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Coaching for Entrepreneurs 005 โ€“ Commitment

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This is now the fifth coaching letter for entrepreneurs. You had committed to carry out the tasks of the first 5 coaching letters. You've cleared some space so far, you've defined goals for 1 year, and you've started journaling your achievements to develop your dynamic self-awareness. That was the start and - if you have carried out the tasks - you have already achieved the first results. Congratulations!

We will continue to transform your work as an entrepreneur and your company step by step. I asked you five weeks ago to make a choice. Of course, the choice to build a functioning company and earn real money and then be proud of it. But above all, the choice to create a company that makes a difference in people's lives. And the choice to use your example to encourage others to take their lives into their own hands! Try thinking that far! That you can inspire others through your work! You made that choice 5 weeks ago!

Today, this coaching letter for entrepreneurs is about the topic of commitment. Scientists in Australia wanted to find out what it takes for children who learn to play the violin to become good at it. They recorded everything that could play a role according to the most varied of theories: the upbringing, the social environment, the parents' wealth, the quality of the teachers, the peer group, religion, musical talent, intelligence, etc. And then they observed their children over many years.

At the end of the investigation, it turned out that only two(!) factors had a major influence - and one factor had a moderate influence. The first is the number of practice hours. The more the children practiced, the better the results.

And second, is inner commitment. The scientists divided the children into three groups: those who said: "I'll try the violin - maybe that's something for me" (short-term, small obligation). "I'm going to learn to play the violin" (definition based on activity, medium commitment) and "I'll be a violinist" (definition based on identity, long commitment).

It now turned out that those who made a long-term commitment were significantly better than the children with little commitment and a long practice period, even with a short practice period. In other words, the commitment "I'll be a violinist" has an even greater impact than the length of practice. Incidentally, the one factor that had a moderate influence was the quality of the teachers. And all other influencing factors play only a minor or no role at all. By the way, the original "talent" had no(!) influence - I don't mean a little, but none at all!!! That's why we should also completely say goodbye to the concept of talent.

Why am I explaining this in such detail? Well, becoming an entrepreneur is like playing the violin. Do you say to yourself that you want to give your company a try? Or are you saying that - come what may - you will become an entrepreneur? Are you fully committed to working on it long-term using your identity?

You could already observe it in yourself in the last 5 weeks: If you have committed yourself to this coaching, then you have achieved results. If you haven't done that, then you won't have any results either. Everything else is secondary. How long you worked on the tasks is secondary. As an entrepreneur coach, I am secondary. What counts is your commitment to do something. As simple as that!

Take another look at your expectations of the coaching letters for entrepreneurs. Does it say, if you wrote it down at all, that you want to try what the Entrepreneur Letters bring you? Or does it say: "I will become a successful entrepreneur, no matter what I have to do or how long it takes." From the wording alone you will be able to see the energy and enthusiasm with which you completed the tasks.

So if you want to become an entrepreneur, rewrite your expectations again. Get involved with your whole identity!

In these coaching letters, I show you step by step how to develop towards becoming an entrepreneur. There are coaching letters on all areas of responsibility of the entrepreneur

  1. vision and motive,
  2. strategy and positioning,
  3. Other people,
  4. Clean up,
  5. implementation and control,
  6. development of personality, and
  7. handover to the successor.

I want you to make a conscious decision: Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Yes or no? Do you want to walk the path to becoming a successful entrepreneur with me? Yes or no? If not, please cancel now! (You can only cancel with the link at the bottom of the coaching letter, not by email or similar, since the subscription

Data are not managed by us, but by Paypal or Micropayment). Because, as I wrote in my first coaching letter: I only want to work with people who make a conscious decision to change something and who are willing to pay the price for it. The price is your commitment and your time. Are you willing to pay that price?

By the way, the price is not 297 euros. Please think for a moment. If you could solve the problems of your overload if your customers were happy if you could find the right employees if in the future your customers would come to you on their own, how much would that be worth to you? 1000 euros, 10,000 euros? 100,000 euros? If you become the market leader in your segment and could set the standards if you made a difference in people's lives? How much would that be worth to you? 1 million? What if you found fulfillment and became a role model for others? Priceless? 297 euros a year is ridiculous.

The reward is access to the forum from the next coaching letter. I wrote in the first coaching letter that probably only a maximum of 10 percent of entrepreneurs invest in their further development. It's just a small elite! This has an important consequence for you: In the accompanying forum, you will only find entrepreneurs who want to work on themselves! They are on the same wavelength from the start and the level in the forum is extremely high. And it's important to me to keep this level high.

That's why I only let those entrepreneurs in there who are willing to work on themselves. Successful entrepreneurs have an environment of other successful entrepreneurs. And you can find this environment in the forum. In the meantime, many entrepreneurs who met there are also friends in real life. In addition to regularity, the right environment is another key to your entrepreneurial development.

We meet next week ๐Ÿ™‚

Your tasks

  1. Re-read the 35 achievements (5 per day) you've noted since last week. Check whether they are real successes (read again the definition of dynamic self-confidence in the last coaching letter). Mark the real successes with a red pen and then look for the biggest success and mark it separately.
  2. Decide if you want to become an entrepreneur. Yes or no? If so, you will be able to access the Entrepreneur Coach Forum next week. Incidentally, you can further increase your commission if you commit yourself to your goals there - like many entrepreneurs before you.
  3. Now mark the next 52 appointments at intervals of one week in your calendar. We have now increased our requirements a bit. Reserve 2-3 hours of entrepreneurial time for this. And treat these appointments as if they were appointments with a client that would bring you money.
  4. And in fact, it is also the case that these appointments will bring you money - just not immediately. The important thing is, as before: Spend these 2 hours somewhere else, somewhere nice. And ideally not on the computer - there we are too distracted by other things (emails, etc.).

PS: The next coaching letter for entrepreneurs is about finances.

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