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Turn Lack of Energy Into Power

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Eliminate weakness, lack of energy, and decision-making problems from your life

Do you know that, too? Do you feel weak, lacking in energy, or unable to make decisions? Somehow everything is hard for you, you are tired, uninterested, and can't do what you set out to do. The first thought in such situations is often our sleeping habits. We think about whether we have slept enough or taken a nap.

Have you ever seen that despite getting enough sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet, you constantly feel weak, lack energy, or are unable to make decisions? But have you also had other times when you were full of energy even though you slept badly or little? Many people are reporting that. From a logical point of view, this makes no sense at all. Because we often assume: that a lot of sleep = a lot of energy. Unfortunately, the equation does not add up, because in addition to our sleep, i.e. physical recovery, our mental state plays a very important and big part!

Here I answer the question, why do you suffer from weakness, lack of energy, and poor decision-making, even though you have slept enough, exercised, and eaten healthily?

What do feelings and thoughts have to do with your weakness, lack of energy, and decision-making?

Everything is energy. Every little something that exists on this earth. We and everything around us, are small energy-charged particles that have worked together to form what we can see and feel. So, if we look at that level, we are all the same! The difference lies in how "charged" we are. And I mean that in a figurative sense. So what energy level are we at? This topic could now take on very scientific, but also very spiritual aspects. Both are extremely interesting. You understand, that everything is made up of the same small particles, that are constantly moving. And so, are our thoughts and feelings.

That has been scientifically proven. Both, every thought and every feeling - has their energy. Now for another shocking fact: we think about 60,000 thoughts a day. And for most people, at least 70% of them are negative! These negative thoughts then lead to negative feelings. A situation where a bad thing causes another bad thing. Now you can maybe imagine how this negative energy can affect us. And why you are constantly weak, lack energy, or are unable to make decisions, even though there was enough physical recovery.

How do your thoughts affect your energy level?

In the end, our energy level mostly depends on our thoughts. However, these are often driven by our habits. So let's take a closer look at this connection. For example, if we are dissatisfied with our job but have to do it almost every day, this will lead to negative energy. This weakens us and makes us exhausted - without energy. If we have an important appointment at the bank, it triggers stress in us and just the thought of the appointment makes us weaker. If we buy something expensive and we may even have to overdraw our bank account, this can trigger fear in us. Fear is the modern word for negative stress. I could go on and on with these examples, but I think you get the point.

So if we experience negative stress in our everyday life, this adds to the fact, that we are now weak, lack energy, or are unable to make decisions. Negative stress is permanent stress that comes up from regular habits. Things we do so often that we don't have any rest or breaks in between. And we are not even aware that they are not good for us. The fact is that anything that causes you to fear, feel insecurity, pressure, or doubt, will trigger negative stress. The less responsibly we live our lives, and since we are part of a larger economic system that imposes duties and rights on us, we often face a conflict between heart and mind. Of things that we have to do, but maybe don't want to do, but are necessary because we are part of this system. A life determined by others causes negative stress, it drains us of energy and thus makes us weak,

Internal resistances are energy-suckers

The fight against my inner resistance started in 2007! ? I felt exhausted in the morning. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I felt angry about the upcoming divorce. Which was reflected in almost every aspect of my current everyday life! Let me explain to you why: The year 2007 was a disclosure for me. The fight against my resistance. My ex-wife and had decided to divorce. However, I was kept in my Rose War by my inability to let go for 5 more years.

Instead of coming to terms with the situation, I fought it for 5 years. I got muscle and joint pain signs of sickness, every movement causes pain. When I woke up in the night I was afraid to move because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep because of the pain. And that robbed me of almost all of my energy. I have never been so ill, weak, missing energy, or unsure of what to do as I was at that time.

Imagine that you feel a responsibility, this can be towards your family, but also to have to make a good impression, no matter what! For me, it was the shame of having to admit that my marriage had failed, joined by the fear of the financial results of the divorce. And so I created myself a very expensive divorce and a terrible and very unhappy state of health!

The point is, if you internally reject it and don't rethink and don't want or can change habits, then there will be conflict and more resistance. This negative energy makes someone unable to move and will constantly make you weak, missing energy, or unable to make decisions! The mean thing is, the more you resist it, the more attention you pay to it, and the bigger that part of you becomes. The resistance is growing more and more... and so there is more weakness, lack of energy, and decision-making weaknesses.

But that's really good news! And when you read that, listen, let it affect you, and then think: Now he's completely insane! Congratulations, you just thought a thought that robs you of energy! It shows that thinking negatively is a habit of yours. But the good news is: You are free to choose your thoughts and change your habits. And just as you create weakness, lack of energy, and inability to make decisions with negative thoughts and habits, you can create motivation, strength, and decision-making power with positive thoughts. It's your choice!

How does the right point of view motivate you, give you strength, and enable you to make decisions?

Now you could say that it doesn't matter what happens around us and with us. Because we have full responsibility for our behavior and reaction. This is very easy to say. And at the same time, very hard to do. But in the end, if you think about what is the better way for you, you realize that only your reaction and your judgment of the situation are responsible for how you feel. It's easy to become overly identified with what's happening and become attached to it. This "use" energy can be a reason why you are constantly weak, lacking energy, or unable to make decisions!

So, now let's talk about mindset and responsibility. But that also means that we - you and I - can change something about the situation! Wonderful, isn't it? As already said, it's not always that easy and that's why I want to give you a few tips on how you can increase your energy level and avoid wasting energy.

„Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

This is how you say goodbye to energy guzzlers!

I have already written about a few reasons that can lead to constant weakness, lack of energy, or poor decision-making and which at the same time have nothing to do with lack of sleep. In the following section, you will learn how to eliminate energy vampires and boost your energy! This may be very individual, but there are basic overlaps that apply to everyone!

1. Distance yourself from your thoughts

Realize that your thoughts are a product of external influences. They are shaped by upbringing, society, neighbors, news, and friends. They don't have to have anything to do with your true self at all. There may even be a conflict between you, your feelings, and your thoughts. But it is also the case that thoughts trigger feelings and these can cause stress and negativity. This causes you to lose energy. If you manage to stop taking your thoughts too seriously, or at least less seriously, then you have the opportunity to react less to them and are not so at the mercy of them. They are there, but they do not determine how you feel as much.

It's not about banishing them or not thinking anymore, which is also hardly possible, but much more about getting a certain distance from them. Through mindfulness and meditation, you can learn to perceive your thoughts more as an observer. Then you are less "at the mercy" of them. It is possible to observe one's thoughts and thereby identify less with them. You are then less your thoughts but only have them. If you manage to perceive your thoughts mindfully, your intuition opens up, the connection to the cosmic energy and information field, the universe, and God. Or whatever you want to call it. A space where you intuitively recognize how to react correctly.

"You are the space for your thoughts,
but you are not your thoughts."
Eckhart Tolle

These exercises will help you:

  • Meditation teaches you exactly that. The self-determined reaction to impulses and thoughts. Sit still, breathe naturally, and observe yourself. Observe how your body feels, and what feelings and sensations you feel. “Look” at them closely, feel them and try not to judge or react to them. just let her be there Whether it feels good or bad. Everything can be there at this moment. At the same time, this teaches you to accept and accept your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.

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  • Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your life. Every moment. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, one of which I can recommend to you in particular: Talk to your body. Sit or lie down in a quiet place. Close your eyes, take deep breaths in and out 3 times and slowly move through your body. Look closely at each body part, with your eyes closed, and feel inside yourself. Ask, how do your arm, your stomach, and your lower leg feel right now? Don't judge, just perceive. This exercise will sharpen your awareness, allow you better access and connection to your body and you will learn to perceive more and judge less. A win-win-win situation!

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2. Do more things that bring you joy

In addition to all the obligations, bills, and to-dos, it is extremely important to keep the balance. On the one hand, see everything that robs you of energy, and on the other hand, look for things that give you new energy. You've probably experienced that you've felt awake and "charged" when doing certain activities. And you should do exactly these activities more often! Ideally, more than 80% of your life consists of things that make you happy. However, this is not always so easy to implement and therefore you should create a balance that balances you out and gives you new energy.

„Do more of what makes you happy“

These exercises will help you:

  • Keep a success diary for a week! Write down every day what you did and how it made you feel. After what did you have more energy? What were energy boosters, from shopping to going for a walk to brunch with friends? This will give you a good overview of what pushes you and write it down. 5 achievements every day. Do it in writing, daily, disciplined. At best, every evening. Don't worry, you don't have to do this forever, just while you're breathing.

Abundance Mentoring 016 – Write a Success Diary

  • Rate your daily activities. Take a pen and paper and write down which activities you particularly enjoy and which make you feel positively charged. Look at your success diary and use it as a basis for your evaluation. In addition to the things in your diary, write down anything else you can think of about activities that you would like to do. Then differentiate between the things you are already doing and those you would like to try. Read a few successes from the previous days every morning, and let yourself be inspired by what you do to repeat them! Schedule a selection of these activities, like a fixed date!

3. Stop fighting. Accept or change your life

This may sound a bit radical, but it's the only way to get more peace, less negative stress, and therefore more energy. You can boost your energy levels by engaging in more positive things, but as long as you're fighting resistance, it will always weaken you and make you indecisive. You can create a healthy balance between stress and relaxation, but it also takes a lot of attention and effort. Yes, it is working to maintain this balance. Your medium or long-term goal should be to shape your life in such a way that you think no or very few negative thoughts. For some of us, that means saying no more often. For others, the whole life has to change. That was also the case for me. Have a look at the book I love Bali! So Hard To Enjoy Life In Bali . Maybe you can get more inspiration here. If you're currently dealing with resistances, there are several ways to better deal with them.

I Love Bali Podcast

"Get rid of the thought that you
always have to present a good image to the outside world!
Because you are good just the way you are.
Anyone who wants to be with you comes voluntarily
and anyone who wants to go goes anyway!”

These exercises will help you stop being tired all the time:

  • Accept what is! When you are in a situation that you cannot change, or that is now just a temporary part of your life. Accept the situation, don't fight it, and make friends with it. Realize that you can't change them, stop fighting them. On the one hand, regular meditation practice will help you.

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  • On the other hand, affirmations are a very powerful tool to support you in this process! You can also combine both wonderfully by building supporting beliefs into your meditation. To do this, get into your meditation position, close your eyes, breathe in and out deeply and begin to recite your new beliefs. Repeat this for a few minutes and feel deeply within yourself. Try to internalize your words and anchor them deep in your subconscious. This will bring you calmer and insight, which will help you accept the unwanted state you are resisting.

Positive Affirmations For Good Health

  • Practice gratitude! Come out of the lack and realize that you have everything! When you focus on the things you already have in your life, you will realize how rich you are. Become aware of what a miracle your body is and what it does every day, just for you. Look at what you have already achieved, be thankful for the people in your life or maybe your pet, your qualities, and how you have overcome difficult situations. There's a lot, I'm sure. If you shift your focus to these things and thus put your attention there, the other negative parts of your life will become smaller and smaller. You will automatically gain more energy and fight less resistance.

Gratitude Challenge Task 1 – Benefits of Gratitude

  • Change your life! This is probably the most sustainable way to live a fuller and happier life, but it may also be the most difficult - at least initially. If you have doubts or fear and don't know if and how you should change your life, then first build a deep connection with yourself. Get to the bottom of your needs and goals and develop a feeling for what you need and want. Become aware of the unique meaning of your life.

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4. Surround yourself with people who give you energy

Avoid energy vampires and don't let negative people influence you too much. Maybe you know that too, you're in a good mood, you're walking through the city and you meet an acquaintance who tells you about his problems without being asked! After 5 minutes at the latest, you also feel frustrated. This person managed to pull down your energy level. However, the same thing happens to you with friends, family, and colleagues. Also, hearing, reading, or watching negative news does the same to you. Take the first opportunity to get out of the situation quickly. You don't have to sit it out!

And the press, internet, radio, and TV news are full of it and pollute your mind, so get rid of it. It is important to keep calm and maintain a certain distance. Don't get involved in other people's negative conversations, gossip, and concerns. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't empathize, just that you shouldn't make every problem and every negative thought your own. Of course, the same thing also happens the other way around - people and the right conversations can give you an absolute high and revitalize you despite little sleep or after a long day and give you energy.

"Distance from negative people and news improves health."

These exercises will help you:

  • Keep your distance! Don't make other people's problems your own and don't engage in gossip and negative conversations. Stay with yourself and your feelings and avoid contact with such energy vampires who drain you of the last bit of power. I know situations where a 5-minute conversation is more tiring than a night of dancing. In addition, in such conversations, you only ever distract yourself from yourself and focus on other people. But don't we all have enough to do with ourselves?
  • Surround yourself with the right people! Observe exactly how your encounters with people in your daily life affect you. See how you feel about it and whether you are negatively influenced or have a lively awakened feeling. Of course, not every situation has to be full of energy and power, but you should avoid people who pull you down and do you no good. Sometimes it is difficult to find this energy in a close circle of friends or colleagues. I can therefore recommend that you also look for this connection in personal development books, audiobooks, podcasts, videos, seminars, mentoring, or coaching. Get the vibe you need. And spend time with people who inspire you and with whom you feel comfortable. Because that's exactly why this article is written for you, to motivate you.

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster


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Turn Lack of Energy Into Power
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