? What do you expect from me? How can that work? But they wanted
That could well be, and with that, he would be right again only at the moment without the encounter with Jesus. There's someone here too. who does not meet Jesus. There was no one there to draw her attention to the fact that she should have the strength. She was left alone with her view of not being up to the task, and there is not the slightest fault in telling creation, I am faced with a task here. I know I have to be equal to it if it faces me, but I have the strength to not take on this task and take Thererspective. There is al from a legal perspective ways clear guilt, which is very clear, but this is not about the legal assessment; it is not about the church's Christian assessment. This is just about human judgment, divine judgment. If it should, that wasn't a problem. The topic that is too weak for authority or maybe not elsewhere, of course, and the parents say no, of course, it all worked out with the upbringing with the genetic code, which notices everything that was chosen, they will not find it again every situation is unique will never find it again, so either I have to come back, or I say I'm so deeply disappointed that my whole plan had been presented so nicely by me because it was rejected, so I'll wait until I get something elsewhere, but that is what happens when we always assume it is assumed. This is about my consciousness, which is eternal when I look at that in a lifetime.
Then I took away from you the future life for all time your chance to come into life. Then it looks completely different. It would have to be so final and unique, and then you could blame it, but if we look behind it, we recognize that it is not so and that it keeps coming back. Someone says, how do you want to know that exactly? I don't want to know that exactly, I know, and you know it too. You have to put your prejudices aside and ask yourself how it is now, really, and gradually. At some point, the memory of the truth comes to mind from the beginning; we are all there from the beginning.
We have chosen this creation for the game of life for the spiritual laws. We have chosen it and the possibility of abortion
That would not be enough for me to show different thoughts ways. I would believe that if you want to help someone, remind them of yourself, help them find the truth in themselves to find the answer to their question, then don't show them your thoughts, your imagination your opinion should help them to meet the truth again within themselves.
But let's get back to the topic and want to work the key together for once. It doesn't matter whether we start with one part of the body or with a problem like you want an illness a symptom says one of the two trigeminal nerves for those who are not familiar with it that is, that is tripartite facial nerve trigeminal neuralgia is a very very painful disorder leads in 25% of cases to suicide surgically for the sun is separated by it grows back together after a few months we have the same thing again, and these people desperately wonder, of course, what have I done, what am I doing wrong, that I suffer so much. The solution is quite simple. I'll give you an example.
Please from practice that will make it easier for him to understand. A lady nurse came to me, fed up with trigeminal neuralgia for a long time. I can't take it any longer. I am very often unable to work and sometimes struggle to get on my feet. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have a good Husband, two healthy children, with a father, who still lives in the house. We understand it would be all right in my life. I can't discover anything anywhere, we little and deepened, and then it turned out, yes, one difficulty in her life is the father is a little bit authoritarian she says a little bit then turned in detail when you take a closer look.
Ink bullies the whole family. Father was 80 km, so what is there to eat today? Yes, the kids want you to have pasta. No, dear fried potatoes, today there are bratklops fried potatoes painting pictures that don't contradict his father, and then it came up with the question of vacation, where are we going on vacation? The children would like you to go to the seaside oh no too. I want to go to Aunt Lotte in the Black Forest, so in front of the whole family for the eighth time to Aunt Lotte in the Black Forest and the children wanted to play a little outside and the father said no, he would only do the tasks afterward, and then I want to lie down you make such a noise, so, first of all, do the tasks now, so the children do the tasks again, I'll be the woman, and that's the key now. Now stood in between.
If my father lives with the whole family, nobody can do what he wants with us, get along with my husband with my children, we agree, we want something in particular. Father is against it, but I can't keep my father in his old Days, he was always like that, he doesn't learn it anymore, he can't do it anymore, and I can't contradict him. There are two opposing energies on the nerves, one says driving for the family, who can get noodles today, and the children are allowed to follow their urge to move and play and do the task later, and this time we don't go to Aunt Lotte's in the Black Forest, but let's go Sea.
But father says so, well, I don't want to upset him either. He only has a few years left, and she would like to make it nice with no solution in sight, and this is not a solution to clash two opposing behaviors. Nervous of each other, which I do not confront, I advised her to do something very simple today. It was in the morning RC was with me and asks, what is there today? Ask your children beforehand and cook something for the children and then the father will want something else, then you might say you are thinking days, there are noodles today, the children want noodles a wide film of the father, and he would not speak to me for days.
Where's the problem at some point? Learn the last love ministry and cook pasta today, so the children were thrilled that pasta should be served. Mother cooks pasta. Father came, as always. What's up for today? Today there are noodles for kids. I'd rather have something. I know what it was. Yes, she does not say no today. Today we have pasta, as predicted. The insulted father withdrew to his apartment upstairs and knocked and then brought down food. Didn't come. She put it down in front of the door, and knocked, but didn't touch it. Demonstratively did not eat anything. The next Moritz you call me in the evening, he's starving me, but I'm not telling anyone to starve in front of full plates, just put the food down. Please wait a minute; how long can it hold out? I'll give him three days. Then he'll be yes again.
Held out for three days. Yes, I thought within three days I would be back. I had guessed the next day. The next evening I thought I had such a hunger for both arms, then the hunger can hardly be recognized and eat again, but he didn't eat for more than three days, all of a sudden the plate was empty again, at least as far as then you call one week Anja, but father just talks, always doesn’t show up, doesn’t come down, I can’t let that hang in the air. I say this is in good hands. Let him go by. You won't believe it. Three weeks in hell was an incredible test for the woman. Yes, and then you call me Father came down this morning and said well, what's the matter as if nothing had ever happened? Yes, what is there to eat? I said kids only want noodles because I was completely exhausted. At first, I didn't understand that, and then I did
That put it to the test; she spoke to me about it and said we talked this morning too because he has to plan the vacation again. The children want to go to the sea because the father said that to the sea this year. Solved the trigeminal neuralgia disappeared at the same time never came back, I had her for another two years because of the children's shoe performance increase as a patient there was no longer a problem, the father was like a different person, the whole thing was deleted because she had confronted the problem sooner. After all, she brought in a Leni, because she had done what had to be done and it was very, very difficult and so you will find in the life of every trigeminal neuralgia patient 2, energies duty and inclination or whatever collide, actually I should but you can't do that and order trigeminal neuralgia as long as this energy continues to collide.
Tell me. It's so obvious again what causes AIDS. It means that I can no longer live a fair ex and hopp partnership during this time because we are no longer looking for love, we don't want to get involved with each other, they should irritate us, they should do me good. I might want to melt you into an orgasm with him to a cosmic moment, but he shouldn't bother me with his mental flatulence or other problems. I want to have a good life when it doesn't work anymore and when it starts for me to get on your nerves. I'm looking for someone else, and then life had to find a way to put a stop to me, practically forcing me back on my partner
What did they get from it? Get an appointment because they've made the lesson necessary only if they pursue it. There are so many who are infected and Britney is in divorce. Yes, of course, several levels can infect others, but there is nothing there. They have each other, but they do not break out for gymnastics. I cannot predict that. I can only guess. Yes, but it is possible, and it is very common. Well, I don't have to die from it once I've learned this lesson. I always have Diva in every moment.
I now have no scientifically proven results about it, not even empirical ones, because I have no way of observing it in practice, but if I rely on the laws of this cosmos, then I would assume that it has to be that way, I am
Bladder problems do not mean not being able to let go of the fact that while colon problems bladder problem means being under pressure, a typical example is when someone in an exam situation has to go to the toilet, i.e., who goes to the toilet again and starts calling again, has to be urgent again, he was turn out. It can't be at all, but he must feel it very much. He has signaled to the body that I'm under again
they are under pressure. The drain was too tight always means Augustus' fear. There was fear in the consciousness, which led to tightness, and you don’t have to widen the urethra. The body could do that itself. I had to widen my consciousness. I had to dissolve the fear in me. I had to confront what put me under pressure, look at it, deal with it, dissolve, they are no longer able to cope with the pressure Things like an athlete if he stops doing sports and putting his army bag in army bag after three months which is so thin is atrophied, the muscle disappears when it is not needed, and so an ability disappears when I do not use it, so Must I
Learn to deal with things because they cannot stand there and then dissolve. If I have not learned that, then I cannot cope with the slightest pressure. So that is what mental muscles develop. He faces the circumstances of life and doesn’t avoid pleasant conversations. Yes, you can go live according to the motto avoid arguments; yes, go into the arguments with the other; what do you mean? Why are you like that? Why are you behaving so? What can I do? Yes, don't let anything hang in the air. Yes, touch things, and then your problem will disappear all by itself
And the great love and wanted to try everything immediately. He comes here and has a 40 fever right away and is sick to argue because they have this for St. Is that not wonderful? You listened beautifully, here is once again a partnership, and since completely wrong assumptions and completely illusory expectations have been started, sharing the beautiful things You believe that it is true love, what does that mean, true love, they have no moment wondered whether they are meant for each other and whether they are for each other
it sparked. That is because in the awareness of the norm and the bushes, it sparked exactly and now they have to split up, of course, if there is a spark, that's not enough for living together, that has become so modern, then to say, because you can't try partnership yes, very, very high level. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you'd better be a little more aware of it and put your partnership on a healthy basis so that we can try. Nobody needs to try anything in life. I can
Before that, I could have done something. Differently, that found something very stupid, it fat is, that is consistent, for example, but forget to apply here is a typical example. Here a partnership was concluded under the wrong conditions. Immediately it went into the translation into the fever with him, yes. You were then through this fever immediately shows your unwillingness to take care of it, which you did not imagine, had you thought quite differently, who then lead high-end, highly spiritual conversations into the night and rock each other up into the enlightenment there and now it came to reality. Yes, life also has a way to lead from the two to the eyes and has no prerequisite for getting along with each other and what you want. Rather hold that is a feeling, nothing more, and the feeling
of No reliance at all. That is no basis for a partnership because what does it take in a partnership? She has to check it out a partnership ends at the moment when you lose admiration for the other if you never had this admiration or you end immediately if the striking should take care of it, and now it becomes uncomfortable, and my admiration comes to an end then I see on you shaky feet that we need admiration and a common task, these are the two things, and if the two disappear, they could have loved each other so much, and the hormones could have danced in a triangle the net, not at all that does not hold up that does not remain that is not a basic,s, and then life will find its way to communicate that via a message that will come to their senses
Overtaking a large car and constantly panicking Fear of large animals Fear of greater fear that I would now look more in the area of ​​people less in the area of ​​the task Fear of someone stronger, who I am not up to.
A part of the body says the skin boot. Now we ask ourselves what is the body function physically. Contact protection is 0.2% so not as much as you think to please warmth cold right demarcation to your end of me, so the skin is our contact surface over the skin, if you only give another hand or hug you over the skin in contact with the other physical skin is our contact, what exactly could the skin now have? Atopic dermatitis has moments please now than on the other Neureuther.
Metis means the skin is not dry, flaky, cracked, or painful in certain places, but in certain places SATA the hands, so the message is clear Act
brittle, cracked, painful, and consistently dry. Yes, that always means a request for atopic dermatitis to bring my contacts into harmony. to become richer, more supple, elastic, more flexible, not so brittle, not so rough, but soft, flowing, easy, pleasantly flexible, flexible, and especially hands, so act, where my action is too brittle to AU too hard, how can I act softer more flexible, harmonious, harmonious action special message, bring your action in
What babies are good, thanks for the interesting question, now I hear your interesting answer, yes, there is, of course, you will know you I will remind you in a moment. Yes, the question only arises if I look at life in isolation, then a child is bothering your child has just been born. Life has just begun, but if I become more far-sighted now.
Suppose this young man would have this neurodermatitis yes on his hands. It was all the same all over the body. He does not succeed in this life now hears the message. Still, he does not find himself brittle, or he cannot go to another and cannot speak to the person to establish contact and be friendly with a stranger. He could not do that. He would not even want that. He finds it intrusive and finds rational reasons not to do that. He dies with this neurodermatitis in this life and did not learn, and At some point, this soul will want to go into an incarnation again. Your school day starts looking for parents. It is reborn, but it brings its homework right away with its lesson is not finished. Immediately confronted with it, like I do my homework at school.
I do tutoring. I, too, that is, I have been able to solve this before. When I was sane when I was conscious when I was dimensioned. I did not face it. Now, I  have to suffer through suffering. Now I have no chance to solve it until I have grown up again. Now I suffer from my neglect, and if you entertain those older children who know about regression, if you lead them back and let them relive their former life, then, of course, you will see how they lived. Got what led to this lesson that has been occurring since infancy, you just brought it with you, and didn't do your homework yesterday, so you have to
It doesn't matter when a child confronts an infant or an older child with your disease. Some only appear during puberty, for example. Then means that I have not done my tasks. Only if I put it that way, it's a theory hypothesis because this hypothesis only supported cake has come to life after I've made a few thousand regrets and was able to leave who remembered something in the last life, who then did there has, that has led to this task in this life and when you suddenly see it in context, or maybe the life before and see how slowly it has developed, or how it relates to Diesel?
Has already developed, and now it breaks out. If you see it in context, then suddenly it becomes clearer I say then I can cite an example on my own to drop by on a school day when a child is a bit careless with work not so much fun at school, but some warning from the parents or the teacher paid off. Now it is resolved today. I am attentive to the school, and it goes to school. It is punctual and polite and not black and sitting on his Platz in time, watch out, write properly under the fourth hour, she went back a math work and has a five and then says I think that's unfair now, now I just really paid attention and didn't chat and learned and were the ones from the work of Fire station, they have nothing to do with me today, what I learned today will be good for me in a few days. Maybe only with the testimony.
But the fifth I have just got back from life, it is still so similar from the last time it is then to understand, I said earlier that the meaning of life is to live, but there is still meaning behind seeing and that is the answer when asked, the meaning behind the meaning is to remind me who I am neither to be who I am, we are at the beginning, we started as perfect consciousness, we are perfect is consciousness, now I'll make a hypothesis stand in front of us all have sat together before. You might not remember it. Twenty billion years ago, shortly before the Big Bang, we sat together in heaven on cloud 17, and all of us were perfectly naturally enlightened and were aware of our perfection and talked about the people.
Pages how nice it is to be perfect and that we are grateful that we are perfect and that we are a part of this perfection, that would be the unity of life, that we are consciousness, that we are all one, one of them said I believe she was Hans or I don't remember anymore. Who said, I was, I know exactly what she said then, yes, that's also great for the perfection that she has practically given the model, that we are the God, the Creator. Still, I have ideal said at the time stops to in amber correctly, yoNovemberer darker afterward I said to me. Still, I do not find the perfection so perfect, and I give you to consider if this glass is now completely correctly filled.
I can't even take a sip because then something would be missing. It would no longer be perfect. Besides, if I have taken away from the perfectly right place; then it will no longer be in the right place; I find that the imperfection of perfection in a perfect who can't do anything, you can't live there is yes it is not that it is entirely pointless and they would have said. Yes, everyone can complain, said they told at the time they said the solution I can only tell you, at that time was also per you, so I said to you at the time, I see the answer in when we go into the perfection of imperfection the imperfect go. Still, suddenly sibilities come from because you can do everything again because I can put the gas somewhere else. You can drink something from it; you can pour in new things; life is possible there.
Movement is possible; everything is possible. What did you say that this is a fascinating idea? How we do it is straightforward, we cannot get rid of our perfection, there is only one possible reality is a reality that doesn't work, I can't we can't get out of there, we can only have one chance, we can forget our perfection, that. Then we go we create the one creation, not paradise; we start with the whole creation of a universe, we let the big bang create a universe and go in there and now remember step by step to come again and immediately take possession of larger and larger parts of our perfection until we are entirely experienced again or at least something of our model.
That was my suggestion at the time. You and the others and a few more said great idea, well, I'll be there, I'll do it with the cheap, alive experience, so we came into creation back then, cucumber old is all there from the beginning, and then said For so long we have forgotten our divinity, perfection, the omniscience of how do I find playing a game of life when I am omniscient, I know how it will end, I know what to do here to make it work, I don't even need to do it. It is pointless in the perfect, so I forget about you and remember so dark and lighter. A little more and here and there and always take possession of more and more of the perfection and enjoy it for me, so this will be step by step again Step into remembering myself to live as yourself and one day when the two and the other put on again.



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armtest tepperwein


kurt tepperwein alter

global harmony unity tepperwein

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armtest tepperwein

kurt tepperwein alter

global harmony unity tepperwein

 kurt tepperwein youtube 2020 

armtest tepperwein




30 thoughts on “Messages From The Body, Kurt Tepperwein

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