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  • Early Bird US$ 37.00 = Gold US$ 97.00 Abundance Manifestation Course - only for a limited time until Sunday, May 31, 11:59 p.m. GMT/UTC it’s over!

  • BESTSELLER: Platinum US$ 450.00 incl. 2 hours coaching*

  • SUPERPOWER US$ 1,790.00 incl. 10 hours coaching*

* from the coach of your choice: Jenny Verano or Klaus Forster.

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2 thoughts on “Subscribe For The 8-Week Training to Manifest YOUR Abundance

  1. Dee Whayte Kgalegi

    Dear Klaus
    Thank you for your mail about this new 8 week training to Manifest Abundance .
    I must say I have really enjoyed your presentaion of the Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Challenge , Thank you so much .
    I would absolutely LOVE to do this new Gratitude / Abundance Manifestation 8 Week Training , but I lost my husband recently , my True Love , my EVERYTHING , I am unemployed and 60 , and just not able to afford it financially .
    I have no income , our business came to a complete standstill a year ago , no savings , no nothing , no investments, no family , no money at all.
    Please excuse me ,
    Dee Whayte Kgalegi.

    1. This is a good time to take responsibility for your life. Just go for the free Abundance Challenge
      instead and save every day only 2$, by the end of it you can easily afford it.

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