Living Gratefully

Here you have Day 16 and it is all about living gratefully 🌸

Do you want to get into the right mood for living gratefully? Please read this blog about the meaning of gratefulness. Then return back to this page:

Grateful Meaning – What means Gratefulness?

Today’s motto: I accept myself and give myself permission for my thoughts, feelings, and expressiveness in terms of abundance.

Task 16: Living Gratefully

Make a list of things that you have pending to be done.

Things that you wanted to do but left for later because you prioritized other things or even because you were worried about hurting others.

The idea behind this list is to ask for forgiveness for not having done it.


I, whole name, forgive myself completely and lovingly for not having done or finished my degree.

I, whole name, forgive myself completely and lovingly for not showing my insecurities.

Write however many phrases as you want, there is no limit.

And finally we practice living gratefully, write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am living gratefully, because …
  2. I am grateful, because …
  3. And I am grateful for …, because …
  4. I fell gratitude inside of me, because …
  5. Finally, I am living gratitude, by …

The Abundance Challenge of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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And here comes your gift for your participation:

Deepak Chopra: Meditation Challenge – Day 16

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