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90-Day Abundance Coaching 005

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Did you set up the account-system, and noted five successes in your new success journal?

If you did, congratulations. If you haven't, let me be clear: Nobody gives you the first million for doing nothing. It's your birthright, and the money is in the street... but you have to bend down for it. And you can't put that off.

I asked you to do your best, and accept me as your mentor. So please, trust me when I insist on this right at the beginning. There is a good reason for this:

Everything you do later, every financial success you will achieve, is built on these two points:

  1. On your ability to save, by applying the account-system, and
  2. On your self-confidence, by writing in your success journal.

So, if I have already reserved the second unit to follow up on those two issues, you can imagine how important they are. Please have confidence in me, and write in your success journal, every day! And set up the account-system.

In general: We're starting very slowly, by changing the way we think. Then there is the saving. That's enough for a start. Don't worry: we'll increase the intensity later.

Abundance is your birthright.

To do

  1. Share gratitude by distributing this link to the members of your challenge:

  2. Set up the account-system.
  3. Watch this video about "Millionaire's Mathematics:

  4. And watch that video about, why taking "Responsibility" for yourself stops you from being a victim anymore:

  5. Write down 5 successes in your success journal.
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