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How To Improve your SKIN HEALTH?

With the skin, we touch the environment directly, physically, materially. Skin diseases show strong emotions and hypersensitivity to the environment, too much involvement with emotions.


Puberty - Emotional Problems - Acne !!!

The skin is the kidney's projection surface, which is responsible for cleansing the emotions. If you are overwhelmed, your skin has to step in and help dissipate the reaction.

You want to get out of your skin !!!

You feel dirty (sexually), unclean. Or constant states of tension express themselves as "suppressed crying in the skin", here particularly strong sweat.

The skin has many functions:

  • It is our largest contact body. We experience our environment through direct contact.
  • At the same time, our skin delimits and offers us protection from the environment.
  • It is the projection surface for all internal processes. All physical and psychological processes can be seen in it. We also breathe through the skin.
  • The skin regulates our heat balance. By expanding or contracting, heat is stored or increasingly released into the environment.
  • The skin is an important excretory organ. Sweat transports toxins out of the body.

It is the seat of a large number of sensory receptors that are connected to the central nervous system. We cannot out of our skin.

The skin shows how we are:

1) As a reflex zone for all internal organs

All reflex zone therapies such as foot reflex zone, hand reflex zone, and nasal reflex zone therapy. But also acupuncture and ear acupuncture, including the treatment of Head's zones, are based on this. Every change in the skin is related to inner reality. And so the location of the change is by no means accidental, but a clear expression of inner reality. The invisible makes the invisible visible. We can read all of the information on each part, although it is easier to read in some parts. All physical information can be, for example: in the eye can be read, as is done with iris diagnostics. But as well on the feet, on the ear, on the back, in the hand, in every drop of blood, yes in the individual cell. As well as in the face and the body shape, which we come back to of the skin.

2) As a projection surface for our psychological processes and reactions

A shock makes us pale, shame makes our faces blush. Our hair stands up when we are in fear, we get goosebumps with horror, and we sweat with excitement or insecurity. The skin can glow with joy or become ice cold from panic.

Because that is so, an entire industry thrives on changing the skin, and most people spend a lot of money on cosmetics. But if the skin is an expression of our inner reality, then any attempt to beautify ourselves only on the outside is dishonesty. It is a delusion about the inner reality, which was too much trouble for us to change so that we are satisfied with the outer appearance. But the skin just wants to show us what needs to be done.

If we have very sensitive skin, it only shows that there is also a sensitive person in it. He is “thin-skinned”, everything goes “under his skin”, he needs “elephant skin” or “thick fur”. At the same time, this is the request to eliminate the defect and not just cover it up cosmetically.

The skin has to bear it when an internal event pushes outward, be it as a psychological event through paleness, redness, goosebumps, bristling hair, sweat, glow or coolness or as a physical event such as inflammation, rash, abscess, or as an external intervention such as injury or surgery. In all of these cases, something breaks the previous limits, we are faced with a new situation, new decisions have to be made.

To understand the signs of our skin, ask yourself:

  • What is it really that wants to break through the boundary and wants to emerge, to express itself?
  • What is itching me?
  • Am I too open or have I closed myself off too much?
  • What about my ability to communicate?
  • Is it possible that behind my dismissive attitude is more the desire for contact?
  • Am I looking for a way out of isolation?


Largest human contact organ. I have to take care of myself too. What itches and burns me? This is also spiritual. With skin diseases, contact is disturbed. Also projection field of the kidneys. Feeling impure, insecure, unable to express yourself. Allergy, acne, etc. are always emotional problems or hypersensitivity.


Would like to jump out of my skin.


Irritated by delays. Childlike attempt to draw attention to itself.

Skin problems

Timidity, anxiety, old age, buried crap. I am being threatened.

Herpes Simplex

Bitter words left unspoken.

Scleroderma (= swelling and hardening of the skin)

Protects against life. They no longer trust themselves to be there and take care of themselves.

Self-help with skin problems

My skin is a protective and contact organ, and I recognize its true importance. I know that all physical and psychological processes are reflected on my skin. I breathe in and out cleansing life energy through my skin and I feel this wonderful healing flow of energy. I feel the harmonious warmth in my skin and I feel so good and secure. I know that all negative substances are transported out of the body through the skin. I realize that my best cosmetics is to lovingly care for my skin. I now know that my skin is an expression of my inner reality. Starting today, I'm working from the inside out, and I'm getting beautiful, flawless skin. Everyone admires my beautiful and young skin and I feel very young and reborn. My skin reflects my inner world and I am thankful for beautiful and flawless skin. I love my beautiful skin that envelops and protects my whole body. My skin is clear and beautiful and I'm enjoying my new life. I thank my subconscious for beautiful and flawless skin.

Psoriasis self-help

I tune into the center of my heart and I am very calm and relaxed. I let more and more peace and serenity flow into my life and I feel my freedom. I can feel everything negative dissolving and feel the transformation in my heart. I breathe warmth, security, peace, love, and harmony into my body and I breathe out all waste products. I accept all people and they accept me. I'm opening my heart more and more, and I'm attracting the best and highest people into my life. I love the highest and best in all people and I live in absolute harmony now and always. I am starting a new life and I am sending thoughts and words of love, peace, and harmony to all people. I am now and always free and open to all positive endeavors, and I give thanks for perfect results. My skin is the mirror of my soul and it is pure and beautiful now and always. I thank my subconscious for my flawless and beautiful skin.

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