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Coworking Space Lovina, Jl. Yudistira, Enjung Sangiang, Kecamatan Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 81152 (Indonesia)

Where is the best Coworking Space in Lovina for female entrepreneurs?

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Coworking Space Lovina for female entrepreneurs

Working remotely is always a challenge

Working in a cafe or a beach bar is an option, but

  • Best Coworking Space in BaliYou are in a noisy environment, which fucks up concentration, creativity, and productivity.  Motorbikes without exhaust pipe passing bye. And permanently music is playing. Sometimes with an almost ear cancer creating sound, and always competing in volume with the conversation of the other guests.
  • ‘Wait to be seated’ and you end up next to a children birthday party, happy working!
  • The waitress or your seat neighbor, who is a short time party tourist, keep asking you the same questions, like “where are you from, how long are you in Bali for?” And you are sick of answering them. You already answered a hundred times, probably even in your blogs.
  • You don’t find comfortable seats nor tables to work on your laptop. So your feet and your butt keep falling asleep. Plus you end up like a banana.
  • You pay more for your coffee than you want and probably start with the first Bintang or cocktail in the early afternoon, lates at sunset. Which terminates your concentration. Just at the time when Europe gets started. ANetworking at Dream Beaches, The Freedom of a Digital Nomad’s Life - Author Klaus Forsterdditionally, you might end up smoking more than you want to.
  • The sun keeps shining on your screen. Due to that, you hardly can read it. Which is pretty stressful for our eyes and makes you tired soon. Or the sun is just roasting your legs.
  • No power outlets in reach, so you keep working against the time of your battery life.
  • The WiFi often has dropouts because of the wireless connection at the most beach cafes, especially during rainy season. This data connection at cafes is good to check emails. But cloud computing is a pain in the a… with it. So you can’t do your online marketing as planned, and your traffic and revenue lack behind your targets.
  • So you end up walking, instead of renting a bigger scooter. And staying at a hostel, instead of a private villa. And your working conditions are getting worse.

That’s why you need instead:

  • Low noise environment, away from the crowd and noise of Canggu and Ubud in green surroundings, to keep up your concentration, creativity, and productivity.
  • Likeminded entrepreneurs, around you, who are good for an inspiring conversation about your business, to exchange experiences, tips, strategies, and productivity tool.
  • Comfortable adjustable chairs and office desks that fit for your body size for long pain-free working
  • Power outlets and USB chargers at each seat. So that you have your devices fully charged by the end of your working day. No need to carry extension cables or power dividers.
  • Free water, tea, and coffee
  • Smoke and alcohol-free environment, where it is easy to avoid it.
  • Fast and reliable gas-fiber data connection, to turn your online work into a pleasure.
  • Freely choose your seat, according to your preferences.
  • Good light for computer working. Shaded during the day to keep the sun off your screen. Bright lights in the evening and during the night to keep up your concentration, creativity, and productivity.
  • There is no other option for doing quality work, to keep up your productivity, revenue, and earnings to increase your standards.

At the best Coworking Space in Bali, you additionally benefit from

  • Business mentoring for female entrepreneurs to become business owners
  • Business retreats for self-employed women
  • Meeting/conference room for your privacy
  • Copying, scanning, printing and OCR service
  • 24/7 members access
  • Skype-, video-, telephone-booth with good acoustic and light to make you sound and look great
  • Restaurant near bye with local food and drinks
  • Further, there is a Co-living space available at Guesthouse
  • and some more amenities are coming soon …

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