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Experiences and Criticism: 12 Seminar Reviews For Self-employed And Entrepreneurs

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Here I reveal in which seminars for the self-employed and entrepreneurs I found my inspiration to become an entrepreneur, so as not to work my life to death on the treadmill of being self-employed. The best seminars for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, Klaus Forster's recommendations.

I want to keep developing myself. For this, I attend the following seminars for freelancers and entrepreneurs and work in workshops and working groups. This also helps your personal development significantly, which is why I am happy to recommend these seminars to you.


I would like to give you an overview of the seminars I have attended over the past seven years that have to do with making entrepreneurial progress.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Teekampagnie

One of the first audiobooks I heard on the subject was by Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin. An economics professor from the university in Berlin: Head beats capital. It deals with reasons from components.

I also saw him give a lecture in Munich. That inspired me. And it hasn't let go of me throughout my company's development. because I immediately thought about every new task that arose in the company: How can I outsource it?

And if you design processes like this from the start, then of course it will help you immensely later on. He explained this in this audiobook and his lecture using the tea campaign as an example. importing tons of tea to Germany. And not 50 grams per pack, but tea in 1 kg bags, and thus sell high-quality tea very cheaply. The idea behind it is simple: to brutally shorten the value chain by doing the one-step import. then there are only one more step between the manufacturer and the consumer. Normal trade works in such a way that the tea is resold several times from the manufacturer via the exporter in the country of manufacture, via several dealers who ship it. then the packaging in small units, and so on… and then finally, the retailer splits the two-kilo bag up again and then sells hand-picked gram-measured and individual bags. and this makes the tea incredibly expensive. and he noticed when he was in the Himalayas how cheap tea is there. Then he asked himself: does it have to have a margin of factor 1,000 before it ends up with us? although the farmers here are almost starving! That's not very nice.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: The Way To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Then I came across an audiobook by Stefan Merath. I already told you about that at the beginning: The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I bought it despite the name. and it captivated's like a novel told exciting. It is a conversation between a management consultant and an entrepreneur who has worked in a hospital, the classic burnout. Until at some point, his PC disappeared from his field of vision, and then he only saw his desk from below. And after he woke up again, he spent several weeks in the hospital. Then a friend recommended a management consultant to him. and the story is then the conversation between the management consultant and this entrepreneur. and then he went on to tell how things went on in his company after the consultation. How the theory from the consultation meets the harsh reality and of course, everything doesn't happen as planned. there are simply very nice methods described in there: how to set goals and always make sure that you achieve the goals. Many do time management. but even if you manage your time completely and have completed everything that was planned, there is no guarantee that you will still achieve your goals. and he describes in it, for example, a goal planning and achievement system. and of course, it also goes into psychology. What can you do to put yourself under pressure? and also how to anchor the goals in the subconscious in such a way that one runs towards them on autopilot. When you motivate yourself with reward and punishment, it's easy. What also works very well is then to announce your goals in a group, just through social pressure. I told something to a good friend and if I have to admit afterward that I didn't make it, it's just an embarrassment. Hardly anyone wants to do that. That's enough for most small things. But for the big things, if you have set yourself something really big, you should do it as described in the book. But there is also a seminar by Stefan Merath.

After reading the book, I attended the seminar.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: The Art of Loving Your Customers

I then also attended the advanced seminar, which goes even more into psychology. The book is called: The Art of Loving Your Customers. The main idea of ​​this is, I do my marketing in such a way that I attract the people I would most like to work with anyway. You introduce yourself to your favorite customers or people by talking about the people or audience you love the most. and you think, what do they have in common? And then you align your marketing and your offer exactly so that it attracts exactly those people.

Then Stefan Merath did a webinar together with Eugen Simon.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Gedankendoping

And with Eugen Simon, I had my complete breakthrough. So at the time, I was suffering from rheumatism. I had very bad joint pain. couldn't sleep well because of it and be extremely unbalanced. and he's doing a seminar, which is called "Springboard Seminar''.This takes place twice a year in Germany. and this seminar is about different areas of life: health, relationships, and career. money and finances are also involved in a career. and at the first springboard seminar, I decided to take care of my health! and then you simply illuminate this area very intensively, write down:

  • What is my situation?
  • What is it that pisses me off?
  • What will it cost me if I keep it like this?
  • What potential success would I have if I changed something?
  • And last but not least: how do I want it?

first in the realistic version, which feels to me that I can achieve it. and then again in a more visionary form:

how would I like it?

What would be my absolute ideal? Eugen is an NLP practitioner. And with neuro-linguistic programming, he then does a few processes with the entire troupe over the two days. and the goals that you have previously set, you program into the subconscious. and then there's this running on autopilot. Then you can no longer prevent yourself from achieving your goals. So at the time, I thought it was a joke! One of the goals I set for myself... Although I always hated running... But Eugen is a marathon runner. and he told me about running a marathon. and how great that was. On the first day of the seminar, during the lunch break, I went jogging for the first time. again on the second day during the lunch break. I've also gotten a little further. and my goal, which I then set myself, was: I want to be able to do an hour of endurance sports in a year without it tiring me. So, being able to walk for an hour with ease. That was at the beginning of November and the end of December, i.e. on New Year’s Eve, the New Year’s Eve run with 11.1 kilometers. because of the one I ran with! And okay, it wasn't easy, but it only took me a little over an hour. and I got to the finish and everything was fine. One hour, seven minutes. After two months of training, I was able to run a six-minute break thanks to the mind doping seminar. I just thought that was great of Eugen. Then, two weeks later, I went to the seminar again with my daughter. and I have worked on the next area of ​​life. I don't even know anymore if it was finances or relationships. I think I worked on finances and career then. and I also bought an audiobook by Eugen Simon: That means Success in seven days. This is like a mini springboard seminar. There are seven CDs. You listen to one of them every day and answer exactly these questions about the area of ​​life in which you are currently stuck. and I've been working through that once a month for the past year. Of course, there is a long and detailed explanation of what the individual processes do and how to do them. and after I've done that a few times, I've narrowed it down to just processes. So on the parts where you answer these questions:

  • what is tormenting you?
  • what do you want to change?
  • how do you want it?
  • What are your goals?

And what is the ideal situation? and do the meditations as you program them. and then it works without me taking any great action to achieve that. So it's amazing how well it works.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Neurostrategy

Then came the neuro strategy seminar. This is one of Stefan Morath's seminars and is the seminar for the book: The Art of Loving Your Customers. and it's about developing his vision for your company... The title of the book is: The Art of Loving Your Customers and the seminar is called: Neuro Strategy. and then you look for the people you like the most: what would they benefit from the most? And above all: where is your biggest bottleneck? The whole strategy that Stefan Merath conveys is based on the EKS, the bottleneck concentrated strategy. The strategy goes back to Dr.Mewis and... unfortunately I forgot the name of the other one. Maybe I'll get it right back. and the EKS, which looks for it: Where are there real bottlenecks in the market? Growth bottlenecks in any area of ​​your customers. And how can you align your company to solve exactly these bottlenecks? There is a seven-step program for this. What is a bit snag at one point: Two points depend on each other. they build on each other. But you can not solve one problem before the other is solved. Or have thought the other thought through? That's why you have to iterate a bit at this point. But basically, it's a great strategy. and works fine. Unfortunately, she is very unknown in Germany. But, curiously enough, that's because the EKSdoes very poor marketing for itself. There is a group around the EKS, which is a working group, and their website is even more from the old days than my own. and reminds me a bit of the musty stench of IHK meetings! Nonetheless, I think the strategy is great. It builds on that, the entrepreneur asks himself: How do I structure my company? and in particular, it builds on the understanding that in the company there are self-employed or freelancers, that there are managers, and that there are entrepreneurs. and that all three of which a completely different mindset is necessary. In principle, the self-employed person does everything himself. And his self-employment has usually arisen from the entrepreneurial seizure. The more he gets into business, the lessens reprehensible thoughts he has, and remains a specialist. So especially when the order situation is good, they usually work to death. And next to lawyers, freelancers and the self-employed have the lowest life expectancy! The managers are the employees, e.g. B. as a managing director, for example, or manager in a salaried position in larger companies, management, also Sub-Zero soon manager, or business unit management. Your job is to create systems in the company so that the people who report to you or who work for you can work with that system as well as possible and as efficiently as possible. As a manager, you are responsible for how effective your employees are. and that they have good working conditions. and so that they can be effective so that the framework conditions are as constant as possible. If I come to my computer every morning and the browser works a little differently every day, then I get the bird, because that's not very efficient! So, the manager now has the goal of creating conditions that are as constant as possible for his employees. which of course leads to a certain amount of boredom among the employees in the long run, and to a certain reluctance to learn. because they just need to evolve a little. And the entrepreneur is the destructive and creative force. He keeps looking at the processes from a bird's eye view and says: That's not ideal! That's not ideal yet. and globally you can still optimize it. and it destroys the manager's processes again and again. But for him to be able to do that, he needs a completely different mindset. The typical growth hurdle from self-employment to entrepreneur results from the fact that you have to go through these stages: from self-employment to manager requires different thought patterns. And from manager to entrepreneur again different thought patterns. and that is explained very nicely in the book on successful entrepreneurs. At the neuro strategy seminar someone said: We're going to Tony Robbins!"Oh, that's a Chaka event," as my friend called the event."And I don't need that shit." In the meantime, Stefan has gained quite a bit of respect. And he said: Take a look anyway. I know someone who has two cards. he bought it cheaply last year at the seminar. And he can't now at the appointment. Talk to him.

Well, we bought the tickets and flew to London:

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within (UPW)

This was the party of a lifetime! This was the weekend I danced the most! Tony Robbins does personal development.

And tells a lot about psychology, and how our value systems work. what our inner drive is, based on our needs.

and he distinguishes between 6 needs that are our drive. And how our individuality arises from the fact that these six needs are differently pronounced. The seminar always goes like this: three-quarter hour lecture, and then music. Let's go! Then he'll party for five minutes. and always this alternation between sitting quietly, listening, writing like crazy, and then getting up and jumping around and partying! This alternation between learning and a strong emotional experience helps one learn faster. You simply learn a factor of 20 times faster through an emotional experience than if you try to memorize something like that. you can learn the same thing if you do it factually. so read a book. but you have to read that 20 times to get so caught up, to get it in your mind, as opposed to an emotion that conveyed extreme pain, great joy, tingling in your stomach, or whatever. So the very simplest example is, the mother tells her child: Don't touch the stovetop, 20 times! The child still hasn't learned it. it almost then once on it and it was hot. It was a powerful emotional experience and he learned it forever! And with this alternation of content, content, content, and party. Content, content, content, and party you learn faster. And at the end of the first day, they let everyone walk on hot coals. and he also does with NLP. It's great like the mind doping seminar. Over four days, Tony covers all areas of life, from the content of the thought-doping seminar. Because Eugen shrunk it to two days. Eugen Simon does it in German, in a more meditative atmosphere, much calmer, and just condensed. He borrows a lot from Tony Robbins though. How much does a ticket like this cost? I've always bought them "used", in quotes. At the end of Unleash the Power Within, they sell next year's tickets. and then two tickets cost around UK pounds 1,000, for 2 tickets together. and you can usually buy them three months or two months in advance for 600 to 800 euros each on eBay. It's a two-day seminar in London. But you need about the same money for the trip to London. But it happens more often. “But on the website, the cheapest tickets are sold out.” That's on Tony Robbin's side though. Now you go to and search for example “Unleash the power within San Jose 2017” and find 2 tickets for “$600 or make an offer”.So I would only buy the tickets used. They just keep getting more expensive the closer the seminar gets. But all the more offers come in on eBay. “What did the seminar bring you?” Toni is such a show! Once it was there, so profoundly emotional, we flew for a quarter of a year because of the motivation! You have to commit to it. But everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on this. It has brought me a lot personally." Because it cost so much?" No because it brought so much. The intensity of learning is just something completely different. That's why I'm here too. I might as well be sitting at home doing what I'm doing here. But if I do it at home on my laptop in the hammock... and the weather at home is fine, that's no longer the case anyway...I could do it there too. But I know for sure that sustainability is not as good as when I experience it here in the beautiful atmosphere. Sustainability is created by the atmosphere and the profound emotional experience. and Toni can do that like no other.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: The ConTra

Well, the next thing I came across was SEO, Search Engine Optimization. That was Tomas Klußmann's founder. He organized an event called ConTra.Contra is a short word from "Conversations" and "Traffic".So how do I get lots of traffic to the website? And in the next step: how do I make my website so that it is also converted? In other words: first, generate contacts. In the second step, interested parties slipped a little further down the sales funnel. You made them an offer so that they eventually become customers. and just how to optimize each step on this chain. Understanding SEO has brought me a lot. But it's at a pretty basic level. I assume this is mostly familiar content to you.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Braintrust or Mastermind Groups

Stefan Merath, Tony Robbins, and Eugen Simon all keep talking about the subject of brain trust or mastermind groups. and I see this as a mastermind group now too. and how important that is. After that, I started to work in two mastermind groups. In one there we met once a quarter. This was a mastermind with a paid moderator. That was very intense. There were people there who were much more entrepreneurial than I was. and then I joined a second group that we do on our own in Stuttgart. We're at 43 meetings now, or something like that. and that's where we always meet to kick each other's ass. to then continue to motivate and exchange ideas. Yes, brain trust, brain trust, brain trust!

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Motivational Day

Then I became aware of Jürgen Höller. he does a motivational day every year. This is a big promotional event. So he gets 10 speakers who open their vendors' trays, their theater for the beginning, to present the spearhead products. and then they have their bookstall outside where they then sell their seminars. There are usually ten different speakers from ten different areas: from body language to sales, to website management, to internet shops, and so on...It's just nice to be inspired by many speakers. And to see: from whom can I learn well? Jürgen Höller is now a guy, he's not for everyone. At first, I just thought he was an arrogant asshole. but now I have a lot of respect for him and his life's work. and how many people got their asses kicked and made a move! I saw this in particular after recommending this to my sister a good two years ago. She also went to motivation day. and she booked two seminars with him there. and the girl has gone off like a rocket ever since. she lived with my parents in the house until two years ago. so she has a separate apartment with her own family. but she never left our parental home. and what she's been up to since then...well, I always thought she was a stupid brat. and meanwhile, it's such fun to chat with the girl. and how it travels. and how she has progressed spiritually. and I have to say that Jürgen simply played a big part in it. and that was great! overcoming your limits, that's no longer that was a one-off event by Stefan Merath.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Menschler

At Jürgen Höllet, Gereon Jörn and the old wine that had been sold were also in new bottles. and he explains his strategy, how he divides his customers or his fellow human beings into four different categories: the phlegmatic, the sanguine, the choleric, and the latter means: ... I'm just getting to that. How to recognize the character of the other person very quickly, so that you can green and get to know them in such a way that you gain their trust relatively quickly. which is of course very useful in personal sales. But what else makes working together with your fellow human beings a lot easier? because then you know, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, and so on... These are people of that type. And they want to be taken in one way or another. That doesn't mean that you have to adjust to the year and day and adjust to it. But it makes you a lot more tolerant of not being able to understand their reactions sometimes. Or it lets you develop a good strategy yourself for how to deal with something like that. And Gereon Jörn does an excellent job of wrapping it all up in such a way that you laugh your ass off. So it's half a comedy show he's putting on. and it still comes across quite a bit of content. and it's just a lot of fun with him."How do you spell that?" Yes, that's spelled: Gereon, Gerone, Jörn, J, Ö, RN, and is, I think, his website. But I'm not quite sure anymore. But what works, in any case, is AG-seminar. de, but that's also here under the video ... The Menschler Weekend, which takes place on 10.05. whereby means Menschler Day, and these are its events. So Menschler Day is also such a cheap gateway drug. It costs 49 or maybe 99 euros now. so very little money and it's just a day that brings you a lot in dealing with other people.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Power Days

Jürgen Höller's next major event is the Power Days. And there he also makes a program similar to that of Eugen Simon. It's also copied a lot from Tony Robbins. He also does this analysis: How do I want it? How do I program it? and he then bends steel rods, or breaks arrows here between 2 people and jokes like that. and there is always a great atmosphere at the events. and I've been to Power Days twice now. because it's just really beautiful. And because you can simply get to know great people there. What Jürgen does quite extensively is then upselling his other products and his other seminars. So usually two-thirds of the participants go out and have booked some episode seminars with him. the Power Days are usually free, or really for very little money: 2 days of around 100 euros. The seminars that are offered there cost between 1,500 and 2,500 euros. But they are usually three days to a week. ... through pure mental power ...

But if you say: clever. I can tell you a little bit more about this clever topic. How far along in time are we? Half an hour, okay. Then I can tell you a little more about the three DVD sets that I have with me. That might be clever about upselling on this topic.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Stock Trading Seminar

Then I got a bit involved with stock exchanges, that was the time when I got into investing. and made the first trades. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange has ... but that only makes sense if you live in Stuttgart, there is always a program with six or seven dates in the autumn where they explain the different products that can be traded on the stock exchange. how they work and what the pros and cons of each are. You can also get this knowledge in practice from webinars and YouTube videos. I always prefer face-to-face seminars. because I noticed that I learn more and faster. and I can stay more focused than watching it alone on the couch on the TV.

Review, Experiences, and Criticism: Experts Compact

That was a seminar by Johannes Köber. Who of you still pays taxes in Germany? All is well. This is a Nuremberg tax consultant, Johannes Köber, KÖBER.and his book is called: Controlling taxes. And this book is about how your sole trader becomes a GmbH. When is it worth it? and how do you set up your gmbh in such a way that you only pay 25% taxes? So that you only pay 25 percent tax on your winnings. If you want to think about whether it's worth it for you: you have to have annual profits in the order of 50,000 or more. I'd say it's closer to €70,000 due to the start-up costs of the GmbH. Because that's what I did last year, the switch from a sole proprietorship to a GmbH. and I could have puked every month over the bills for the costs of founding a GmbH! You burn about, well, 7,000 to 8,000 euros for this. And they have to make an additional profit this year to make it worthwhile. From a profit of 70,000 euros as a sole proprietorship, it makes sense to pursue your strategy. It is based on the fact that you have a fixed tax rate within the GmbH. and that you only allow yourself so much as a payment that you are also at this 25 percent with your private tax. and you increase profits in the company. and if you need more money privately, your company will give you a loan. which she happily earns interest on, and which you will eventually have to pay back to the GmbH. But if your GmbH is unlucky, then you just died beforehand. this is how I do it now. I have now simply set my salary relatively low and simply let the profits accrue in the GmbH. and so I'll probably pay around 25% of my paid manager's salary of around €45,000. And for the GmbH profit, the corporation and trade tax is also 25%.

And with that, I've pushed the limit. If I had reported 150,000 euros a year as a sole proprietor, the tax office would say 45 percent or 47 percent. They're gone and that's less fun. This is also what it costs to draw up the balance sheet with a tax consultant, and what the double-entry bookkeeping and all the costs that the GmbH entails pay for.

Seminar Overview For Self-employed And Entrepreneurs

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course, Leo Gura,

Controlling wisely, courage to be happy, positioning, sog marketing, leading simple, dog strategy, DVD programs, Bodo Schäfer Academy,

Mastery University, Date with Destiny, Life and Wealth Mastery, Anthony Robbins, Fiji,

How to buy and exit a business, Kieth Cunningham, Austin TX,

Business Mastery, Anthony Robbins, London,

Access Bars

Bodo Schäfer sales seminar, Bad Neuenahr

Millionaire Mind Intensive, T. Harv Eker, Frankfurt,

Breakthrough to financial success, Bodo Schäfer

Derivative investment products


NAC 2015 National Achievers Congress


Expert Compact, Köber Seminar

Domestic and foreign stocks

The small 1x1 of the stock exchange

Gereon Jörn Menschler Seminar

Power Day, Schweinfurt

The free wild business, Eugen Simon, Stuttgart

Menschler- win the people, Dresden

Light the Fire - Woodstock for Entrepreneurs, Hamburg

Motivation Day, Nuremberg

Brain Trust Southwest, Esslingen

Braintrust - successful together, Munich

ConTra - Düsseldorf

Unleash the Power Within, London, UK

Braintrust leader certification seminar, Mainz

Neurostrategy, Marktdorf am Bodensee,

The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Stuttgart,

Thought doping, Böblingen

Entrepreneur Days, Mainz

Head beats capital, Prof. Günter Faltin, Munich,

Tips for the self-employed on the way to becoming an entrepreneur ...

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