3 Secrets of Longevity – How to Increase Your Lifespan?

3 Secrets of Longevity

Do you know the 3 most essential points to
Increase your LIFESPAN?
So, what is needed for longevity?

Well, #1 Secret of Longevity is:

(Becoming and) Staying healthy!
How to stay healthy?
I’m gonna share a lot in this video series:

Longevity > > Video Series < < Practice Longevity

And you’re gonna learn how to improve your health generally,

and then, how to come to a point, where you have infinite health!

Which is a pretty good basis for having a long life.

So now, what’s #2 Secret of Longevity?

Our cells in our body have a lifespan of about two to three years.
And they can divide themselves about 50 times. After that, time game’s over!
So, it turns out into a theoretical lifespan between 120 to 150 years.
But conscious people always were able to disable this mechanism.
Actually, the intention of this mechanism is, that not an unenlightened soul is trapped in a body that lives forever!
But, at all times there were people, who were able to disable this protection mechanism, and due to that, live longer.
Well, you also can come to this point. But it’s an increase of consciousness necessary, And, it’s not really a requirement to understand the theory of consciousness, for the growth of you consciousness. But it definitely helps to get a good foundation.
And the best model I know about, is Spiral Dynamics.

In this > > video series < < 

I’m gonna share all the insights of spiral dynamics.

Especially about tier 2 Spiral Dynamics.

Because I think if you’re interested in subjects like this you already mastered the majority of tier one. If not, go to the end of that video list playlist. There you will find all the information about the stages from Spiral Dynamics tier 1. And do your homework embody them and master the first six levels. Then you come to tier 2.
Go along that way and finally, you probably come to a point where you also will become able, to disable the protecion mechanism. With the result, that your body can remain vital and live longer.
And finally, you also may be able to become to the point where you can consciously turn off this protection mechanism and make your body live longer than the theoretical 120 to 150 years!

#3 Secret of Longevity

Of course, you have to pay for it: You will find the PayPal link right below this video!


The 3 Secrets of Longevity are all for free!

But in a certain way, you still have to pay for it, because you need to believe in it.

So, I believe I’m gonna have a vital and happy life for 300 plus years.
Most people I told that they say: ah, hard to believe.
And I doubt that you believe it well.

Of course, in the beginning, I didn’t believe it either. But there is a pretty easy technique to make your subconscious mind believe things, you want it to believe. Even if you can’t believe it in the beginning.

and this is incantations or affirmations, and

in > > this video < <, I’m gonna show you how

incantations and affirmations work.
and well one affirmation I love to do is this one:

  • I’m vitality for happiness

Repeat it and pronounce it each time a little bit differently. And give yourself a neuro-linguistic programming thing like this:

  • Energetic: I’M vitality for happiness.Secrets of Longevity
  • Happy: I’M vitality for happiness.
  • Loving: I’M vitality for happiness.

and then go to the second word VITALITY:

  • Energetic: I’m VITALITY for happiness.
  • Happy: I’m VITALITY for happiness.
  • Loving: I’m VITALITY for happiness.
  • Playful: I’m VITALITY for happiness.

Try it out. Join me, speak it with me. Speak along with me! Now we go to the next word: “FOR [4]”

  • Energetic: I’m vitality FOR happiness.
  • Happy: I’m vitality FOR happiness.
  • Playful: I’m vitality FOR happiness.

And unltimately, go to the last word HAPPINESS:

  • Energetic: I’m vitality for HAPPINESS!
  • Happy: I’m vitality for HAPPINESS!
  • Loving: I’m vitality for HAPPINESS!
  • Playful: I’m vitality for HAPPINESS!

Enjoy your Vitality4Happiness for your longevity.


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