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Opposite of Fear

Originally posted 2019-12-30 00:00:33.

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Missconcept about the opposite of fear:

There is a common misconception between fear and courage: Mostly "courage" is considered as the opposite. It is NOT. But what is it?

If we feel fear, our reptile brain (the amygdala) chooses between 3 possibilities:

  1. Fight
  2. Getaway
  3. Pretend to be a death

While writing this a dog approached me from my back and licked on my ear. My immediate reaction was to scream at the dog. The dog ran away.

  • My amygdala chose option 1. I still was in fear that the little bugger was going to eat my ear! But I had the courage to fight him. And did chaise him away.
  • And the dog chose option 2. That did not need much courage.

Just without conscious thinking, just as a reflex.

Courage is to choose option 1, to act, defend, fight, take action. While the fear is still there. Because fear is still present, courage cannot be the opposite of it. But training your courage is a good idea and a helpful strategy!

And what is the real opposite of fear?

Those questions might help you to identify it. If you are in fear, are you thinking and worrying about:

  • The past, the present, or the future?
  • Reality or imagination?
  • Love❤ or anger🤬?
  • Joy🥳 or sadness😩?
  • Energetic or burned out?
  • Your inner or outer world?
  • Is your conscious and subconscious mind detached or attached?

If you are in fear, are your mind is about

  • The future
  • Imagination
  • Anger🤬
  • Sadness😩
  • Burned out
  • Outer world
  • Your conscious and subconscious mind is detached

Think about it, what emotion or state of mind would serve the opposite position?

  • Being in the past or the present
  • Reality
  • Love❤
  • Joy🥳
  • Energetic
  • Your inner world
  • Your conscious and subconscious mind is attached

I'd like to offer you the following states of mind as the real opposite

  • Calmness
  • Tranquility
  • Gratitude

Why and how to train courage?

Leo Gura has published some excellent content about dealing with emotions including fear. He recommends taking littles steps out of your comfort zone to increase it. Which basically trains your courage.

How to increase your comfort zone?

Develop your mental strength and increase your comfort zone with little steps.

Safety Third

Your Gratitude Challenge:

  • Write down five things you are grateful for:

1. I am grateful for ..., because ...
2. Further, I am grateful for ..., because ...
3. Finally, I am grateful for ..., because ...

Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

And use the Mental Strength 8-week training to help you to deal with your specific fears.

Mental Strength Training - 8-Weeks To Turn Angst And Fears Into Gold

Master Fears And Worries – Master The Crisis to Finish as a Winner

Like Heat Turns Ice Into Water,
Gratitude Turns Fear Into Abundance!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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