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HOME » Day 03 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

Day 03 – The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

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Saturday, October 30, 2020: Day 3 - The 30 Day Bali Silent Retreat Challenge Review

At 6 a.m. I joined the Morning Meditation and the subsequent 90 minute Yoga class. The yoga teacher Carmen asked, do you you want a flow or static exercise, active or passive. I chose the active flow.
But soon I learned, that was too much, after 60 minutes I was about to give up and stayed long in child pose instead of downward facing dog ... And I decided to take a break on the next day from the practice.

After the class, I checked my emails. No crone job is running, and no emails were sent. Shit! I restarted a crone job manually and then I asked the plugin provider to fix it. Because I did not want to get distracted from this anymore. Further, I saw, that the stock market fell 3 days in a row because some buy orders got automatically executed.

Are herbs an alternative to modern medicine?
Are herbs an alternative to modern medicine?
  1. Then followed the rice field-walk with Jongtuh, the co-founder of the Bali Silent Retreat. He explained for example about herbs for healing ears and eyes. Due to the fact, that I am anyway working on that, it was quite interesting for me. After coming back from the rice field walk, I had lunch. Followed by my eyesight gratitude meditation.

I spent the rainy afternoon at the History-House fixing the problem with my email marketing tool. In a help file, I found a hint for a solution, how to set up a crone job. But, I still do not understand why it ran for over 6 months without it, and now suddenly I had to set this up manually.

I wrote down my thoughts from my sleepless night, about my expectation about market development. And I sent my father a copy of it because I am managing his depot as well. And at the moment, the balance in his depot does not look too good.

For me, that means, it is a good time to buy more cheap stocks. But I know, he is more thin-skinned. And I felt, that I need to give him some courage, to avoid, that he sells some positions with a loss. After dinner at the firehouse, I read what I wrote the day before, and realized: That it was really good! I should publish it on the webpage. So I started to think about a plan, how to do this. Further, I thought about:

The fallacy in modern medicine

Modern medicine still is researching for a substance, that turns straw into gold! They are looking for medicine, that is killing cancer, diabetes, or heart diseases. While ignoring at the same time, that all of those major killers of mankind are all of them caused in the mind. These sicknesses, diseases, or infections are only the projection and the result of not living in harmony with the cosmic energy, nature, your environment, or however you want to call it. And this disharmony, in combination with ignoring the signals of the body, for a very long time makes us sick!
Before those killing diseases appear, there are several escalation stages. And our body informs us about that with some symptoms.

We receive messages already a long time before we get a diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any kind of infection. First of all, you just have an intuition. Mostly we do not even realize it, because we are too busy. So, we will get some pain as the next signal. And due to the fact, that this comes and goes, it does not seem to be very specific. But in reality, every symptom is a very clear message, about what is wrong. And it also tells us, how to fix the root cause. But we just do not understand it, because we are so disconnected from our bodies. Or we are simply too busy with "essential things", for whatever reason, e.g. pimping the appearance, putting up makeup,  treating symptoms, surfing on social media, watching television, shopping for status symbols, playing video games, ...

If we keep ignoring the sporadic pain or even suppress it with a painkiller, the symptoms will become permanent. That means we have to increase the intake of the pain killer. Then, it starts to attack some organs. And that may be in the beginning some functional limitation for example of the heart, the kidneys, or the liver. Only much later it will turn into a kind of cancer. This includes always a clear signal, which caused it. And it is always a way of thinking, which formed a nonsupportive habit or a permanent conflict.

Some of these habits can be:

  • Smoking for lung cancer.
  • Drinking too much alcohol leads to liver cirrhosis.
  • Not being able to accept or give love, creates diabetes.
  • Only trying to be logical and suppress your feelings leads to heart problems.

Only to mention some examples. The list is long, but still, it is easy to understand for everybody. But modern medicine ignores that.

A problem only can get solved at its root, not on the symptom. Every chemotherapy, every heart bypass, or insulin injection is only treating the symptom! That's why modern medicine is getting more and more expensive and makes very little progress in healing. Because it reduced the need to solve the root cause. Actually, treating the symptom, makes the next escalation stage necessary.

Even traditional eastern medicine, relays on the same fallacy, with the exception of Chinese medicine. Healing with herbs and homeopathic substances might have fewer side effects, than biochemically produced modern medicine. But still, all medicine can only help to get rid of the symptoms! People who prefer eastern medicine, are rather open to change their behavior to accomplish healing. And due to that, they are more likely to address the root cause, which is an imbalanced mindset. Which is the only way of real healing, and it is always based on changing the way of thinking.

The cure for all sickness without modern medicine

The only way, to cure any kind of sickness is, to identify the disharmony within you. Something manifested in your way of thinking. This can be a conflict within yourself, your conscious and subconscious mind, with others, or with nature, the cosmic energy, or our environment. The healing starts, as soon as this conflict is identified, and it is finished when we have adopted a new way of thinking, which is in harmony with the creation.

After that, the fire was almost off, and I went to bed, enjoyed my healing meditation, and fell asleep. But the idea to publish the prognosis of the development on the stock market did not let me sleep for long.

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