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Musicians Are Urgently Looking For A Rehearsal Studio And Recording Rooms.

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Unfortunately, the time has come, the rehearsal studio in the center of Stuttgart has to close. Due to the building owner's own needs, Rooms4Music will cease operations at the end of May 2019.

Over 100 bands have their rehearsal room and musical home here. We are now urgently looking for new premises for the musicians in Stuttgart. After a long and intensive search, we have unfortunately not found a way to continue at another location. I feel very sorry for the musicians. But the real estate market in Stuttgart is unfortunately not there at the moment to continue at a reasonable price.

We had a building in mind, but the conversion costs exceeded any reasonable framework. Unfortunately, we had to refrain from doing this again. And so unfortunately I have no choice but to stop operations here in Holderpark from the rehearsal studio center in Stuttgart after the end of business operations... And to close Rooms4Music.

Despite an intensive search, we, unfortunately, have no way of continuing it within an economically viable framework. I'm stunned, and I know that the bands are no longer able to rehearse and the producers are no longer able to record and mix.

I have to bury my child Rooms4Music. And my colleague Christian Böttcher is also affected. He's run the business for the last few years. I will have to fire him. He will also have to close his Ready2Jam rehearsal studios.

We are still desperately looking for studios, that we can convey to our musicians. And can offer them a new home. That's why we want to arrange as many contacts as possible between musicians, bands, and possible landlords.

So if you know where something is free, or you have a rehearsal room yourself... Or if there is still some space in your rehearsal studio and you can sublet it to a second band, then write down below: your address and the size of your room. How much space it offers, the location... So that I can put you in touch with our musicians. So if you are willing to share your rehearsal space, if you know where a recording studio or rehearsal space is available, please let me know and put yours below:

  • E-Mail-Address
  • the location
  • and the key data of your room.

I will forward it to our musicians, and they can contact you directly. One more request: Share this page or this video on your social channels. So that we can provide as many new rehearsal opportunities as possible for our musicians at short notice. Thank you very much.

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Rehearsal Studio Search
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