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Gratitude Challenge Task 1 – Benefits of Gratitude

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1. Thinking Time: The Benefits of Gratitude

from Dr. Deepak Chopra. Here are his key points about the Benefits of Gratitude:
What are the Major Benefits of Gratitude? Well, meanwhile it is even scientifically proven (whatever that means), that gratitude does not only influence your mind and thoughts but also your physical condition.

"This is Dr. Deepak Chopra. And I'm delighted to announce the 31 days of gratitude program ...

The 31 days of gratitude are going to be led by Christine Meekhof. I want to thank Christine Meekoff as well for leading this ...

And our pillars for well-being are

  • nourish,
  • move,
  • love,
  • meditate,
  • sleep, and
  • grow.

As a part of the growth experience, one of the best things we can do, is feel gratitude.

One of the things we have done at the Chopra Center, as part of the Chopra Foundation research, is that we've seen at a very fundamental level.

What happens when you experience gratitude?

So, people who have experienced that gratitude brings their inflammatory markers of cytokines in the blood go down. And the inflammation in the body goes down. Now we know for example, that inflammatory is the common factor, in almost 95% of chronic diseases. Only 5% of diseases related to gene mutations are fully penetrated. The rest are infuenced by the lifestyle.

Including the

  • quality of your sleep,
  • weather you meditate,
  • how you manage your stress,
  • how much you move,
  • mind-body coordination,
  • practices like yoga, and
  • breathing

which stimulates the vagus nerve. And allow your parasympathetic nervous, system which is associated with self healing, to come into the forefront, rather than allow your sympathetic nervous system to always be on thrive. Which of course causes inflammation.

Some movement, yoga, breathing, these are very important modalities. And then of course, it's also the quality of your emotions. If you're experiencing:

  • love,
  • compassion,
  • joy,
  • peace of mind,
  • equanimity

your body is in the mode of self regulation and self healing. Add to that gratitude!

Gratitude is the easiest way to trigger the healing response.

And what we call homeostasis of self-regulation. Gratitude also opens up your heart. And is the window to abundance consciousness.

Because when you're grateful for what you already have, it welcomes other things into your life. And abundance consciousness is the basis of wealth consciousness.

Wealth is not just money.Wealth is

The Ability to Generate Abundance

in all aspects of your life. That includes:

  • love, 
  • and relationships,
  • with professional colleagues,
  • relationship with society,
  • relationship with, that which we called the ecosystem, forces of nature,
  • and relationship ultimately with the universe.

Opening our heart to our deeper core consciousness, which we call the soul, is how we create abundance consciousness. Which allowes the flow of all things that are evolutionary in our life. Gratitude is very important. And of course in JAYO we also nurish

  • your body,
  • nurish your mind,
  • your deeper motions,
  • nourish your body with healthy food,
  • your mind with curiosity, and wonder, and intellectual exploration,
  • and nourish your soul thru contemplative self inquiry.

And meditation and gratitude are the window to abundance Consciousness. Which is what gratitude does. And finally at JAYO we also believe, that you can nurish your connection with the planet, with the earth by

Grounding yourself

So you know, the more you ground your body with the body of the earth. Wether it is by walking barefoot on the ground, or on the grass, or on the beach or using grounding devices ...

When you ground yourself, you reset your biological rhythms, your circadian rhythms. And you reestablish harmony with the earth and through the earth, with the cosmos and with the universe.

Because the connection to the underlying field of all possibilities, from where the universe is a constant experience in our own Consciousness. That underlying ground of being is our own inner self, beyond our ego mind. And beyond all the constructs we have about reality ... 

Join us if you want to focus on opening the door to

The Benefits of Gratitude

  • abundance,
  • healing,
  • self-regulation, and
  • decrease inflammation

by experiencing gratitudeSo, join the 31 days of gratitude. Thank you."

1. And write down five things you are grateful for:

1. I am grateful for ..., because ...
2. Further, I am grateful for ..., because ...
5. Finally, I am grateful for ..., because ...

Please remember that as your self-esteem grows, due to a feeling of gratitude, your feelings of helplessness and your fears disappear.

3. A Gratitude Meditation from Dr. Deepak Chopra

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Confirm that you finished your task for today - Click HERE

Vital and happy regards
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Benefits of Gratitude
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