Thinking Time

Today is the most essential day of my life.

Thinking time is the most essential time of the day.

Thinking TimeThat’s why I want to share my thinking time questions, for which I am finding answers every morning (before I get up) and write them down:

  1. What would I do today if I died tomorrow?
  2. What would I learn today if I lived forever?
  3. How can I love myself and the world better?
  4. Which action will I take today to move in the direction of my major goals?
  5. Which of my dreams can I make even bigger and initiate the next little step in its direction?

What are your thinking time questions?

Thinking Time

One thought on “Thinking Time

  1. Jenny says:

    1- Stay still, smell the flowers, listen to my favourite music, smile and give love to everything and everyone
    2- I would learn how to influence people to the point of changing their mentality to create a world, where wars are only spoken about in history books, so people can appreciate peace, but no one has to experience that type of suffering ever again
    3- By focusing and working on what I can change, and not worrying for things outside my control
    4- Today I will practice my public speaking skills
    5- Do a live video and share my message with the world – with all of my passion

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