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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 21 – Gratefulness For Intelligence

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1. Thinking Time: Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 21

Gratefulness For Intelligence

After practicing gratitude for our senses, let's focus on the point between our eye bow: The third eye, which stands for intelligence and the ability to think clearly, and see the truth. To appreciate this ability, have a look at this:

Today is the most essential day of your life

And thinking time is the most essential time of your day.

That's why I want to share my thinking time questions with you. Every morning I keep finding (new) answers for them.

  1. What would I do today if I died tomorrow?
  2. What would I learn today if I lived forever?
  3. How can I love myself and the world better?
  4. Which action will I take today to make progress towards my major goals?
  5. Which of my dreams can I make even bigger? And which is the next little step will I initiate today in its direction?

This is actually a priming exercise, which serves you with new answers to the same questions, almost every day. It gets you out of the dilemma of having only two choices: Yes and no, black or white, move on or stop. By the end of the week, you can choose which answer serves you the best.

What is Thinking Time?

As Keith Cunningham describes it in his book Thinking Time, it is a daily routine to sit down in a quiet environment and think about one question. In his case, about one of his businesses. And he comes up with some pretty good ones. The name thinking time implies that it means logical thinking. But all of our thoughts are triggered by emotions. So in fact, it is a highly emotional process! Without emotions, we are unable to handle any problem. Even worse, as long as we are thinking, we cannot make any decisions at all. Because we are not thinking machines, but feeling machines instead!

Now, what happens during this time?

He listens to his inner voice. And this is, being in the here and now. As long as one is thinking, one's mind is in the future or in the past. But if you open up to your emotions, you take life seriously, by being in and experiencing the current moment.

The concept of taking life seriously is widely misunderstood. Many people keep running around with a severe face, neither making eye contact nor smiling. That does NOT mean, you are taking life seriously. But instead, it is playing the Russian game! This has only one rule: Who smiles first, loses the game!

Taking life seriously means living in the here and now. And that can be pretty pleasant. Because you can smile and flirt with anyone, and the other people reflect your energy. So, you get back multiple times the good vibes, you are sending out.

So ultimately, what is the difference between thinking time, meditation, and praying? The aim to do any of those disciplines is: To listen to your inner voice, your emotions, your intuition: Ultimately, thinking, meditating, and praying are all the same discipline:

Thinking time means: Listening to your inner voice!

2. Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Share gratitude by distributing this link to the members of your challenge:

3. Gratitude Practice

Today we focus on our first target, which you wrote down yesterday. Find 5 aspects of why you are grateful for archiving it.

Write down five things you are grateful for. For example, I am grateful that I can run a marathon.

1. I am grateful for finishing the marathon in less than 4 hours Because it shows me how fit I am.
2. Further, I am grateful for being able to run for more than 40 km. Because this endurance helps me to succeed at work, in love, and in many other disciplines.
5. Finally, I am grateful for the finisher t-shirt and the medal I got after finishing the race. Because they are wonderful souvenirs, that remind me of my success.

Please remember that as you visualize the result, with the feeling of gratefulness, life will deliver ... whatever you want to achieve. Even if you don't know how to make it happen. Let life surprise you, how it does it.

4. A Gratitude Meditation

Gratefulness For Intelligence

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 21 - Gratefulness For Intelligence
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