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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 15 – Gratefulness For Love


1. Thinking Time: Gratefulness For Love

What do you love? Your spouse, children, family, friends, all the people in the world, pets, animals, nature, the planet, or the entire universe?

What kind of love do we keep forgetting about?


How Self-Love Helps ... You might think this is about some egoistical kind of loving yourself. Building up your status by getting artificial eyelashes, fingernails, boobs, money, expensive toys like stylish sunglasses, shoes, handbags, cars, ... No, it is not!  This is all shallow outside polish without substance.

It is about accepting yourself as a part of the entire universe, and due to that being able to love everything about it unconditionally.

The best resource I was able to find about self-love is this video. It is rather long. But it's well worth watching until the end:

Source: Thank you, Leo, for sharing this!

The content of this video about How Self Love Helps, that touched me the most:

  • To love yourself is really hard work and complicated. But other than what Leo says, I think: Simplicity is a principle of nature. We do not need to understand how a gearbox works to drive a car. You do not need to understand all of this, to apply it. It even works if we do not believe in it!
  • Mostly we have at least one aspect of ourselves, that we don't like. And we look at it through a magnifying glass. Accept it, change it if you can, or don't focus on it anymore.

Here are some ways how self-love helps you to experience unconditionally love:

  • Improve your inner status to be able to accept anything around you as it is. Without judgment. To be able to do so, train your mental strength.
  • Here is an easy exercise to love yourself unconditionally, because YOU are the most valuable person in the world. Look in the mirror and give yourself all the love by telling yourself 20 times:

I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

You probably want to write this sentence on the mirror in your bathroom to read it every morning.

Your thinking time for today (thank you Leo for this question):

  • Make a list complete of everything you dislike.
  • If you can't think of anything anymore, push yourself further, by asking what else do I hate?
  • Understand, that all of this is a part of you!
  • Accept it as it is, and appreciate it. Just for its existence.

2. Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Share gratitude by distributing this link to the members of your challenge:

2. Gratitude Practice

Today we stretch our imagination by visualizing things we will achieve within the next 7 days. To get the courage to do so, you may want to read what you wrote during the last week, in which we practiced being grateful for things we will accomplish by the end of the day. Check how much of your gratitude turned out into facts! You will be amazed, at how much you were able to make things happen, just by practicing gratitude for some future achievement. Did it work always? Probably not entirely, but keep practicing to increase your hit rate.

Write down five things you will experience within one week, are grateful for. For example:

1. I am grateful for loving myself. Because it gives me the confidence to go my way.
2. Further, I am grateful for the people I love. Because having them around makes me happy and feel secure.
5. Finally, I am grateful for my unconditional love for the entire universe. Because it's me.

 Furthermore, enjoy your growth, simply by extending your imagination about what is possible.

4. A Gratitude Meditation

Gratefulness For Your Wealth

Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 15 - Gratefulness For Love
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