Day 17:

And so onto day 17

May you have a gentle and hopeful awakening in your work of self-healing, in your journey of transformation!

Today we have a very special exercise!

Lesson 17

Make a detailed list of the things you have, material, spiritual, tangible and intangible.

Example: I have a smartphone to communicate, I have credit to send messages.

I have great friendships, I have a bed to sleep, I have food, I have love, I have peace, I have hot water in the shower, I have personal supplies for my care …

There is no upper or lower limit of what you should write … Recognize everything you have.

Today’s motto:
I lead my emotion and choose to feel full, healthy, prosperous and blessed.

The Abundance Challenge of today must be done by this time tomorrow!

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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