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Reviews 21 Days of Abundance Experience

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Deepak Chopra 21-Day Abundance Challenge

21 days of abundance reviews
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for conscious female entrepreneurs only

JessieReyez Reviews 21 Days of Abundance Experience

vor einem Monat

21 days of abundance journal was life changing thank u


Kgabo Mojela

vor 2 Monaten

Thank you so much Klaus. The past 21 days have been amazing. It has inspired me to do better everyday and be grateful for all life has offered me. Will definitely come back

Bruce Muirhead

vor 2 Monaten

I entered the 21 day abundance challenge and enjoyed the Deepak Chopra meditations. Keeping a healthy sense of gratitude is essential for continuing growth in life. We all need to love and be loved, gratitude is simple and effective tool to …

juliet w

vor 3 Monaten

I enrolled for the online 21 day abundance meditation and it was transformational, thank you Klaus


vor 4 Monaten

Such a wonderful experience.Using voice notes is really personal and a great touch to the challenge.

Victoria Roberts

vor 4 Monaten

Klaus is an excellent mentor and he shares great wisdom with his group. He is encouraging, thought provoking and wise and I can’t recommend his programmes enough!

Kimber Jones

vor 5 Monaten

I thoroughly enjoyed this Challenge for Abundance. It was definitely a challenge some days, but really worth the effort. The moderator, Klausse was a great guide. Most participants chatted amongst themselves and offered support and shared …

Morgan El-Zeinab

vor 5 Monaten

The experience Klaus creates in his abundance group was nothing short of amazing. Not only did I LOVE how easy it was to have the information sent right to an app. I already use daily, the conversation with other members was uplifting, …

lisa fairfield

vor 5 Monaten

A wonderfully supportive group bringing to life the importance of Deepak Chopra's words.
The links and input is excellent quality. And the journey key has bee a real gift that I'll keep referring g to.
Thanks Klaus.

Veda Revankar

vor 5 Monaten

Had been a part of his "21 Day Abundance Challenge." Totally loved the daily tasks followed by meditation sessions. Thank you, Klaus! 🙏

Foram Dedhia

vor 6 Monaten

Had a wonderful experience and somewhere I see this challenge is magically working for me without putting any effort. Feels like a guardian angel is making it work.I thank that element in universe for getting me introduced to …

Paula Ferro

vor 6 Monaten

Thank you Klaus for taking us through this challenge, your posts and advices help me to see things differently; sometimes we need somebody to open our eyes. And tells us that everything is fine and to keep our head up. I loved the group, …

Hemali Mehta

vor 7 Monaten

It was a great experience being a part of this amazing exercise. Thanks for teaching me gratitude.

kania widhjaya

vor 7 Monaten

having Klaus as mentor and supporter. If I could say it that way: Just give me more and more courage to be myself. Be independent as a business owner. But still have the confidence to keep on moving and let the proccess run, …

Armita Armor

vor 7 Monaten

Very informative and helpful

Ariane Schröder

vor einem Jahr

Klaus hat mir mit seinen Ideen und Tipps einen großen Schritt weiter geholfen. Ich fühle mich sehr gut unterstützt und würde die Zusammenarbeit jederzeit weiterempfehlen.

Seherzada Huseljic

vor einem Jahr

Klaus is a great mentor who helps women become really strong and independent business owners. He connects you with other business owners too, which is really important for entrepreneurs. I'm thankful for the time I was being able to work …

Apply for free to participate in the

Deepak Chopra 21-Day Abundance Challenge

21 days of abundance reviews
Start your challenge - NOW!

for conscious female entrepreneurs only

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