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How to start the Gratitude and Abundance Meditation Challenge?

Originally posted 2020-12-31 00:00:24.


Commencez votre défi d'abondance GRATUITEMENT avec 21 jours d'abondance. Voici le premier jour pour vous avec une méditation du Dr Deepak Chopra.

Bientôt, nous commençons à travailler pour votre Reconnaissance etabondance. You're aiming to receive your 1st lesson on day 1 of 21. This is your task and therefore the gift could be a lovely meditation from Deepak Chopra. I am going to invariably send it within the morning and you have got twenty-four hours to complete the task.

Meilleures pratiques pour votre défi d'abondance:

  • Si vous préférez recevoir vos tâches et méditations sur votre téléphone, rejoindre WhatsApp and Subscribe Your Abundance Challenge
  • To share your abundance challenge experience with other participants get the Mindfulness App.
  • Ensuite, il est temps de se préparer pour le premier jour: procurez-vous un Cahier d'abondance(par exemple Dossier vidéo, it also can be an electronic to-do list, your calendar, ...) to be prepared for the challenge. Range the pages
    • Tâche 0
    • Tache 1
    • and Task 2 ... all the way to
    • Tâche 21

Don't worry, there'll be no judgment or analysis of your activities. It is all about YOU - do whatever serves you best possible. Be open to finding out what serves you best. But be aware, that you will find that outside of your comfort zone!

La gratitude est la clé de l'abondance

That's why I will ask you every day to write down 5 things you are grateful for. To understand the concept a bit deeper and how it serves your abundance, have a look at this video and then return to this page: To get your gratitude practice started, open your abundance notebook on page zero. And write down 5 things you are grateful for:

  1. I am grateful for ..., because ...
  2. I am grateful for ..., because ...
  3. And I am grateful for ..., because ...
  4. Further, I am grateful for ..., because ...
  5. Finally, I am grateful for ..., because ...

Et voici votre cadeau pour terminer l'initialisation:

3 thoughts on “How to start the Gratitude and Abundance Meditation Challenge?"

  1. Hi, the Your Gratitude and Abundance Meditation Challenge is very good, congratulations to’ authors.
    Love yourself and be happy! 🙂 Kisses!

    1. Dear Daniela,

      Thank you for your interest. If you want to receive a daily reminder on your phone, join the WhatsApp group by using this link:

      Vital and happy regards

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