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HOME » Day 05 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Day 05 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Sunday, November 1, 2020: Day 5 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

I enjoyed a long and good sleep and made up for the latest nights in which I found very little sleep. The morning meditation with Carmen was very good. She is one of the few yoga teachers who smiles during practice, and who focuses the mind. She even gives the mindfulness work higher attention than the physical movements. I consider her as a brilliant woman, who has approached Spiral Dynamics tier 2. A very pleasant yoga class followed the meditation was followed. I loved it!

Then I had a delicious breakfast. I went to the History-House and checked emails. The autoresponder worked fine again.

Terima Kasih Tuhan! = accept love, god!

The meaning of it is thank you, but if you really translate it word by word, it is "accept love". Isn't that a wonderful way to say thank you? - While writing this, I have tears in my eyes, due to my happiness about this wonderful word game, the British would call it idiom.

Bike ride heading towards hot springs

To express it friendly: It was disappointing. Due to that, it made me appreciate the cleanness and quality of service at Bali Silent Retreat even more. The entrance fee was only 40.000 IDR. But the dirty green pools and the run down infrastructure of the hot springs hardly rectifies this. Did I ever mention low hygienic standards in Asia? Well, I guess here is where the Indonesians get their immunization. A bath in these pools challenges your immune system so that it is prepared for worse.
Heading back soon, and during the bike ride, I thought about the question, some people are asking me:

"What are you doing in Bali?"

I realized, how blessed I am. Having the luxury to enjoy financial freedom, while living vocationally a frugal lifestyle. While my assets grow almost by themselves, which allows me to do what I love to do. Learning and sharing my learnings. It became my passion. It is like a job, or rather like a hobby. Because I would do it, even if I would not get any money for it. And it doesn't feel like work at all. And my earnings on the stock market pays me well for that.

My day looks like that

And first of all, most people who got a 9 to 5 job, would consider that as rather boring! I wake up around 5:30 a.m. with a morning meditation. I do my morning routine, some kind of physical activity:

  • Running,
  • beach walk,
  • swimming,
  • enjoying sex,
  • bike ride,
  • yoga,
  • gym,
  • I even tried kickboxing.

Shower, breakfast, and taking a rest, usually with a short meditation and a 10 to 30-minute nap.

The rest of the morning is dedicated to learning. At the moment I focus on learning Indonesian, and I often combine it with the sport. I am learning additively the best. Due to that, it is most effective to listen to the content I want to learn while working out. Sometimes I take a little snack for lunch, followed by a rest, often in combination with meditation or eye training.

Eye Training

My eye training is either a physical eye-exercise, a gratitude meditation for eyesight, or an affirmation of health to cure short-sightedness.

What follows is my working block, which may include writing, or working on the web-page. This may be SEO activities, analyzing the stock market, and adjusting buy orders or sell orders, or just thinking time.

Sometimes I go for a drink during sunset and then enjoy dinner with my girlfriend. Usually, I go to bed early, between 9 and 10 p.m., and fall asleep during a healing meditation.

After arriving back at the Bali Silent Retreat, I took a shower, and I enjoyed a salad for lunch, followed by some cookies with a cup of coffee. They provide some cashew and coconut-cacao cookies at the buffet in the dining room. Those delicious cakes always give me a hard time passing, by without enjoying one. And then it was time to relax.

Sang Tu told me about one herb to cure hearing problems by putting them into your ears, so I put some of them into my ears and laid down to relax. And started my eye training. I have extended the eye training audio, by translating it into Bahasa Indonesia. And I replaced the directions, like up and down to North and West. So I am learning at the same time new vocabulary. I really like the 25-minute eye training. And I like it even more, that it becomes easier to work on the computer without glasses since I am practicing it.

The afternoon I spent with a cup of ginger tea in the hammock at the firehouse, writing, and journaling, thinking, and feeling, and let my thoughts drift. Then I went to the History House to improve my post about the prognosis of the development of the stock market. Further, I booked accommodation in Tabanan for my girlfriend and me. Then, it started raining heavily.

Improving writing skills in a foreign language

I found a good way, to improve writing in a foreign language. I use Google Translate to translate the English texts I wrote into German. Then let the Text To Speach (TTS) function read back to me in my mother language. Listening to it, using our emotional interface, the ears. And it is so easy to feel, which sentences do express something different than what you wanted to say. Now, going back to the original sentence and rephrase it until it makes complete sense in your mother language is pretty easy.

I skipped the afternoon meditation and yoga class. After dinner, I was stalling through the library and found the book from Deepak Chopra about Holistic Healing. And I  started reading until it became too dark. So, I went to the firehouse and watched the fire from the hammock until I almost fell asleep and the mosquitos turned me into their food ... So I got up and went to bed, where I was able to enjoy the comfort of a mosquito net, to get rid of the little bloodsuckers.

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