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A Magic Pill For True Results: Body Language Meaning

How to understand our body’s messages?


Earlier theories of man saw him in two parts, body and soul/spirit. Centuries have passed from Plato to the present day in this contemplation of the “riddle of man”. It was reserved only for the representatives of the developing idea of ​​creation to see the human being as a whole in the context of the nature that surrounds us and the cosmos that holistically influences us to create true results.

This embedding of man in nature and the cosmos, in the totality of creation, reveals what is essential in a man. And at the same time opens up possibilities for a different view of human life and existence. Human freedom and a sense of responsibility are very important.

On the one hand, they can become a projection screen for the cosmic order structure, but on the other hand, they can also block this idea of ​​creation. As the philosopher Charon rightly states and modern science shows, the entire formation is already complete in the smallest particle. At the same time, however, there is the possibility for each particle, as well as for humans, of further and higher development in the overall process of evolution, the direction of which we can only guess, the endpoints of which we do not yet know. Each organ has the task of reflecting the cosmic order and inner, solidified decision-making and behavioral structures – like in a burning glass. In this lens of the organ, the hub of mediation between the cosmic basic structure and individual human behavior is addressed.

Language as an element of human coexistence is understood here as the overarching component and connecting strand between the cosmos and individual beings or individual cells, individual particles, and organs, the statements of which can enable us to draw important conclusions about ourselves. Those who understand this language, this universal expression of the laws of nature, no longer have to accept illness as an inevitable fate, but can draw the consequences that lead them back to holistic health. This article may hold the key to this language for you, and ultimately the key to understanding the inherent laws of things.

Professor Dr. Herman Loddenkemper

Introduction Healthy Body Language Meaning

The creation is permeated and sustained like a symphony of order. And like in an orchestra, each member of this creation bears the obligation of unity. Our task is to find the way from EGO to SELF to UNITY. If the striving for unity is disturbed, disharmony arises and, as an external sign of this, sickness. Illness means disharmony in every single case. Since it is our task to strive for unity, the ability to do so must also lie within us.

The word HUMAN gives us valuable hints through the wisdom of the language. The word human comes from the Sanskrit word MENUSCHIA (pronounced MENSHIA). Since the name always refers to the being, it means here: “The thinking mind capable of discerning the law.” When we break the law, disharmony arises and the visible sign is a disease. The cause of any disease is always in the mind. The state of our body is only the visible information of our way of thinking.

The root word of MENUSCHIA

  • Man = thinking
  • Manus = spirit
  • I a = law

When we look at the world we see injustice, sickness, and suffering. This is so obvious that we no longer question it. But when we see the “reality behind appearances,” we see absolute justice and sickness and suffering only as the message and natural consequence of man’s misuse of creative energy. There is no “fate distribution point” – everyone gets what they deserve!!! We all have our destiny and bear it more or less patiently, but hardly anyone wonders why they live under these circumstances. What causes them and whether and how they could be changed.

Once we do that, we realize that our destiny is in our hands and we can change it at any time. But not outwardly, no matter how hard we try. But only within ourselves. Destiny can only be changed where it originates, in our heads. Circumstances reflect our thoughts like a mirror. In which we can see sickness as a blessing and healing as a task.

Healthy Body Language Meaning

Body language is arguably the most spoken language in the world because our body is constantly talking to us, no matter what other language we speak. And yet we hardly understand this language anymore, although the understanding of our body lies dormant in us as ancient knowledge and is just waiting to be activated again. Only when we understand this language again can we recognize and solve the life task behind it. Because every illness is a task and not a punishment.

There is always a gift, a gift hidden inside, the symptom is just the packaging. It is a gift from ourselves to ourselves and offers the opportunity to take a step further in our evolution. In the School of Life, sickness is part of the curriculum because through it we learn to find the next step on the way to ourselves. And the disease forces us to take this step. However, the prerequisite is that we understand this message. Knowing this, staying healthy is in our hands.

The Indian sages therefore also called it “AVIDYA”, which means ignorance or feelings of guilt. Because we cannot do what is “necessary” until we know it. This is especially true for our most important instrument, our body. Everywhere people are complaining about their illnesses and demanding immediate or quick help through medicines and treatments. But at the same time, they refuse to do the only right thing: namely to change the way they think, feel and act because it is uncomfortable and exhausting. They feel they have done their duty once the doctor is paid.

Most people still believe that a disease is a physical disorder that happens to strike one and spares another as well. However, illness is made “necessary” by our behavior and has only one purpose, namely to draw our attention to wrong behavior and at the same time to motivate us to correct and, if necessary, enforce the wrong and thus disharmonious life. But over time we understand that the disease has sometimes destroyed us. Although we are against animal testing, we play test dummies and test the effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, or even taking drugs on ourselves. We must therefore recognize that we are ill in a much deeper sense before we become physically ill.

Illness indicates disharmony as a true result

What we call sickness is the organism’s attempt to restore harmony, for example, the first step towards healing. So what we call illness is not the actual sickness, but only the information about the illness in the truest sense of the word. The message about the disturbance of harmony has “taken form” and thus becomes “information”. However, if I owe someone something, removing the balance is not enough to absolve me of the debt. Nor is it enough to eliminate the symptom, since this does not affect the disease at all. After all, healing means finding the way back to wholeness, to “wholeness”, and that can only be achieved through a “significant” change.

So illness is only an outwardly visible sign of a lack of wholeness, and as long as we haven’t achieved that, we need the sickness as a message. So it is not our enemy, but our friend and partner that we cannot do without.

The human spirit has accomplished great things. We have climbed the highest mountains and explored the depths of the sea. We have come to the moon and are building computers that can think a thousand times faster than we can. Also, we control the biggest and the smallest, except the next, our body. We have built nuclear bombs that we could use to destroy the world over and over again. But we haven’t learned to care for them and are increasingly polluting our environment. We are still unable to maintain our health and our concept of illness still resembles the spiritual beliefs of primitive peoples. The evil spirits have only been replaced by the evil bacteria and viruses that infect the unsuspecting and of course completely innocent people.

In no way do I wish to belittle the merits of medicine. We can say that great things have been achieved in this area in the last hundred years. The great epidemics are over, and we have found a way or more to treat almost every disease. People should be as healthy as ever. Because at no time has so much attention been paid to the body, so much money is spent on maintaining and restoring health. Under these circumstances, the patient should be the exception. We all know that is not the case.

How can it be explained that people have never been as sick as today?

Above all, probably with the fact that to this day we do not pay attention to what illness is. Sickness has been around for as long as there have been people, but most people see sickness as a twist of fate, a freak of nature, or an opportunity that strikes one and spares the other. For them, sickness is primarily a disorder that should be eliminated as soon as possible. But what we call illness is not the actual sickness at all, but only its symptom, its physical expression. “Disease” itself is rather a disharmony in the human consciousness, stepping out of the natural order of the human being – a disturbance of the whole human being and not only of the body. At the same time, it is an invitation to leave the previous path and restore order.

An appeal to expand our consciousness

Sickness, but also accidents, is a call to expand our consciousness, change the direction of our thoughts, and recognize our problems as tasks and solve them. The deeper meaning of the illness is to come to our senses, which the sickness forces us to turn inwards if necessary, to listen to the voice of reason before it is too late. Healing does not mean making symptoms go away. But to recognize and restore the lost order. It is not enough to use pills or injections, not even just natural remedies.

We need to re-understand what our body is trying to tell us. As we organize our thoughts, feelings, and actions, physical order also returns. This may be uncomfortable, but it is the only path to true healing that encompasses body, soul, and spirit. The prerequisite for this, however, is first of all to learn to understand the message of the body.

Sickness is our friend

Because illness is not our enemy, but our friend and the best “development worker”. Also, sickness is the natural way to get well. When we try to avoid disease and misery through the expansion of modern medicine and ever higher social benefits, we deprive those affected of an increasing share of the “necessary” life lessons and hinder their development.

Any physical healing is only valid if it is followed by a spiritual transformation, otherwise, we will only force fate to repeat the same lesson in a stronger form, since the first lesson did not bring the desired result, which led to a change in behavior. Because the organism not only tells us with the sickness that we have gone in the wrong direction and have to change the path we have taken. But the nature of the symptoms shows us exactly where it’s missing and what to do to get well again. We just have to learn their language. The “language of the organs” is simple and subject to recurring regularities, whereby true results emerge.

Once we understand them, it is up to us to take the necessary steps to heal, or fate hands us over to the painful lesson of experience. But if we are willing to learn from knowledge, then we don’t need to get sick to find ourselves. Then we also realize that healing a person does not mean restoring the old condition. After all, that was exactly what the illness necessitated – but healing means bringing you to wholeness.

Real healing therefore always leads to new insights and thus to an expansion of our consciousness. If people could no longer become ill, this would be the most serious illness imaginable, because then we would have no information about our misconduct and would have no chance of bringing about change. However, we always try “successfully” to get rid of the information about our wrong behavior to continue doing the wrong thing afterward. And we complain bitterly when new “diseases” try to force us to finally do the right thing. At every stage of an illness, there is always an unsolved problem behind it, the inability or unwillingness to react correctly to certain demands of life. So the symptom just draws our attention to a particular mental misalignment and calls for correction.

Creating True Results Due To Proper Life

Every illness shows that we do not behave properly “for life”. At some point, sooner or later, everyone looks for ways to better understand life and themselves. Life has sent us a wonderful messenger who is happy to show and explain everything to us, albeit in his language. Most of the time we just don’t realize it because it’s so close. It’s our body. When we learn to understand our bodies, we understand ourselves, life, all of creation, and ultimately God!

Our body, this wonderful ambassador of life, not only tells us where we are not behaving properly and what we are doing wrong, but it also always tells us exactly what needs to be done to be completely in harmony with life again. He is constantly sending us messages about the various symptoms of the disease. The body does not lie and makes visible what is otherwise invisible to us. If we ignore a symptom, He sends us pain to draw our attention to the message and death if we don’t want to see the message.

Through the universe of our bodies, life reflects every reality. This is how this wonderful messenger of life, our body, speaks to us constantly. All we have to do is learn to understand His language and follow His advice and we are in tune with life and harmony with creation.

If we couldn’t get sick anymore, we would keep making false causes until it was too late. This would decouple the essence of man from the body and deprive him of the opportunity to grow and mature through experience and eventually transcend self-created destiny. So healing a person does not mean contributing to the restoration of the old condition, because after all, he made the illness “necessary”, but healing means leading this person to wholeness.

The best doctor and the most expensive medicine can only promote healing. What heals is the healing power of nature, which begins to work once the obstacle in our behavior is removed. Real healing therefore always leads to new insights and thus to an expansion of our consciousness. So the error is always in the mind and is only projected onto the body as a symptom.

In the past, when the connection was still known, the patients got asked:

  • “What are you missing?”

Today we only look at the symptom and ask:

  • “What are your symptoms?”

So the symptom is meant to help us recognize unconsciousness. Now that it has been projected onto a visible plane – and of course, it is to be eliminated. So illness wants to help us to become more perfect, to take a step in development. And that is true healing. Because we can only speak of healing if we are more perfect afterward than before.

In naturopathic practice, any therapy that only treats the external symptoms makes you sicker instead of healthier. The suppressed sickness soon breaks out again, usually more severe, or is replaced by an even more severe one. But the zest for life, the belief in the meaning of life, and the wealth of the soul are also lost. What remains is a sad remnant of what should have been created.

Healing, no matter what form, is always self-healing. The best doctor, the most expensive medicine can only ever activate these self-healing powers. The more intensively and directly this happens, the faster healing can take place. First of all, one has to clarify:

Why did this person get sick in this form and at this time?

The therapist should not only find the cause. But above all, recognize the meaning of the illness. This is where intuition can be very helpful if it is developed. The treatment can only be holistic: the unity of body, soul, and spirit, and should never be directed towards a sick postman.

Treatment can be initiated in many ways:

By talking about the cause and meaning of the sickness and the meaning of life, through meditation, but also medication, as long as they biologically support the body’s natural self-healing powers. The body always chooses the best remaining path and is always grateful when the very best path, the inner one, is opened to it.

Then healing can take place through awareness and knowledge, and he no longer needs the physical illness, and no longer has to force the person to deal with a specific problem in life through a specific symptom. Any disease always wants to heal by purifying the body of toxins or creating great mental suffering, so we need to find a way out of the current situation. No matter which path is chosen, the goal is always the same: to lead people to themselves.

How deeply we need to experience suffering depends only on our level of “insight.” Healing is always a process of becoming whole, which means becoming more and more whole, healed, and more myself. Become more and more one with me, my partner, with everything and everyone. I can hinder this process by consciously or unconsciously not living something that is. Then illness becomes necessary. If I don’t allow life energy or not fully, I let it flow or limit it through ideas, ideals, and patterns.

Natural healing process

Healing is the natural developmental process. This happens through the expression of life energy. Where I block that, I make sickness necessary. But illness can also be a way to release the energy you need. Evil is always redemption, which I reject. Everything leads to salvation, evil is only my rejection. Negative emotions and pessimism are far more unhealthy than destroying the environment. Therefore it is also the wrong QUESTION; if someone wants to know if this text will help them get well. If you are ready to change your consciousness, yes! But it is not intended for sick people, but for people who are willing to make illness superfluous by taking a step into consciousness.

What Einstein’s theory of relativity and Max Planck’s quantum theory teach above all is the fact that behind the sensory world is the actual real world from which the causes affect the sensory world. However, the unknown is usually not greeted with joy. But it triggers insecurity and rejection and people refuse to perceive reality to be able to hold on to familiar views. We must ask ourselves:

Despite the achievements of modern medicine with its highly praised new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities,

  • Why aren’t there fewer sick people?
  • Why aren’t the therapies becoming simpler,
  • and the “treatment costs” are even higher?

Without a cure being achieved!

From a clear message to a clearer awareness

Imagine if our medical equipment did not exist and there were no medicines either, for example, no painkillers and no sleeping pills. It would be an unimaginable mess. From this, we can see what a constant lie we live. We receive messages all the time, but we stubbornly refuse to even acknowledge them, let alone act on them. With every symptom treatment, we continue to lie to ourselves. No wonder more and more people are constantly ill.

According to a new opinion poll, 6% of Germans consider themselves healthy. If we assume that half of them just don’t get the message about existing disorders, then only 3% are sane. A frightening result and completely unnecessary. Here Voltaire’s words are relevant again:

Doctors pour drugs they know little about
to cure illnesses of which they know even less,
into people, they know absolutely nothing about!!!

We get messages all the time. Not only the body’s message about the language of the symptoms but also about the living conditions. Everything that happens to me is a message, because everything reflects my being and asks me to live in harmony with myself (despite fear, stress, guilt, and/or envy). For most people, illness is just a disorder that they want to get rid of as quickly as possible, only to then continue just as wrongly. This makes “tutoring” almost unavoidable. We tend to reinforce ourselves in a difficult situation – but in the usual direction. So take more or stronger medication, and have an operation if necessary, instead of doing what is “necessary”. This behavior has proven itself in the fight against infectious diseases.

Today, however, completely different forms of illness prevail, which we are still trying to fight with yesterday’s methods without really finding a solution. For many forms of illness, we have found no treatment at all or only temporary solutions. For example, there has been no progress in cancer treatment for 25 years. And cancer is the second leading cause of death in the western world.

No medication can successfully treat cirrhosis of the liver, and we cannot stop, let alone reverse, the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis), although it is the most common cause of heart attacks, strokes, and circulatory disorders. But chronic bronchitis is also increasing and with it the number of people dying from diseases of the respiratory organs. And the rheumatics have so far hoped in vain for effective therapy. But even if we look at the effects of antibiotics, which at first seem to produce impressive results in fighting viruses and bacteria, we see that it is precisely this that weakens the patient’s immune response. Also, over time, resistant forms of pathogens emerge that require “stronger” drugs that further weaken the immune system. Ultimately, the defense will debuff and deal damage without actually solving the problem.

Above all, our immune system is no longer challenged and trained, so we are getting weaker and weaker. This makes the enormous increase in chronic and degenerative diseases easier to understand today. However, modern medicine has not achieved great success with this.

Despite all efforts and ever-increasing costs, more and more people are dying of cancer. The patients suffer enormously from the “treatment” without really benefiting from it in the end. Not therapy, but causal prophylaxis is therefore the order of the day!

Causal Prophylaxis

Above all, it is the constant small violations of the simplest health rules that make us sick. If the overweight would eat less, the drinkers drink less, the smokers stop smoking, the lazy exercise a little more, and everyone breathes properly and think positively, we could save more lives and eliminate diseases than with the expensive methods of medicine today! Let us be aware that every symptom is a message and that there is no point in suppressing and thus destroying the message without having understood and followed it.

Understand and follow the message in the symptom
is the true miracle pill for healing.

Now go back to your

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True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning

True Results: Body Language Meaning


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