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Bagaimana menjadi petani kelapa, mangga, dan pisang?

Originally posted 2020-12-20 08:57:46.

Text to Speech
Rabu, 16 Desember 2020, di 1.000 Dreams Bungalows di Lovina

Sunset at 1,000 Dreams Bungalows, Lovina

Bagaimana menjadi petani mangga kelapa dan pisang?

Sekitar 4 minggu yang lalu saya dan Komang menandatangani kontrak di notaris. Dan hari ini, kami kembali ke 1.000 Bungalow Mimpi di Lovina, untuk mendapatkan informasi terbaru tentang status pembelian plot.

The next morning we visited the property, together with Komang's brother Ketut. And it had changed much, so that, I drove past it without recognizing it. At the street front, the bush had grown so much, that access hardly was possible anymore. Well, "street-front" is a funny word. Because it is rather an unsealed path than a street.

How to become a coconut, mango, and banana farmer?

Property Lovina "Street Front"

Through the bush, we found a way onto the property. So we took a walk around, and we saw some mangos laying on the ground. Where are they coming from? This question made me look up, where I saw much of them hanging in the tree. Komang wanted to climb the tree to harvest them. But her brother was quicker. He climbed the tree and picked some of the fruits. The first harvest of our own fruits! The 3 children at the neighbor's property kept curiously watching us. One could read in their faces: "What are they doing there?" I gave each of them one mango.

Kemudian ayah dari anak-anak tersebut muncul, dan Komang mulai berbicara dengannya. Dia memberitahunya, bahwa dia sudah cukup sering melihatku di sini. Dan dia menjawab, ya itu mungkin karena Klaus dulu tinggal dengan mantan pacarnya Ana hanya berjarak 200 meter. Kemudian, kami pergi ke pohon palem, di mana beberapa butir kelapa diletakkan di tanah. Kami melihat ke atas pohon palem yang digantung penuh dengan kelapa. Dan ternyata buah kelapa sudah siap untuk dipanen. Tapi pohon palem itu tingginya sekitar 12 meter. Bagaimana kita mendapatkan kelapa?

How to become a coconut, mango, and banana farmer?

Properti di Lovina

The neighbor said, he knows somebody, who can climb the tree and harvest them. The Indonesians, always know "somebody" who can solve the problem, almost any problem! We asked if he can get them harvested. And he confirmed that they can be harvested in the afternoon.

So, we went for lunch and to see the notary, to find out about the process of the registration of the property in Komang's name. The notary Ibu Else confirmed, that from her side everything was organized. But the land registry administration did not finish their side ye,s because they are very busy.  With a smile on my face, I asked myself: "How would a busy Indonesian civil servant look like?" Anyway, she convinced us, that everything will be going well. She explained that everybody expects, that the prices will go up next year. That's why so many real estate deals are getting closed currently. And due to that, she did not want to give a prediction of the date until it will be done. Maybe still this year, but it is more more likely to be finished beginning of next year.

Investasi atau spekulasi?

Kami perkirakan harga akan naik dua kali lipat dalam satu atau dua tahun, dan ada faktor lain, yang mungkin akan sangat menyenangkan: Pada tahun 2025, rencana bandara di Singaraja dijadwalkan akan dibuka. Itu akan membawa banyak pengunjung tambahan ke pantai utara Bali. Bandara tersebut direncanakan berkapasitas 4 kali lipat bandara Denpasar. Kami berharap hal ini membuat harga naik dengan faktor 4. Niat membeli plot itu berdasarkan spekulasi ini.

Currently, access to the property is only through an unpaved path, but it is only about 30 meters long. I estimated, a cost of 400 Euros to get it concreted. This would make it much easier to sell. And it should be possible, to get it done within one week. But, let's wait with it until it is time to sell. And then we dress the bride pretty: We need to clear the jungle, only let the healthiest trees and a nice lawn remain, to make it look like a little park.

We expect, that after negotiation with a buyer, we end up with a sales price of 380,000,000 IDR. Which would make 230.000.000 IDR profit, which we would have to share. Let's say 100.000.000 IDR for each of us, which is about 6.000 Euro. And 30.000.000 IDR for the administrative cost, taxes, and the effort to make it look nice.

Tantangan Pembayaran

Pada tanggal 24 Oktober tibalah waktunya untuk mengurus pembayaran. Jadi, saya pergi ke bank BNI untuk mentransfer uang. Kami menunggu hampir 2 jam sampai kami dilayani. Lalu saya jelaskan ke orang di belakang loket, bahwa saya ingin mentransfer Rp 145.000.000 ke rekening lain. Dan saya bertanya kepadanya, bagaimana melakukannya.

The first option was to go to the cashier and do it there. But that failed because I did not bring my savings book, which is required for legitimation. The night before, I had installed 3 BNI apps, and I asked him: "Which one could be used to do it? I tried already all of them, but I cannot activate any of them."
He said: "Use the BNI internet banking app. Shall I can activate it?" I responded: ”Yes, sure!” But that failed as well because one needs a Gmail address, which is an email address hosted by Googlemail. I asked him to try each of my email addresses, but the system did not accept any of them. I have no understanding of this limitation. And I felt how I got more and more impatient.

Then he said: "Let's activate the SMS Banking app." And he did so. But when we tried to do the money transfer with it, it failed because I had no prepaid credit for SMS. Because I never use this SMS dinosaur. Komang came and helped by sending me some prepaid credit from her phone. Then it worked, but the daily transfer was limited to 15,000,000 IDR. That means, that I need to go through this procedure for 10 days to transfer the entire amount. I was quite pissed off!

Then he said, that I can transfer up to 100,000,000 at the ATM if the receiver has a BNI account as well. Komang's BNI account was ready meanwhile. So, I went to the ATM with her account number to do the transfer into her account. I tried 5 times with different amounts, starting with 100,000,000 IDR. Then I reduced step by step. Because the machine always told me, that the amount of money is too high, but not, how much would be the maximum. None of it worked. My blood was boiling and I felt desperate and destroyed. Finally, I gave up on this day, flushing down my frustration with a couple of Bintang!

Keesokan harinya kami naik skuter kembali ke Bali Silent Retreat untuk mengambil buku tabungan. Dari situ kami melanjutkan ke bank BNI di Tabanan. Kami mendapatkan nomor antrian kami dan pergi ke kasir. Di sana kami harus menunggu hanya beberapa menit. Kali ini pria di belakang kasir mengerti apa yang harus dilakukan, dan beberapa menit kemudian, transfer berhasil.

Setelah membayar harga jual, saya tidak bisa berhenti berpikir: Bagaimana memanfaatkan plot tersebut dengan sebaik-baiknya? Dan, bagaimana mengubah spekulasi ini menjadi investasi nyata? Jadi saya mendapatkan ide tentang vila 7 kamar tidur dengan yoga shala. Sehingga Komang dapat menjalankan retret yoga penyembuhan prana di sana. Dan saya sudah punya nama untuk itu:

Villa Kuntabunt Lovina

Konstruksinya, yang muncul di benak saya, memiliki tangga spiral logam di tengahnya dan sisanya harus dibuat dari bambu. Mungkin beberapa konstruksi logam, dibalut dengan bambu atau kayu. Ruangannya sendiri hanya dipisahkan oleh dinding kayu tipis dan terbuka ke luar. Setiap kamar harus menyediakan ruang untuk tempat tidur queen. Penutup mata di luar melindungi dari matahari dan hujan. Tapi pada prinsipnya, semuanya terbuka. Hanya ada sedikit privasi. Tapi ini memang disengaja. Lebih jauh, konstruksinya akan sangat fleksibel, jika seseorang bersenang-senang, seluruh rumah akan merasakan dan berbagi getaran yang baik. Dan saya ingin bersenang-senang di sana!

Villa Kuntabunt 1st floor - ground level architectural sketch Villa Kuntabunt 2nd floor architectural sketch Villa Kuntabunt 3rd floor architectural sketch

Lantai pertama (permukaan tanah)

  • Tempat parkir,
  • dapur,
  • ruang makan,
  • kamar mandi
  • di sekitar permukaan tanah adalah kolam oval
  • satu putaran sekitar 40 meter
  • jadi bagus untuk berenang sungguhan
  • jacuzzi
  • bioskop terbuka sudut lebar
  • penerimaan
  • bar kafe

Lantai kedua

  • 6 kamar kecil
  • 1 kamar mandi bersama
  • dengan akses melalui bagian tengah rumah
  • dengan tangga spiral.

Lantai tiga

  • ruang kantor,
  • yang juga bisa digunakan sebagai yoga shala,
  • dengan tempat tidur gantung untuk bersantai
  • ditutupi oleh atap tenda, untuk melindunginya dari sinar matahari dan hujan
  • satu kamar Penthouse dengan kamar mandi pribadi
  • 1 kamar kecil
  • sebuah reservoir air berpemanas surya ditempatkan di atas tangga spiral

6 minggu sebelumnya

How to become a coconut, mango, and banana farmer?

Lokasi properti di Lovina, sekitar 600 meter dari bibir pantai

It all started about 6 weeks ago. We went on a trip to Singaraja and ended up staying at Lovina Seabreeze Bungalows. Some friend sent Komang a message: "A small plot of land is for sale, for a very cheap price."

  • 200 meter persegi
  • tanah konstruksi
  • ukuran 10m * 20m
  • lokasi tenang
  • mudah diakses
  • 600 m dari Pantai Lovina
How to become a coconut, mango, and banana farmer?

Plot gambar arsitektur Villa Kuntabunt

The offer was for about 45 € per square meter. This is what you pay as cold rent per square meter in Hamburg or Munich for a flat within 3 months! We went there to have a look. Already on the way to get there, my smile got brighter and brighter. Because it was located only 200 meters from Ana's home. When we arrived, I said to Komang: I know this region quite well and it is a nice place and a good location! It felt good, and my intuition told me, that's a great opportunity.

Architectural drawing Villa Kuntabunt plot

Perjanjian pembiayaan

Komang mengatakan kepada saya bahwa dia ingin meminta kredit dari banknya untuk membelinya. Saya tidak berpikir panjang tentang itu dan menawarkan untuk meminjamkan uang untuk membeli. Tetapi saya tidak ingin terlibat dalam pekerjaan administrasi apa pun. Dan jika kita menjualnya, kita bisa membagi pendapatannya.

Dalam dua minggu Komang mengatur segalanya. Dia memberi saya kontrak di antara kami, yang membuatnya menjadi calon yang menandatangani kontrak. Dan saya akan menjadi investor. Dia bersedia melalui semua pekerjaan administrasi, saya hanya harus membayar harga tanah, dan begitu kami menjual, kami berbagi keuntungan. Dan kemudian kami memiliki tanggal di notaris, untuk menutup kesepakatan pembiayaan. Beberapa saat kemudian di hari yang sama, penjualnya muncul di notaris yang sama, dan Komang juga menandatangani kontrak penjualan dengannya.

Panen kelapa yang menakjubkan

Coconut Tree ClimberSore hari tanggal 16 Desember, setelah kencan kami dengan notaris, kami kembali ke properti. Pemanjat kelapa tiba dan memanjat pohon kelapa sampai ke puncak, tanpa alas kaki dan tanpa pelindung, tali, maupun asuransi jiwa! Hanya dengan sabit di saku belakang. Nafas kami terhenti menyaksikan ini. Dalam waktu 15 menit dia memanen sekitar 25 buah kelapa, dan dia memotong cabang-cabang yang kering.

Setelah turun lagi, dia mulai membukanya dengan sabit. Semua orang menikmati air kelapa yang menyegarkan:

It's so hard to enjoy life in Bali!

Enjoy a coconut water

Lalu dia membuka kacang kosong dan kami makan juga daging kelapa. Saya pikir, kami sekarang adalah pemilik sebidang tanah. Tapi melihat skuter saya, yang berisi mangga dan kelapa, saya perlahan menjadi sadar:

Bahwa kita menjadi petani kelapa, mangga, dan pisang.

Tanpa disadari!

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