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Values-Based Decision-Making 2: Investments in The Stock Market

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Currently, we are facing a crisis. One question, that drives me at the moment is the development of my investments in the stock market. I would like to discuss this with you. In complex situations like this, I utilize a Values-Based Decision-Making process, which is a part of the Decision-Making Meditations.

Decision-Making Meditations

These Values-Based Decision-Making Meditations give access to your subconscious mind and emotions, which make better decisions in complex situations. So, today I did the second decision-making process today about the question:

"What should I do with my investments in the stock market?"

Today's values-based decision-making process goes like that:

Value-Based Decision-Making Process 2: Investments in The Stock Market

You take a walk until you reach an intersection and there are 3 possible tracks to continue. Each of the tracks represents one of your life targets. One after another, you follow you follow one of the tracks until its end. There you experience yourself having reached one of your targets. It assumes that your life targets are in sync with your values. If not, you are on a rocky road, and at the end of each of the 3 tracks, a burnout is awaiting you. In case your life targets are not serving your values, or if you have no clue, what your values are, do some research on your values. Then adjust your life targets accordingly.

Reflection on your life targets: "What should I do with my investments in the stock market?"

  1. Target: A Vital And Happy Life of 300++ Years
    For a long-lasting life in abundance and financial freedom, the short-term volatility of the market is irrelevant. Just keep to the rebalancing strategy to keep your investments equally invested and diversified in the asset classes you have chosen. So that you keep selling the earnings of those, that are developing good and buying those that are down. With this strategy, you automatically sell mostly above the average price and buy below. So your portfolio grows faster than the global market.
  2. Target: Living on Spiral Dynamics Level 9 And Above
    A crisis cannot stop the development, it rather stimulates growth in the long run. The best decisions in life are taken during hard and challenging times. And they stimulate the growth of consciousness. So concentrate on the highest targets you can dream of and think of. They will guide you on the way. The higher the targets are, the better they remain visible in stormy weather and under difficult circumstances. Even increasing them is helpful, especially if it seems unrealistic or impossible to reach them.
  3. Target: Freedom
    Even if freedom has many aspects, such as freedom of mind, sexual freedom, freedom of traveling, and financial freedom. But because the question is:
    "What should I do with my investments in the stock market?"
    I will only focus on the aspect of financial freedom to be able to contribute to distinguishing the hunger in the world. The strategy is, continuously donate a part of my assets to charity. Especially during turbulent times. Because it is a valuable exercise to show your subconscious mind that you got more than enough. And that you are able to contribute to those who got less.

So the first thing I did, after writing down these lines, was a donation of 1,000 US$ to Gapminder is an organization founded by Hans Roling, with the target to distinguish the hunger in the world.

Value-Based Decision-Making Process 2: Investments in The Stock Market

Source: 48th Annual AAS Conference

So, go ahead and think for yourself and share your thought in the mastermind or the comments below. These are my thoughts. They are based on my life targets, which I chose based on my very personal values. It just reflects what my subconscious mind came up with during the values-based decision-making process. So it is the right way for me to act according to my values and targets. Your values are different, and due to that, your life targets should and will be different.

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Values-Based Decision-Making 2: Investments in The Stock Market
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