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Vocabulary Learning: Emojis Places Names and Meaning

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🚗 Automobile
A red car is on the road. Red things seem to move faster (known as the Doppler effect). Stimulates the release of adrenaline and feelings like excitement or strength.

🚕 Taxi
We’ll call a taxi! A taxi is a means of public transportation for occasional passenger transportation. Taxis are available worldwide, most of them in major cities. The emoji stans for individual, fast, and comfortable transport.

🚙 Camper
We’re going on a road trip! A camper is used for vacation or as a mobile home. Can also represent an SUV (sport utility vehicle) with increased chassis clearance. A camper symbol also can mean adventure.

🛻 Pickup truck
Mud, gravel roads, and sunsets in the wilderness. An all-wheel-drive vehicle with an open loading area for transporting heavy objects. From a commercial vehicle to a lifestyle car. A big car is a status symbol, that compensates for possible shortages.

🚌 Omnibus
I'm going by bus! The bus is used as a public means of transport for the transport of many people within cities, in the countryside, or as a school bus.

🚎 Trolleybus
Emoticon of a trolley bus, a mixture of bus and tram. Can be used as a smiley for public transport.

🏎‍️ Racing car
The race has started! Usually, a racing car is only designed for racing, e.g. for Formula 1. Can also refer to cars in general, the driving style of a person, or to high speed.

🚓 Police Car
Side view of a police car. Warns of illegal intent. Stands for morality and similar norms as well as your  sense of right and wrong.

🚑 Ambulance
An ambulance transports non-critically ill people to a hospital. On the other hand, a mobile intensive care unit is used for emergency ambulance service. An ambulance car is related to injuries, illnesses, accidents, and medical topics.

🚒 Fire engine
Where’s the fire? Is there an emergency? In case of fire, the fire brigade advances with a fire engine to fight the flames. Among other things, the fire department helps in cases of fire, accidents, and floods.

🚐 Minibus
A minibus, unlike the normal bus, can only carry a few people. Minibusses symbolize the wish to go on vacation: “Let's go camping“.

🚚 Delivery van
The parcel will be delivered today! I need to bring you something! A delivery truck weighs less than 3.5 tons, its design looks like a truck. Delivery vans have a cargo space larger than the passenger compartment to carry goods from A to B.

🚛 Articulated vehicle
I need a semitrailer for the move! Truck tractor and semitrailer. Often used in long-distance freight. Articulated vehicles transport heavy cargo, for example, containers.

🚜 Tractor
A tractor or traction engine is a slow but very powerful towing vehicle. Tractors represent fresh country air, the profession of the farmer, a farm, or agriculture in general. For townsfolk, tractors may represent the romantic view of living in nature, but also for simple-minded people living away from cities.

🦯 White cane
To be blind as a bat or to be blind to something. The white cane facilitates locomotion and mobility for visually impaired or blind people. Symbolic of a person who closes their eyes or acts blindfolded.

🦽 Wheelchair
Are there any places for wheelchair users? The wheelchair supports people who are impaired in walking. Symbolic for disability and accessibility.

🦼 Motorized wheelchair
Electric wheelchair or electric vehicle, powered by an electric motor drive. For getting around outside or for people with additional deficits in their arms. Disability or mobility symbol.

🛴 Scooter
My child gets the first scooter! Loved by children and rediscovered by adults. Driven through muscle power. For bridging short distances or as a fun leisure activity.

🚲 Bicycle
We’re going on a biking trip! Means of transport to get from A to B or as a leisure or sports activity. There are twice as many bicycles as cars worldwide. Amsterdam is seen as the bicycle stronghold. Emojis can symbolize a healthy lifestyle as well as environmental awareness. I ride my bike to my favorite place.

🛵 Motor scooter
“With this traffic, I prefer the scooter” or “I ride my moped to school”. A popular means of transport in large cities or Asian countries. Vespa is an Italian luxury brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The name means wasp in Italian. The Vespa has evolved from a single-model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co.

🏍‍🏍 Motorcycle
“I'm on the way!“ or “We're going on a motorcycle trip“. A racing motorcycle participates in races or world championships of road racing. The MotoGP is considered the top class. The emoji is used in conjunction with motorcycles and speed.

🛺 Electric rickshaw
I would love to take a rickshaw! Three-wheeled vehicle in Asia. Motorized version of a traditional rickshaw. Related to taxis, getting around, adventure, and distant countries.

🚔 Arriving police car
The police are already here! Police vehicle. The policemen in the patrol car are on their way or have already arrived. Someone needs help, a criminal offense is resolved or a villain is arrested.

🚍 Arriving bus
The bus is arriving! The bus is a popular means of transportation for traveling, be it for the transport from one place to another or a holiday trip. This emoji shows the front view of a bus, so can refer to arrival.

🚘 Arriving car
“We'll be right there“, “I almost got hit today“ or “Out of the way!“ The emoji shows a car in front view. Can refer to one's vehicle, the mode of locomotion, or trends, such as autonomous driving.

🚖 Arriving taxi
The taxi is here! The front view of a taxi. Depending on the country, recognizable through the color, the imprint, and/or a sign on the roof. Worldwide, taxis carry people from A to B. Refers to the type of transporto city life or metropolises like New York.

🚡 Cable railway
We’ll meet at the summit! The cable car symbolizes success that can be achieved without much effort. It carries people from the valley to a mountain peak: to go hiking, skiing, or enjoy the view.

🚠 Mountain cable railway
“The view of the mountains was spectacular“ or “I'm moving up!“ Mountain railways surmount large acclivities. The means of transport carry people to the mountain peak for winter sports or hiking.

🚃 Railway wagon
Which compartment are we in? A wagon on a rail pulled by a locomotive and carrying goods or people. Emoji refers to transportation or travel.

🚋 Streetcar
The wagon of a streetcar or tram. In big cities, it runs on the road and carries people on rather short routes. Is used in connection with transport or public service vehicles.

🚞 Mountain railway
A fantastic journey to the mountains! Train ride through a mountain landscape with a great panorama. The emoji may also indicate a particular country, e.g. Switzerland.

🚟 Suspension railway
There is difficult terrain ahead of us! I have never gone by suspension railway! The suspension railway is only found in a few, densely populated cities, such as Memphis, Wuppertal, or Tokyo. Unlike regular trains, it doesn’t run on rails but hangs from a track.

🚝 Monorail
Disneyland, we are coming! Resembles a train, but is running on one single, very narrow track. The monorail carries people to tourist destinations, in amusement parks but also in big cities like Moscow or Seattle.

🚄 High-speed train
“I'll take the fast train“ or “I'll be right there“! A train the railway traffic that covers great distances at high speed (at least 190 km/h). Currently, high-speed trains achieve 350 km/h in regular operation.

🚅 High-speed train with bullet nose
A bullet train with an aerodynamic nose reminiscent of a bullet. The train travels long distances at high speed. Is also used for Japanese high-speed trains (Shinkansen) due to the streamlined look.

🚈 City railway
I will be late, I missed the suburban train! Public means of transport on rails for the local passenger traffic in major cities and suburbs. Germans use the “S-Bahn”, the British have their Tube and the Americans travel by subway.

🚂 Steam locomotive
Make headway at full speed! The old-fashioned steam locomotive is powered by steam. This type of locomotive dominated rail traffic until the mid-20th century. Symbolizes industrialization and technical progress.

🚆 Train
“She’s getting on the gravy train”, “He’s snoring like a freight train” or “Jumping on the bandwagon”. Popular means of travel and transportation for short and long distances.

🚇 Subway
A subway also called a tube. The rail transport system in public mass passenger transport. The emoji can refer to the means of transport itself or to cities with a large subway network, such as Paris.

🚊 Tram
We’ll take the tram! A tram is a rail-bound means of transportation. It is powered by electrical energy. Often runs on roads that are also used by cars and bicycles. Popular in cities for mastering short distances.

🚉 Station
“I'll meet you at the platform“ or “The train has left“! People get on or off the train at a stop or a station. A billboard informs them about the departure times and delays.

🚨 Police Cars Revolving Light
I need your help! The red, rotating alarm light with a loud siren represents the police, an ambulance, or the fire department. Might stand for an emergency and can be used playfully or seriously. Indicates something important or wants to warn.

✈ Airplane
You want to get away from here and would like to go on holiday by plane. Or the mobile phone is in flight mode. Flying is one of the safest means of transportation, only the elevator is safer.

🛫 Plane departure
Ready for takeoff! We’re leaving! The plane is departing. Someone is going to another city or country by plane, be it on vacation or a business trip. May also mean I am ready for a holiday and just want to leave. Or someone is setting off quickly.

🛬 Airplane landing
I'll take the plane back tomorrow or “We've touched down safely again“! The plane is in the approach for landing: Someone is coming home.

🛩 Small aircraft
We’re taking the private jet! Symbolizes a luxury trip, a new hobby, or departures from remote provincial airports. Small or light planes are lighter in weight than standard aircraft. Emoji can also stand for the lifestyle of the beautiful and the rich as well as for wanderlust and holidays.

💺 Seat
I reserved seats! This type of immovable seat can be found on the plane, trains, or bus. Can be used in connection with transportation or travel. Erect your backrest, we'll lift off!

🚀 Rocket
A rocket is shot into space. “Come on, this is easy. It's not rocket science!“ Or like Buzz Lightyear of Toy Story said: To infinity and much farther.

🛸 Flying Saucer
The aliens are coming! The UFO emoji can be a warning for the chat partner to better come down to earth again.

🚁 Chopper
We’re taking a sightseeing flight! I'm on the quickest way to you! Helicopters do not need a runway because they take off and land vertically. Used in emergencies (e.g. by the police, fire brigade, or hospitals) or to monitor road traffic.

🛶 Canoe
We're going on a canoe tour! The boat is moved with paddles in the direction of view. Popular for exploring the great outdoors or for moving with the rapids on wild rivers. Can be used for water sports or activities.

⛵ Sailboat
Let's sail around the world! The sailboat is run by wind power. It serves the locomotion on water. Sailing yachts also have a kitchen and living space. The emoji depicts wanderlust and thoughts of lonely islands, sun, and sea.

🚤 Speedboat
A watercraft powered by an engine. For recreational purposes, such as water skiing or boat racing. The fastest boat in the world can do 320 km/h. Emoji stands for water sports, travel, and holidays.

🛥‍️ Motorboat
Represents lifestyle and luxury! The watercraft is powered by one or more combustion or electric motors. Used for recreational purposes, for pulling water skiers, and as a symbol of the lifestyle of the beautiful and the rich.

🛳‍️ Passenger liner
We booked a cruise! A passenger ship transports people over inland or coastal waters and across the ocean. The largest ship can carry 6,800 people. Emoji are also used in the context of seasickness.

⛴‍️ Ferry
“Let's take the ferry“ or, in a figurative sense: “Off to new shores!“ The ferry goes to the island mostly every day. A ferry carries people, cars, or goods across the water.

🚢 Ship
“Abandon a sinking ship“, “Rock the boat“, “Burn one's boats“ or “Titanic is my favorite movie“. A cruise or vacation trip lies ahead, but also used as a warning: I'm quickly getting seasick!

⚓ Anchor
The anchor is a marine object and prevents a boat from drifting due to wind, currents, or waves. Symbolizes hope, faithfulness, security, and stability.

⛽ Fuel pump
I have to refuel! The vehicle to be refueled is filled with fuel through an apparatus at a gas station. Can refer to a gas station or, in a figurative sense, stand for someone who has gasoline in the veins.

🚧 Construction sign
The construction sites have kept me back! Indicates construction work on buildings or roads. There may be delays or traffic problems. Also possible: A website is being worked on or in maintenance mode, or a project is still under construction.

🚦 Vertical traffic light
The colors of the traffic lights regulate the traffic flow and prevent dangerous traffic situations. The first traffic light, which was operated by gas light, was erected in London in 1868 and exploded shortly thereafter. Emoji can refer to the traffic, be an excuse for a delay, or represent traffic light labeling in the food sector.

🚥 Horizontal traffic light
Be careful, my traffic light will shortly switch to red! Traffic lights regulate the traffic flow. They are meant to optimize and defuse danger zones. Horizontal attachment is rather uncommon in Germany, unlike in Thailand or the US.

🚏 Bus stop
We’ll meet at the bus stop! When does the bus leave? This sign indicates where the bus will stop on the road. Only here, passengers can get on or off. Is used in connection with transport as well as public transport in general.

🗺 World Map
The “blue planet“ Earth. A world map depicts the entire earth's surface. The main function of maps is orientation. Someone wants to go on a world tour or has already traveled to all countries.

🗽 Statue of Liberty
I love the American way of life! Female statue (Lady Liberty), a flare in one hand and the declaration of independence in the other. New York landmark and symbol of freedom and independence.

🗼 Tokyo Tower
Tokyo is my favorite city! The television tower is modeled on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The landmark of Japan's capital Tokyo. The scene in films, e.g. Godzilla and Mangas, e.g. Sailor Moon.

🏰 European castle
The old fortresses of Europe are a popular destination. Medieval architecture inspires by its impressive appearance and its history. Symbolizes defense and protection.

🏯 Japanese castle
I am fascinated by Asian architecture! The building is a traditional Japanese castle. Formerly fortress, today cultural heritage. Emoji stands in the context of an upcoming journey, architecture in general, or Asian culture.

🏟 Stadium
We're going to the football game on Saturday! Sports competitions are held in a stadium. They are also used for big events or concerts.

🎡 Ferris wheel
Popular fun ride in the amusement park, at the fair, or at a folk festival. The showplace is fun for all ages. Offers a great view and is the landmark of several cities, such as the London Eye. Can symbolize lust for life and easiness as well as the ups and downs of life.

🎠 Carousel horse
We're going to the fair! The lacquered wooden horses of a carousel are a popular ride for children at the fair or in amusement parks. Brings back memories of childhood. Represents exuberance, lightheartedness, and joy of life.

⛲ Fountain
We’ll meet at the fountain! Part of city architecture, gardens, or parks. Fountains are often found in picturesque squares and are popular meeting places, not only on hot summer days.

⛱ Open Parasol
A parasol protects from the sun on hot days on the beach or in the park. Represents relaxed summer days or beach holidays.

🏖 Beach With Parasol
The parasol on a beach section by the sea stands for beach holidays and hot weather. Let's go to the lake and enjoy the sun!

🏝 Desert Island
I desperately need a break! Lonely or deserted islands have always fascinated people. They play an important role in adventure novels or movies (such as Robinson Crusoe or Cast Away).

🏜 Desert
You got your just deserts! Low-moisture and low-vegetation desert landscape with most extreme temperatures. Represents holidays, and heat. but also exhaustion.

🌋 Volcano
Actively erupting volcano with smoke and lava. Might express unbearable heat, danger, or emotional state. I'm so mad, I could almost explode!

⛰‍️ Mountain
Be able to move mountains, make a mountain out of a molehill or ascend a mountain! Can refer to a place or vacation in the mountains or is meant metaphorically for something big.

🏔 Snow-Capped Mountain
A high mountain located in the north whose peaks are covered with snow. Is related to camping, hiking, mountaineering, and nature in general.

🗻 Mount Fuji
The emoji shows a snow-covered mountain peak. Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan served as a template. Can be used as a symbol for winter.

🪨 Rock
You are my solid rock! Neither wind nor weather can harm a rock, nothing disturbs it. It is firmly anchored and can last for centuries. Or something is very old and no longer up to date.

🪵 Wood
Knock on wood! The new furniture is made of wood or firewood is required for the fireplace. May refer to the profession of forester or carpenter, tree felling, woodwork, or the forest in general.

🏕 Camping
Represents outdoor activities, camping with campfires, or weekend trips. Camping is a popular way of spending your holidays.

⛺ Tent
We're going to a festival over the weekend. During camping holidays, you set up your tent on the campsite. The transportable shelter protects you against wind and rain and can accommodate several people, depending on its size. The emoji can also be understood as an invitation to go camping together.

🛖 Hut
We will stay in small huts! Cozy hut in the mountains, traditional dwelling in Africa, or made of palm leaves on a South Sea island. Jokingly or pejoratively for a cramped or simple home.

🏠 House
Home, sweet home! The friends arrived safely at home. Can also refer to a house: have it built, move in or furnish it.

🏡 House With Garden
Suburban idyll with the house and a garden with trees or shrubs. Can refer to the neighborhood or a district. You are dreaming of a house in the countryside.

🏘 Housing Complex
A geographical place where many people have settled. Refers to a development area or housing complex. We're moving!

🏚 Derelict House
Derelict house with a collapsed roof and broken, boarded-up windows. Represents deserted areas or buildings and desolation. Can also be used for repair or renovation.

🏗 Construction Of A Building
Symbol of construction work. Represents the construction of buildings of any kind, from skyscrapers to office buildings. Might say that you are just starting over or working on a project.

🏭 Factory building
We're going to the festival on the old factory site! Building of an industrial site with big chimneys. The emoji can refer to the work in a factory or industrialization as such or to environmental problems and exhaust fumes.

🏢 Office Building
I have to go back to the office! A tall building that houses offices. Usually found in larger cities. Represents work in general or life in the big city.

🏬 Department store
I need to go and buy something! A large retail store offering goods of a specific product group, such as textiles, furniture, or electrical appliances. You want to buy a specific item or just go shopping.

🎇 Firework Sparkler
A scintillating sparkler, which is lit. Symbolizes joy, a celebration, or a happy event.

🎆 Fireworks
Emoji shows a glittering fireworks display in the night sky. Can be used for New Year's Eve or an intoxicating party.

🏣 Japanese Post Office
A traditional Japanese post office building. Recognizable by the Japanese stamp on the front.

🏤 Post Office
I have to go to the post office! In many European countries, the post office can be found in buildings with a post horn on the facade.

🏥 Hospital
I'm not feeling well! A hospital with a red cross. We go there if we are seriously ill or injured. Can be a metaphor indicating an accident or strong discomfort.

🏨 Hotel
I need to book a hotel! Be it a holiday or business trip. Maybe it’s even an invitation for some romantic days. Could also symbolize the request for an emergency shelter. Do you have a hideout for me?

🏪 Convenience store
Often larger than a supermarket and with a wider assortment, from food to electronics to household items. Usually longer open than regular markets, in some countries even around the clock. Can refer to shopping or a person, e.g. I am available 24 hours a day.

🏫 School
I am studying right now or I am at school or the university. Emoji shows a place for education. Symbolic meaning: learn from experiences or master new tests of life.

🏩 Love Hotel
An emoticon does not represent a simple hotel. The heart indicates a “hotel by the hour”. Might stand for a secret affair.

💒 Wedding
We are going to marry! Church in which a wedding is celebrated. Is often used for an invitation or the announcement of the wedding.

🏛 Ancient Building
Today, ancient buildings, mostly with columns and ornaments, can still be found worldwide. Represents culture, e.g. visiting a museum or architecture in general.

⛪ Church
As poor as a church mouse! Christian building. The church represents weddings, baptism, worship, and funerals. Also used for religion and holidays.

🕌 Mosque
The religious building with a dome-shaped roof and minaret is a place of communal prayer of Islam and a social meeting place. Can relate to religion, travel, or architecture.

🕍 Synagogue
The building with the Star of David is a synagogue: a place of assembly and common Jewish worship service. A most important institution in Judaism. The emoji is used in the context of religion and Israel.

🛕 Hindu temple
India is my dream travel destination! Temple for religious and spiritual activities. In Hinduism, the temple stands for the cosmos: the world of the gods and the world of humans connect to each other. The earliest Hindu temples date from the 4th-8th centuries.

🕋 Kaaba
Emoticon represents the Kaaba, the central sanctuary of Islam in Mecca. Destination of the great pilgrimage (Hajj) for every Muslim.

⛩‍️ Shinto shrine
Religious Japanese architecture. Serves for the worship of a deity. Shintoism (Japanese for the way of the gods) is practiced almost exclusively in Japan. Religion is characterized by nature and ancestor worship.

🛤 Railroad track
A railroad track through a beautiful landscape. The railway connects two places by rail. Emoji is used in connection with the means of transport, a train station or possible delays.

🛣‍️ Highway
We’re driving on the highway! I’ll take the fastest way! A wide multi-lane road with road sign from the driver's point of view. The state road consists of two lanes with several traffic lanes. Represents fast transport and goods deliveries.

🗾 Map Of Japan
Shows the outline of the insular state of Japan in East Asia. Mangas are part of everyday culture. Homeland of the emojis. Almost exclusively stands for the country itself: for travel or the culture.

🎑 Moon Viewing Ceremony
The moon show “Tsukimi” is a Japanese festival to the honor of the harvest moon. Emoji shows the traditional ceremony with Japanese pampas grass, Dango (Japanese dumpling), and the moon in the background.

🏞 National Park
Picturesque landscape with mountains, rivers, lakes and untouched nature. Represents outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, camping or nature reserves.

🌅 Sunrise
Dawn is followed by the sunrise. The rising sun crosses the horizon announcing a new day. The earliest sunrise is mid-June, the latest in mid-December. Symbol for awakening and (new) beginning.

🌄 Sunrise Above Mountains
The early bird catches the worm. In the distance, the sun is slowly rising behind the mountains. The sunrise in the idyllic landscape can stand for nature or vacation in the mountains.

🌠 Falling Star
If you see a falling star and wish for something, the wish will come true. Symbol for romantic and magical moments. Something or someone is special and valuable.

🌇 Sunset In The City
The sun is setting slowly on the horizon, painting the city skyline in warm colors. Night is falling, the parties begin. A daily phenomenon. Symbolizes the end of a day.

🌆 View of city at dusk
Dusk immerses the buildings of a big city in an orange light. The last moments of daylight before the night breaks. Emoji means that a day is coming to an end, it is already quite late or someone wants to go out in the evening.

🏙 Skyline
Let's go to town! Panorama of a city with its tallest buildings in front of the horizon. Skylines have a high recognition value. One of the most beautiful ones in the world is New York's.

🌃 Night with stars
A city at night with a clear sky in which stars are visible. Can relate to nightlife or stand for a romantic date or the life in a big city in general. The starry sky has always exerted a strong fascination on people.

🌌 Milky Way
A milky-bright band in the sky - a galaxy of billions of stars. Represents the beauty of the night and the experience of miracles. You are planning a romantic date with your sweetheart.

🌉 Bridge at night
We’ve arrived in San Francisco! An illuminated bridge at night, similar to the Golden Gate Bridge in the US. Refers to a great nighttime view, nightlife or a romantic date.

🌁 Misty
The fog is lifting or to be in a mist! A fog-shrouded bridge, similar to the Golden Gate Bridge. Things are only vaguely recognizable through the gray veil. Fog differs from clouds only by the ground contact.

Vocabulary Learning: Emojis Places Names and Meaning
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