What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

Those days you might ask yourself: What to eat to boost immunity … with ease and pleasure?

4 Tips How to Boost Immunity Power Naturally

My answer might surprise you …

You probably think about FOOD!

And your food is a part of it. But, it is a long term strategy.

If you looking for a boost, you are looking for something that is a short term solution.

Let’s analyze it from the other side: Which lack of your physical basic needs will kill you the fastest?

  1. Oxygen – in minutes!
  2. Water – in some days
  3. Food comes a long way further down the road …

Tip #1: What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

Practice deep breathing

Make breathing in your belly a habit by using some of the breathing exercises described in the Deep Breathing Challenge. It does not matter which one you start. It only matters, that you get started and make it a habit! The fear to get a serious infection will help you to take action. This challenge shows you, how to have some fun while doing so. This pleasure will help you to stick to it!

Deep Breathing Challenge

Tip #2: What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

Drinking plenty of water to detox continuously

Have 2-3 liters of plain water a day. Stop lolly drinks, carbonated drinks, such as soda.

If your urine is clear, then you are on the safe side. It is that easy! You would not have expected it being that simple, do you?

Tip #3: What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

Reduce processed food and sugar to stop toxifying yourself

Eat fresh vegetables, fruits, essential fats, protein-rich, and low carb.

Healthy Food Mix that serves your body and mind the best

How to Boost Immunity Power Naturally?

But the sustainable long term strategy is Mental Health!

Mental Health – Stop The Mindfuck

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