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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 16 – Gratefulness For Your Nutrition

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1. Thinking Time: Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 16

Gratefulness For Your Nutrition

Food gives us all the nutrition our body needs, even if the water is even more essential. Anyway, both are well worth being grateful for. So have a look at this:

Which combination of food serves your body and mind the best?

In 2017 I lived for 4 months with my friend in Hanoi. She ate strictly vegan. I was not convinced, but to make things easy, I shared her diet most of the time. It seems like it turned out into a Healthy Food Mix. When I came back to Germany and met a friend, she made me a big compliment:

"Klaus, what did you do with your skin,
it looks so clean, did you turn into a vegetarian?"

Motivated like that, I kept learning about nutrition that serves my health, body, and mind. And I found out some pretty curious things about food. Based on that I changed my diet like this:

Healthy Food Mix in a Nutshell

3 Basics of a Healthy Food Mix

  1. Even if I repeat myself, the most essential resource for our body is oxygen. We die after a few minutes without it. The key to getting more of it into our body is deep breathing, which you can learn and practice e.g. in yoga classes, meditation, or any kind of aerobic sports. And you can make it a habit, by training deep breathing over and over again. So make sure you are training your breathing system a couple of times per week.
  2. Water, about 70% of our body weight is water, and if we lose only 2 % we got already have 10% less energy. So drinking every 2 hours one glass of pure water (without sugar or carbonate - no lolly drinks) keeps you well hydrated and full of energy, plus food with a high water content, which is vegetables, salad, and fruits.
  3. Healthy Food MixAnd here comes a surprise for most people: fats from vegetarian sources, like high-quality cold processed oils, nuts, avocado, coconut, etc., are the third essential part of our nutrition! Our brains contain 30% fat. This is the opposite of what I learned in school: Carbohydrate does not keep us running, but fat does. Because a healthy body is a fat-burning machine. Fat which is high in Omega 3 and 6 is the best to fuel our brains we can get. And different than what one might expect, fats DO NOT make you gain weight, at least as long as you don't eat too many carbohydrates at the same time. Further, the combination of fat and plenty of water supports your body to detox, by washing out the waste. This results in clean skin.

Substantials of a Healthy Food Mix

  1. Protein: That's so easy, if the majority of your food is vegetarian, like vegetables, salad, fruits, smoothies, you are already done! It is easy to digest, so you always got enough protein.
  2. Avoid sugar and deep-fried food, and reduce carbohydrate, because it makes your body acid. A healthy body is alkaline and if you eat green food like vegetables and salad, all is good.

A diet like that is pretty easy! Apart from the health benefits, nowadays I feel as fit as I never felt before in my life. Plus it saves a lot of time and money. I reduced the cost of food and drinks by about 30%. On top, I earned a lot of time because it is quick and easy to prepare.

What to eat to boost your immune system?

What to Eat to Boost Immunity?

Is it easy to follow the healthy food mix strictly?

That's not necessary at all. I usually go for a "Junk Food Day" on Saturdays. Which makes it really easy to stick to the diet for the rest of the week. On junk food day everything is allowed: carbohydrates, sugar, meat, deep-fried food, drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sex, and drugs, and Rock'n'Roll. Meanwhile, I realized, that this name is a kind of poison. Since that, I call it "Wellness Day"! Because that creates much better karma. But the rules remained the same.

2. Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Share gratitude by distributing this link to the members of your challenge:

Let's stretch our minds a little further today. We go further into the future, one month from today. Now, your estimated achievements may become bigger, because there is more time to make them happen!

Write down five things you are grateful for by the end of this month. For example:

1. I am grateful for sticking to a healthy diet. Because it keeps my body healthy, beautiful, and strong, and it increases my lifespan.
2. Further, I am grateful for the abundance of food choices I have. Because this variety makes it possible to nourish my body with everything it needs to serve my longevity.
5. Finally, I am grateful for the most essential food: Air and water. Because they are the source of energy, always available, and (almost) free of charge.

Make sure that you write your 5 gratitude statements in the presence. Not in the future. Because the universe does not need time to do so. All of the possibilities are already there!

4. A Gratitude Meditation from Dr. Deepak Chopra

Gratefulness For Your Nutrition

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 16 - Gratefulness For Your Nutrition
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