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HUIS » Denkval over ouder worden? #LONGEVETYSECRETS

Denkval over ouder worden? #LONGEVETYSECRETS

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In this video "Out Of The Dementia Trap", Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther explains how to get out of the Aging Thinking Trap. And it answered so many of my questions.

In a nutshell, if I do not do the things I do with fun, pleasure, happiness, the brain is not learning, there is no growth, especially no mental growth, which results in no happiness. So, I need to make sure my habits are making me happy 🙂 Due to that, this webpage should be called, happiness4vitality instead of vitality4happiness!

Om Aging Thinking Trap te krijgen, hebben onze hersenen een andere stimulans nodig om te groeien dan een spier, die een korte tijd gestrest moet zijn om te groeien. Maar de hersenen hebben positieve emoties nodig om te leren en te groeien. Omdat we een vreemde taal het gemakkelijkst en snelst leren als we een minnaar hebben die deze taal spreekt. in plaats van stil te zitten in de klas, houd je mond en probeer nieuwe woordenschat te onthouden!


Stap uit de valkuil van ouder worden


It's great that I'm allowed to be here again, actually always better beforehand, because I like it so much, I think this area is nice and the Stadtsparkasse can now do something very special when I can deal with a specific question, namely And that with aging, service and this change in the brain is becoming more and more interesting, I find that interesting because I firmly believe that something has messed up, maybe slowly straightened out again, which have to make clear with an example that our minds are limited in Africa also made sure that the many elephants take back and then now and then there is such a situation where you protect them so well that too much.

We will and then we have to go straight away, the old ones won't last long anyway and that was the endurance of having to shoot them down, they did Did they shoot the old ones and then the terrible thing happened when I attacked the young elephants in the villages and trampled cats because the role models and wisdom contained elephants in front of an elephant which ensures that such a herd of elephants does not show up in a heap Used by rowdy and young people who otherwise don't know what a child has and why. You never really old generation, we are not important, we have the most collected and these are not the most important members of society, but the most important ones and the example with the elephant make that pretty clear and I can imagine that this will also be an issue in our society in the next few years that you have to deal with, it becomes more and more clear that this was not a bad idea when you get people more or less out of society when they get older and make it clear to him that they are left now and then get the care and nursing and then you wait for her, as it is called in Germany, for her socially acceptable death, that is, of course, a catastrophe. Well, I mean that very seriously now, we have my wonderful studio in Göttingen, that's why we have favorite songs in the old people's home and then you could do a little memory stick and listen to it with their Hearing aids.

Whether you could say your favorite songs were allowed to the elderly favorite song, the elderly and what you have that, that was total as well as that then has a box of ten titles on it and that was then made available to them and They were always allowed to listen to a favorite track of once a day in bed in the morning when they woke up before getting up and then they had stress and in the evening when falling asleep I was also allowed to listen to the result again, for You could see that when such an older lady heard her hit, then she is then with verve and then came out of her room and then the neighbor is also like that, he looks different than usual and then she still had the pulls on her ribs from that too and then they got into a conversation for the first time and then you run the risk of winning and I have that and if they went down together and had breakfast together at the table and suddenly had something that connects them great, then we went to the health insurance company, that is, to the insurance company, and said that we would then have a nice model and would like to ride it out a bit and it In many sick people or many facilities where elderly people are accompanied, then also start and then also do my scientific study, because you would have to cover that a bit and yarns would not get any money, they had no money for that and to spread that and that They did not quite clearly say so, but it is not the job of pension insurers to prolong the lives of the elderly.

One has to tell truths from time to time. the way I speak what, why are you, you have to ensure that as long as the fat ones are reasonably taken care of, but that is of course if you do it all economically, it is better to die earlier. what is socially acceptable death so and now I just want to wake you up here in Feldbach and the things we don't do with you and then you need a little courage and then you have to have the feeling? It works, and now as a neuroscientist, I can give him a bit of courage because that is perhaps the most important discovery we have made in the last 20 30 years in contrast to everything that I believed in her father when I was a youngster, in contrast to what we have previously thought, is the human hand into old age and I wait because new synapses can still be built up there can result from injuries something breaks here in a different place, something that has to be rebuilt, if you start playing the piano or juggling again at the age of 70, six months later you can then use your ancestor to show that it was for computed tomography that the wiring suddenly came about this process was not there. So be a little courageous, that means you could still do a lot, but that's not so easy because you are just the brain. No muscle, now it comes, because now we get to where we in Feldbach do not have to announce, if you get a new injury Synthroid would have thought that his room, so the brain has such a thing, you don't have to, so you can muscle just practice and it gets bigger and bigger and meanwhile, you can conclude that it always twitches and it gets bigger and bigger the muscle is stupid, but the brain is not as stupid as the brain has the empire, it is always checked whether it is something he will do Is also important.

Couldn't you be important to us, then Jan doesn't feel like making an effort? That’s so to speak. Most of all it's not fun and if somebody comes along and says, now we have to do crossword puzzles or move a little more, at their age they should be 10 kilometers here every day, so then you say yes, yes, he already has Right will be true, but the brain does not think that this should be particularly important now then it doesn't matter either. That means what you do to make something change for him, has to go hand in hand with an activation of the emotion centers in the brain and I used to say a little bit that they had to be enthusiastic about something again.

Then it was when they did something and that it was fascinating, why and today I no longer like to say that with enthusiasm, I always said that for rhetorical reasons People are already enthusiastic about the cost of nonsense and you don't need that normally, but sometimes also difficult, if I had said now when I started with it, then it would have to do it with joy if people always look to the master hairdresser ability with the joy of knowing not even what it is., now we have the enthusiasm, now I say because in reality I mean I will not inspire I say with I mean joy and that is not enough dedication, so if my favorite example if nowhere one in Feldbach is already there1085 if you really should learn Chinese and then ask how it works when you get the idea to learn Chinese tells you part in your brain, it's no longer worth it, but now let's assume that you have put a lot of thought into it, then they go to honor a few remaining friends, where they always drink their beers and his buddies, now I'm learning to eat Chinese, what they say, do you still have all the cups in your closet you are your age, so that won't work and if they also override it and have such a strong will that they don't enroll in the community college after all. because you know, all DC is now that will order him to appear in Chinese, but if he is now his wife spastic me as

If some 85-year-old had better put it into her head, then under normal circumstances it would fall hopelessly in love with a young, pretty 65-year-old When I say Feldbach, Fellbach is also beautiful, but I would rather check it out afterward and he thinks she is so good that he goes along with Martin. Goes after half a year, then we decided to visit And the Chinese day on the Chinese but he wants and and and it is forgotten and where is the tongue that bends and inspires him and the woman too, that's such a great Chinese camp and that

You can in principle also with 85 Chinese shops where you have to be able to get excited anyway? That is only possible if you do something with such joy and with devotion, these emotional centers are turned on, and then certain messenger substances are released and these wonderful messenger substances that do not come out in routine operation. Routine operations come, all possible messenger substances are released, but not because they are only released when it gets right again, because these messenger substances can do something that the others you do not take in routine can namely cause other nerve falls to cause them to grow again extensions and make new snaps, make new contacts and that's what you need so that you can also learn Chinese at 85.

Tassone dit dat het hem zo'n plezier geeft om X-Max te voeren dan niet zo ver als oke Kiosk Boodschap van Islam Lezing I dat weer maar heel kort wordt genoemd terwijl in Feldbach niet zo slecht voor iedereen op de jongere als de oudere Jongere tijden zouden kunnen laten zien hoe leuk het is om ouder te worden.

go to eat problem sure and now I come to dementia because there have been different for two years there has been neuro-examination for dementia, it was just different, yes heard That will be something dementia always takes to do and always to take off between, there is a very peculiar development there are the first studies from England and from USA in Germany nobody has measured with the possibility we are even better. It just hasn't been measured yet, because everyone believes it can't be that he is the generation now so if you do the crap now

zijn nu tussen de 60 en 70 en kijk hoeveel procent van hen dementie vermoedt en vergelijk dat met wat tien jaar geleden tussen de 60 en 70 was en hoeveel procent van hen dement is geworden, dan krijg je de dementiefrequentie op basis van deze Koran a kaart Het was 20 jaar of 14 jaar geleden en het nieuwe oude wordt nu oud. Deze nieuwe banden vertonen nu tekenen van dementie bij paarden dan de minder voorkomende zouden hebben. Er is nu een generatie die ouder wordt, waarbij je waar de leden van dit bedrijf niet meer zo vaak met elkaar corresponderen.

and now we can look a bit in this book, what's lying around somewhere, I took that and said maybe this whole idea of ​​this dementia I'm looking for is told to us when they pretend that the brain is why is in the machine, well, it will be put together like this. which one used snakes and then

She says that a little, that's the picture you have of our brain in part even of our body and that comes from the last century and there you actually thought that way and yet it is not true that I lose Otherwise it is not an 85-year-old. Do learn Chinese, but by telling each other that it will wear out, we won't bother and don't even believe that it will work and therefore believe that we will get older here.

not quite obvious to buy, there is a study in the whole concept that refers to this dementia concept down the pants and that is the so-called nun study, so again they all believe that the dementia is because so much has shrunk away in the brain at some point that is no longer pure and then you can't remember anything and then Then there is a big study in the face with 600 nuns in the USA or Canada and ours is one every year at Christmas, yes, at the end of the year, the whole country has done this dementia test, as well as doing this in Graz dementia clinic and always looked, who is already noticed, who is already listed, who is listed very few minutes walk demented and then they died one after the other, he started studying in the 80s, and then back in again died and then yes with the app I have been quite smarter with you when they died, the chance the weather in pieces of me.

And that differentiate and that you can color it the way Alzheimer's did it back then, if I only see it broken when you drive it that way, he died all the way and then he did too He still knew whether they were demented or not, then cut the slices and something came out that turned the entire dementia research on its head, there were just as many there as in the normal population, the shriveled Jan has, but there were very, very few people, there were some who had theirs that looked worse than that of the gentleman twice what he examined at that time of this woman and the woman saved money at the expense of everyone but no signs of dementia, that needs to be explained. He brings me that I love such findings because they confuse everything that you have thought so far.

The explanation is banal, the brain is able, if something fails, it has to be done again, yes, that would be more often learning something new in old age is also done again and now we also know that if you have minor strokes or something, that something fails, so always my big stroke thick, which now erases the whole left half of the brain, so to speak, the whole cortex. So, if there is a blockage in the blood vessel and then there is no longer any supply, then the nerve cells on the left side in the cortex all die off and then you have dead tissue, so to speak, so that is then digested a little, whether it is no longer closed Ali comes back to use what from 2 is on the side pulling the language center you can no longer talk and because the centers for the coordination of movements are also on the side.

This is done crosswise, so if there is a stroke on the side, not only do not speak anymore, then the right side can no longer forgive, half-time knows that at the moment and that is always said earlier together, okay, if it is no longer possible to the right, you have to do it with the left and if he can no longer speak, you don't have to keep your time or should he stab that he should write with the left and then write down what we talk and then are The first unbelievably great nurses and therapists had the idea that they no longer believed, that science goes with it, what is it, what you discover something and that there are people who try out whether it works like that and Johann then such severe cases of stroke patients helped to rebuild the whole thing, but on the paper side, it doesn't work anymore to be new on the other side.

That is, there is some remnant of the language center that you already have in the small child in childhood and only later entry is the language center on the side with this remainder of the That’s work, it’s always not going to be grown up next to that, then that goes over like me and the other one is the legal proposal of 18 on the right side and that you’re still going to sing. Now the language offers said again, they couldn't say hänschen Klein, but they could sing the sides Henschen Klein sing the language regained and now you can even explain, so to speak, why it works better with women than with men with us men, unfortunately in our current school system and even back then, when we all went to school, music teachers drove out the joy of singing.

We men still like to sing just as much as women will write to me just as quickly after sleep, so not alone so and so and then there is also a little bit of food on the side, you can move your shoulders and your hips so everything else it's broken is on the side and now they have noticed that you can practice them again for the rest of the movements so and keep growing these extensions romp around making new interconnections and in the end they suddenly have someone. It's running Like me. He can move him He can ride a bike. He can even get such a small font to enlarge write that it is then too difficult to know, but he can do the rest more Christian that is neuroplasticity.

the brain of a person who has a blocked blood vessel here and there would also be able to do this, giving him something from her vector image, if the whole of a page can be made from scratch, one can also do a little bit of what one can do lose again build up somewhere else from now on it doesn't work if you're not feeling It works remodeling processes even with these stroke patients only go first if they want it and if they are not having problems with their parents or with their wife or colleagues or with life in general.

the right brain can regenerate and build new ones, but that is only possible if you are totally happy now we can not do it because I have now exaggerated a bit. Would be happy what one breaks I figured out is that these self-healing powers are what they call it is great for the new Medicine says, you can't make a person well, but the doctor can only help people to heal themselves every healing stop, that was a stupid idea that he people came, I can cure you the arm is broken, he can't make my arm whole again, he can use his medical skills to ensure that it is put together in this way.

This is yourself back together, but it's always done at the doctor's, be made well again, not the hasty and that's how it goes with the Lord. The brain could reorganize itself, so to speak, that could be lost Maybe rebuild, but of course not when we're fine. This state has to be good, it's called a sense of coherence because you have the feeling that everything fits, so you would have to feel and act with yourself, thinking and acting is so good and then you also have friends and then you have also lust for life and everything and the relatives and then you also have this connection to God or have no idea, so if everything fits well, then you have a great feeling, well, they have the exact one elaborated in an unadjusted way, what should what, what is the most important thing that fits, so this new type of medicine is salutogenesis, so in the last century Hammer always said and there the medical interests are, that is, pathogenesis unexplored, everything makes you Now they suddenly come up and say. You could also research what you need is my child staying is a good idea.

Un saluto is gezond en salutogenese is de naam van de wetenschap van hoe weer beter te worden en kijkend naar de datum, wat bepalend is wanneer mensen zelden ziek worden of snel weer beter worden en dat is ook de staat waarin deze zelfgenezende krachten al het werk weer noem jezelf ook Nachtbrandwonden in de wond zijn er al of zijn weer samengegroeid in de botten. Alles werkt beter. Als je zo in orde bent en toen keken ze, wat is het belangrijkste en toen kwamen ze erachter dat er 3 salutogene factoren zijn die bijzonder belangrijk zijn. dat het lichaam en het hare steeds weer goed kunnen regenereren.

Alle drie beginnen met bekende, dus je zou het gevoel moeten hebben dat je iemand bent die begrijpt wat er in de wereld is en jouw wereld in je leefomgeving, dat wil zeggen dat je begrijpt wat daar aan de hand is. Anders is er niets. Als je alles zou kunnen begrijpen, wat er gebeurt bij Sophie buren en wat er met jou aan de hand is, en je dit allemaal zou kunnen begrijpen dat is duidelijk, ik begrijp hoe het is en waarom het is, dan zou er veel gewonnen zijn, maar ze zijn er al. Het is niet toegestaan ​​om het nieuws een keer uit te zetten.

I also jump on it and don't know if the gentleman language has just stepped down to make the coalition possible and on the inside and then on the computer again. It understands all of borrowing all this political thinking and games come across as stupid to me that I have to say I don't understand. I understand a lot, I don't understand either. Good, why you can't manage to finally take care of me up or at least why we can't manage to make sure that I get along with the crazy again, I don't understand why the young people are there now Do a Friday for a future demonstration when they finally wake up and do what you can do with it and those stupid brats, no idea, they have to be done and only give you an idea and they are also autistic, so wait for a turn, that's why we do everything so you have to say what I am there and then I have to say I do not for sushi, but now if you become laws that understand everything, then the one real humid garbage will help you What do you get if you understand something, if you can't change it?

What does the second prerequisite mean that something grows out of her now and then? That is not just to understand what her husband and her friends and the television and politics and the newspaper not only understand but rather that if you have understood it, you can also okay, now I'm doing there but what where do you ever feel like you can do what shit told kids. understanding understanding is of no use if you can't do something, I get If she understood something, it can't change, that's worse than if I hadn't heard.

The weather is You don't understand anything, you don't have to worry about how helpless you are. One is that one cannot change it., They are getting pretty

Send is also very nice, so you have to understand what's going on. One would have to be able to change what we understood and the third thing is, one would have to have the feeling that it somehow makes sense. So what do I get if I understand something and I am allowed to be but I don't know where so somehow that would have to feel. Above all, if you are older that you are not in vain in this world, and that the brain is never strenuous and will inspire you to save your money for the next cruise.

Please the next free time you create there. That happens, so we're only fine if we also have something, why we can take care of what is important to us, what we want to be there for. In Feldbach there is so much that I am needed for older people with their experience and what they can be there for. That is that this is not the city of too many people when they get older they have the feeling that I am at home, that I am fine, that they understand what is going on here, and that they can also shape something here and that it makes no sense to you, that it makes a lot of sense to him, with the result that Feldbach suddenly differs from all of Austria.

Got less and less dementia. Reputation Casita all over the country can demonstrate how to live together in a community and a city or a region, so that's at odds with all medical devices, that would be great. So, what is essentially what I wanted to bring you here should give him a little courage.

Should follow, perhaps, provide a few arguments that it is not always possible to get bogged down in the sack when the other comes and says nothing works anymore and now I had thought it would probably be best if we do not hold such long speeches now or I keep talking for so long, but then just know, maybe try to get into a conversation, we have two microphones and we could just talk to each other now about what this is doing to them, what they are doing here in Feldbach now want to change your life, that I want to use the WIFI until you wake up again, anything can happen to you until the microphones are all over, I tell him a little bit more of a summary of what we will deal with tonight what I now draw out, so to speak, as insight from what brain research has done in recent years, it is relatively easy is that is

Where did it say that we are all sitting here like them, we are all born, every child all over the world is born with huge potential, there is a lot more networking, so to speak, than you ever need, even if you are something in Feldbach, that Every child tries enormously to try out this potential, these unbelievable networking possibilities and what all that can be done with it and then it looks, it sets off with an insane enthusiasm to discover and to design, set off and then discovered that everything is round within of only two years, then every child can think about his body bears what an amazing achievement it is, so nothing in two years can walk around it and can also speak out of nowhere. It is not art if you already have one language and can add a second.

if you don't want any, you can't even move your tongue back so that it comes out more sensibly loud and they all do that on the side, it's empty that works like that and then grow, the ones that go further in and then they notice that it says there ., The world is already under it, so to speak, there are always others there. It then becomes more and more noticeable the others make themselves more and more noticeable is mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and then the other siblings and then kindergarten and then school, well, they want to develop and then suddenly they realize they are not right through and stick Do you even have to suddenly feel like doing such a huge movement later and you definitely want to and you have to sit in the chair all morning, or you want to discover here and somehow want and then you should learn what they do differently had a math or early intervention at the moment.

Then I want to design something and now has the best idea of what you can do with your heart between dishes in the kitchen and then mom comes and that's too much design now, so you can throw it against the wall with his wonderful ideas and these needs, someone they had, so what remains, because this child is also made for yes and pictures are part of it and we cannot see alone, so everyone will have their way and that we all made an effort that what bothers you and the other day and you shouldn't work or where you notice it doesn't work. You can't always sit there with your need for movement, so that had to go, you have to know that you have to build inhibitory networks in the brain so that I no longer become so That means it is then, so to speak, wrapped in the brain.

Design font is wrapped up and the joy of discovery is also wrapped up in this insane ability of children to be compassionate and also wrapped up. Both, you can drive animals out there Meyer no bed was over and the openness is wrapped up and then everything is wrapped up somewhat too well, so to speak, and then you can finally there you don't fit in or in the family and then in the kindergarten and then to school and then to university and then also to professional life and those who could best assure themselves that they still wrapped themselves up the most, they are then also the most successful who fit in best.

It's only stupid when you're so involved you can't develop anymore. Setup is all not happy, they work wonderfully, but they are not doing well, that the self-healing powers get involved in the fight, why are not in progress, so they would have to buy a house. They should have developed, developed, and developed and now you realize that you can't tell anyone that it doesn't develop now, I mean that developers in the company. Therefore always understand me and what they want to free their employees from yes not So you can only develop if you want to, that's the nice message, I have to cry, otherwise it won't work.

and I can only want to get out of this tangle if I think that's great too when they're gone. How is that supposed to happen, relatively easy, would somehow have to come into a situation again where, with these intricate parts, with the joy of discovery, creative means with the joy of life with the movement, today you would have to come back into contact with yourself with this Coffee garden Part of the fact that suddenly you feel again if you can then if you suppress it again, if you allow it, then it is as if your heart opens as if a light begins to shine for you or behind you Wings grow and they say under no circumstances do I want to live another day in this confused state and then people change and very fundamentally they need almost nothing more of what they are doing now and suddenly they are free.

so it is when one develops one freely and then it is a pleasure because then there is enough to do again, their one can do all possible nonsense, one has to forego everything. There is no longer a need to start either. Life is easy for him again, so you would have to you have to try that you

Who now has questions about this little idea, I am in Aerzen now, if you have been familiar with it for a few years, but if it makes you cry over and over again while sitting by action with attracted negative examples, how are you still amazed So you all understood when you think back now and it only occurs to you that someone from your childhood has always never been seen, always treated badly, always loved and never satisfied, and I know all that stuff, too, in which I tell you a story from Hamm about a woman from Switzerland, I couldn't believe it, I went there, looked at it, I knew the woman Very long, she is now in her mid-40s and she has chronic Chronic arthritis means that is an autoimmune disease and autoantibodies against your joint proteins are formed and this then makes them hurt so bad and the picture then goes on and in the end, it also goes in the group mostly in the cell phone you then have them Anyway, she fell in the joints and then she tried everything, she has tried everything since 8 p.m. and approach and homeopathy & healer and no idea everything has no use and then she is 1 2 Years ago I think she called me and said Gerald, I didn't know that I couldn't help you either with the DTG right. I was in Berlin six months ago with a hypnotist and he hypnotized something to me and now it's gone. He made this person to you.

Then I had said there was almost no real hypnotist, he asked me if it wasn't somehow in my childhood when I was still a child, something gives the function great where I would like to remember a moment, something and there I go with him now, because there is what you love in every living being and then she has it. She had said to Was a little girl, she likes to do it for me this year in which this picture is actively hypnotized and then we do it now is completely black and then you can get that but everyone or remind yourself of this picture so strongly that that never leaves Then you have to do it in the background all the time you see yourself grabbing a little girl with the seagull, do something I do too, many people make that this person is usually pretty good too.

Then to those who are always in the background for something that they also see themselves in this state was happy and that was what they did and an old year the part was chronic treatment, what happens next, they finally develop calm again She gets all the stress, all the suffering, all of what has happened to her there, and what do I know if she was also traumatized, the one above is so confused that the brain can no longer take care of what is in the body happened, actually it could all heal, but nothing can be done with this mess in the pear, so she constantly, that someone is drumming on it from above and then she found this image of the jumping in the child and that once did this Theater dissolved up there, that suddenly fit again and with that, because of networks, those in the deeper areas can again do what they are there for, namely watch out for that in the body

8 p.m. and of course it has to replace each one of the of. Everyone has such a picture that I have one too, as a child I always have. Didn't you, there are even both fights. Camera, it always has to be cut off, and then they even had side shoots and then there was a cool one all-around by a man who is a broken one, this head side Dietmar all around bathing paradise in the bushes out and a common last few weeks the hardware store Diesel you could get more expensive So lie down and in the spring leaves green, what to read in the back of my mind pages, if I get this out of my backpack, then it flies me, but in every stupid situation before.

That is something to have, so to speak, out of the shit and rushing back in is quick and the trick is not to complain down there and then also around and about the e-mail is of course nothing more. Have a look, if you find something like that too beautiful, great inner picture then shifts telling each other, what is nice when you can tell the woman that you have at least my moment in your childhood when you are totally happy when you can make each other strong, that it won't go away again, that the two of you can get out of here and that's still there.

and that you then go to Sant and then shit, the one together still there no one can do it anymore, what to do with a strong picture I have to go on ok, I didn’t understand anything, of course, in childhood, that’s Clarissa, they’re mostly very strong, so far I have met few people. Looks then from later phases this that is that looks that this is too strong the weather. Yes, something different. Seeing through your whole body what this is about, otherwise, it's not just easy, I once asked our students, I once said tell someone, but once they experienced something that is remembered, we say vacation and Yes it was that is of no use, this is the case in Mannheim.

This is too weak, I have to say something, what she takes hold of what made her so happy back then, that that didn't do that to me so often, but she has something that has to come out again and made it with the man the world, walking around you shouldn't just wrap so deep that you can't get Then it's stupid okay to ask, you mentioned today that movement is not so much about preventing For me, I can't refute that, I understand the connections and he also feels that with pleasure that dementia also gives me clarity and also try to make other people palatable and it is additional pleasure, so I can get out of 1. Helps exercise.

Esther against dementia, so if you find something that we enjoy doing, everything is normal in the museum, then whatever it is, it just has to make him happy and that she follows the rules of what to do That is to work through and then to run mandatory pieces every day, unfortunately, does not help against dementia by being given to other elderly people because they are so sick or what.

that's why it gets a job then, it's not just the movement and it is the joy of movement for him, it is also the joy that one has not surprised this weather for anything. So, that's it, they almost failed or talked about it briefly before, they said we should develop into something that gives us joy and assume that it should apply to each of us for every day and if you are, quite consciously, we asked ourselves how things are going with the economy in a company is a company, if all ladies and gentlemen of all employees would now take that into account, how should you finally do that there is not at all the problem that at the moment I'll say what about it. The real problem is. He that is very, you can't persuade anyone that he starts to become a very friend.

Too many people like to do it, this is a must, that we like the horse and are blocked from telling each other, so to speak. And where do you meet someone in there who says it was a great day today, and now the questions in How's it going when I always say whether I'm doing so well, I haven't felt so well for a long time, the other person always had the feeling that I would also like to confirm to him, which leads to the fact that you don't get that far smells that it would be happy and if you are somebody, I can do that then yes you have to make it all yours white, but I've been doing it for a long time now and as a professor, he still has, because you have to work at the university, that's not always your joy and I mean, we experienced the fact that we start with the size

Relief in my life that I no longer have to tell everyone everywhere, so what, that I am depressurized, what I have to do something there, what I hold lectures, obtain third-party funding and write accounts and accompany employees, so don't be afraid of it Wasn't that great, but of course, I was able to do that very lovingly from my inner attitude means I had with him and won, they all felt at home and were happy when we were to be together again, that's okay. That has nothing to do with labor productivity.

check I made At least it led to them doing even more because it wasn't going well and then the body simply did things and you can feel bad or a good feeling, you have switched on, so a diet that doesn't get worse either If you are happy, so in reality, I think, is the one who turns red and I know it is a more effective employee in a team at Theinert drives constantly has problems with himself and is involved and others also with articles.

My wife is a yoga teacher who has ever brought you up so And I said that's comparable and that's wrong. Either it gets easier and you suddenly It's better that Then it is right and if you have to make an effort because somehow you think you have to do it now in such a way that it is simply easier and when it becomes easier, it also goes better from hand to my job as a university if I feel better then they are asked about the school in such a way that the children just have to sit down and do everything they can to get involved, no, no, but that a Viking would just not have to send the children towards the Montessori school, can you somehow design it yourself more easily, could not send them just once, could you send in all of them, of which we know that completely different adults will come out.

What is a Waldorf School or it can at least be called the question? Yes, we do have Montessori and other reform schools unite in German-speaking countries also in Austria after the second after the First World War, that's not what we are Somehow they were the first to find something like that and the question is called, the one not called the Yes, why haven't we already done that the whole time? Because that is it helps the children to become strong, prudent and competent personalities who, very soon 17 and their creative power, Universum Backnang worth visiting for opportunities themselves as Experiencing designers and Walldorf has this now with devices in their egg.

Found a spiritual inner should have expected spiritual temperatures on the headache software doctor, that’s all great and you couldn’t have made a second world war with these I now I say what we are today and now it is a question if we should do this everywhere, such great shoes forget our economic system.

political probably being sold on all the junk among the young people is turned up for purchase but only If so, don't know where to go, you need enough confused young people who don't know what they want and who are just frustrated so that they can sell on them all the I don't need a person who is the last app on an iPhone and what we still want openly, that one must be very unhappy to buy all this junk, we are even stronger and so brought up and that's why it doesn't mean that you are anything. Andy Schulz is also of what I think of you at Stevia as an adult, what about because you can usually look around and there are sometimes very happy families, they also have two three children and are happy, that has nothing to do with money, on the contrary, the happier one here is mine. The less they need and vice versa, the more unhappy they are and now the more who are in a clinch and have a theater with each other, the more they need and around a big house and then three cars and three times a year in the South Seas they are called differently the misery does not end.

I am happy that our present one simply has to use money, it can no longer be disguised, this is an economic system that is geared towards growth and what lives from people's consumption can only work if people get more and more stupid, if they always They wouldn't get any smarter than they would buy it, that is to say, that is a very stupid, fatal situation that we have now put ourselves into and that can be seen in us older people and to tell the younger ones, because it is for a young one Not to see through people very quickly, I also had to get very old before I understood So now the time is over there is no one else left.

you decide now, but then I have to look too, but if we want to do another one, then we'll do it. May I briefly come back to dementia and getting older, if I should look for something I do not enjoy doing my job for the whole week or if it is a professional idiot, it is not good if I am supposed to do something for me as people get older I can not just go on with my work or is that too technical idiot that is always me if I have enough development opportunities in my work, but it is a too specialist idiot. So just have to look for it differently. We have felt in the other and maybe also for something else, i.e. this question, what am I doing to make it happen? No, it's really about throwing everything over here.

We can continue in the same way as before, only with a different setting, I can only reveal what the setting will look like than that. You would have to be able to become a loving person. It's enough if you become a loving person. Thanks, I'll We're trying to make a skate park a little experiment, we're accompanying this region from the academy and that's why it's so important to me that I come here too, I would like it if such a movement starts here, where all of Austria looks here and says that they did that and that is not about the economy. It's about the way you deal with yourself and with others when we can build your little lighthouse in volcanic land, that would be a fat dog and I would be happy in any case to see it happen.

I thank you.





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