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MAISON » Tâche 12 du défi de gratitude du matin - Reconnaissance pour l'énergie tantrique

Tâche 12 du défi de gratitude du matin - Reconnaissance pour l'énergie tantrique

Podcast J'aime Bali

Today you will train your pelvic floor muscle and practice gratefulness for your tantric energy to keep you going with ease and pleasure to make big changes in your life.

1. Thinking Time about energy

Learn to locate and how to put tension in the pelvic floor muscle, to activate your center of energy.

2. Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Partagez votre gratitude en distribuant ce lien aux membres de votre défi:

3. Gratitude Practice

1. I feel grateful for my tantric energy. Because it keeps me going with ease and pleasure
2. De plus, je suis reconnaissant d'être un amant parfait. Parce que cela rend mon partenaire et moi heureux et satisfaits.
5. Enfin, je suis reconnaissant de ma capacité à conduire mon énergie respiratoire à n'importe quel endroit de mon corps. Parce que cela le dynamise et le guérit.

How did it feel, to be grateful for things you will achieve by the end of the day? Did it always turn out the way you expected? It certainly didn't. But in some cases, it worked, and in some cases, life did surprise you with a solution in an unexpected way. Did it?

So, keep on practicing this visualization and gratitude exercise, to experience more positive surprises. And for those that did not work out ... today is not the last day! Just visualize and praise them over and over again, until it works.

4. Méditation pour stimuler et pratiquer la gratitude pour l'énergie tantrique

Gratefulness For Tantric Energy

Salutations vitales et heureuses
Klaus Forster

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Gratefulness For Tantric Energy
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