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RUMAH » Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 6 - Arti Hemat

Morning Gratitude Challenge Task 6 - Arti Hemat

Arti hemat: Hidup hemat berarti, hidup dengan kurang dari yang Anda mampu. Dan bahwa Anda menggunakan lebih sedikit sumber daya, seperti energi, atau uang daripada yang tersedia untuk Anda. Tetapi bagaimana hal itu memengaruhi kebahagiaan Anda dalam hidup?

1. Thinking Time: Frugalism Meaning

Kehidupan yang direduksi menjadi kebutuhan dasar fisik manusia

Membayangkan itu menyakitkan bagi kebanyakan orang. Mereka lebih suka menginginkan lebih dari yang sebenarnya mereka butuhkan. Karena mereka merasa sangat membutuhkan itu semua. Masalah pertama adalah kebanyakan orang tidak tahu atau tidak membedakan antara apa yang mereka inginkan dan apa yang mereka butuhkan. Namun nyatanya, menjalani hidup hemat bisa sangat membebaskan.

Here are some pretty good thoughts from Leo Gura about mental frugalism:

Consumer whores are not born as such,
but raised and tutored to become ones!

Why do people think they need more and more?

Iklan dan kehadiran permanen simbol status mungkin merupakan pengaruh terkuat bagi keinginan untuk bersaing dengan orang lain. Jadi, orang menginginkan mobil yang lebih besar, rumah, perahu berkilau di pelabuhan kapal pesiar, parfum mahal, dan rias wajah, bibir yang dipompa, dan payudara, atau "knalpot" yang luar biasa keras sebagai simbol status. (Knalpot adalah kata Belanda untuk pipa knalpot, yang juga digunakan dalam bahasa Indonesia.)

Arti hemat: Apa yang benar-benar dibutuhkan orang?

So, let's go back to the physical basic needs. All you really need, are only the physical things, that would kill you after a short time. Those are the following in this priority:

  1. Breathing: Without breathing you are only able to survive for minutes until unrepairable damage is done to your brain or it will kill you.
  2. Drinking: Without drinking, it will be a question of days.
  3. Disposal: Without peeing and pooing you will probably get around a little longer than without drinking until your body poisons itself.
  4. Eat: You are able to get around without food for a few weeks.

Itulah kebutuhan fisik dasar manusia, mamalia, hewan, dan tumbuhan. Apa pun untuk kenyamanan Anda. Tidak ada yang salah dengan kenyamanan. Tapi semua itu, apa yang Anda pikir Anda butuhkan, pada kenyataannya, hanya sesuatu yang Anda inginkan. Mengapa Anda ingin hidup hemat?

Apa yang mungkin menjadi alasan untuk hidup hemat di bawah kemungkinan finansial Anda?

Not spending all the money you earn gives you the possibility to save some money. If this saved money covers your basic needs for 3 to 6 months, it is called financial protection.

This saved money can be invested and over time it can create a passive income for you. So the real reason behind it is to be able one day to live just from the dividend of your invested assets.  As soon as this lasts for your basic needs, it is called financial security. This is the level, everybody should reach, because it is the basis for spiritual growth. Because, no one ever experienced enlightenment, when he could not afford to satisfy his basic physical needs anymore after he lost his job. Financial protection already reduces the potential stress caused by your survival instinct by more than 90%. Financial security makes this stress obsolete.  To reach financial security, you have to move more money from consuming to investing.

Tapi bagaimana cara kerjanya?

First of all, one needs to give money a higher value than material assets. And one needs to understand the difference between what you membutuhkan dan apa yang kamu mau. Here are some examples:

  • Tidak punya mobil,
  • Menginap di akomodasi dasar,
  • Tinggal di flat yang lebih kecil dari yang Anda mampu,
  • Minum air keran, kalau cukup bersih, daripada minuman loli mahal. Sebenarnya, ini akan memiliki manfaat kesehatan tambahan, karena asupan gula berkurang.

Does Frugality Violate Happiness?

Bagi saya, berhemat berarti saya tidak suka menyia-nyiakan sumber daya, seperti waktu, tenaga, uang, kesehatan, dan kebahagiaan.

Arti hemat: Berhenti membuang-buang waktu

Membuang-buang waktu adalah dosa terbesar bagi saya. Misalnya, buang-buang waktu bagi saya adalah hari tanpa cinta. Karena waktu adalah milik kita aset paling berharga. Setiap detik yang hilang akan hilang selamanya, dan tidak akan pernah kembali.

Arti hemat: Berhenti membuang-buang energi

Wasting energy is another big one, because:

Semuanya adalah energi,
Dan energi adalah semua yang ada!

And due to that, there is an infinite abundance of energy available. On the one hand, the energy never gets lost, it only gets changed into a different kind of energy. But on the other hand, effectiveness is a principle of nature. So, due to my respect for nature, I am a big fan to use any kind of energy as effectively as possible. For example not running the air conditioner or the heater if a window or the door is open. Or by utilizing passive heating or cooling systems instead of electrical ones. This also saves some money on your energy bill.

Arti hemat: Berhenti membuang-buang uang

That brings me to another kind of energy, which is money. Apart from being a conveniently exchangeable asset, money is also a wonderful communication tool for the value and energy of goods, services, and results. That's why I'm having a hard time spending more money than necessary. Especially something which I don't need. That's why I keep choosing goods and services, that are as basic as possible, and only as fancy as necessary. This leads to a very liberating simplicity. And it gains some extra money to save for investing.

Once I was traveling together with my sister to Cape Town in South Africa, I booked the cheapest accommodation on AirBnB next to the place where I wanted to go to. That was near the starting point of the Two Oceans Marathon.

When my sister saw our basic accommodation she asked me: "How much do you value yourself?" The low price of the accommodation and its location was most essential for me. But she would have loved to have a fancy apartment with a big pool.
On the one hand, I believe that I only can save money, which I don't spend. On the other hand, my sister believes that anything she spends will come back to her a thousand times. Actually, that's a pretty clever method. And curiously, it seems to work sometimes for her! Unfortunately, I have not understood yet, how she does it. If someone can explain how to make that work reliably, I'd be more than happy to learn!

Arti hemat: Berhenti membuang-buang sumber daya

Not wasting resources means to me also, to protect the environment. Because it has the side effect that it creates as little trash as possible. I do that by buying the most simple things that are just being able to fulfill their purpose. And to avoid buying expensive branded clothes. Or to walk or to choose the smallest possible and most economic vehicle, that can bring me to my destination.

Arti hemat: Berhentilah menyia-nyiakan kesehatanmu

Even eating healthy is not violating my frugalism. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are usually the cheapest food you can buy. Walking instead of driving or jogging instead of going to the gym improves my health and fitness. And at the same time, it saves money for transport and the monthly payment for the gym.

Bagaimana Pengelolaan Uang yang Hemat Melanggar Kebahagiaan?

Dan akhirnya, jangan simpan kesenangan dan kesenangan Anda. Kebanyakan orang menganggap kebahagiaan dengan menghabiskan uang. Saya menganggap ini sebagai omong kosong belaka. Karena bahagia adalah pilihan. Dan Pilihan ini benar-benar gratis!

And whoever believes that a new pair of shoes, jewelry, or a Ferrari make you permanently happy, is wrong. All of those status symbols serve your happiness only for a short time. Being permanently happy comes from continuous growth.

Pertumbuhan terus menerus dan tidak pernah abadi adalah metode terbaik yang saya temukan sejauh ini. Ini berarti:

  1. sedang belajar,
  2. berolahraga,
  3. berkeringat,
  4. menerapkan,
  5. and finally, rest and relax, to embody it!
  6. And then repeat and challenge yourself for further growth!

Finally, if you think, that would violate your need for security? No, it won't. Because the feeling of security is an emotion, which you can train. For example, by improving your mental strength to increase your comfort zone. And this will rather transform you, than any life insurance or any other products that promise you safety and security. The marketing for all of those products plays with your fears. Which makes you focus on the risks in life, which attracts the feeling of insecurity. But you cannot fall off the planet. Gravitation does a very reliable job!

2. Your Gratitude Challenge Task For Today:

Bagikan rasa terima kasih dengan membagikan tautan ini kepada anggota tantangan Anda:

3. Write down five things you are grateful for:

1. Saya bersyukur untuk ..., karena ...
2. Selanjutnya, saya berterima kasih kepada ..., karena ...
5. Akhirnya, saya berterima kasih untuk ..., karena ...

Harap diingat bahwa saat harga diri Anda tumbuh, karena perasaan bersyukur, perasaan tidak berdaya dan ketakutan Anda menghilang.

4. A Gratitude Meditation dari Dr. Deepak Chopra

Konfirmasikan bahwa Anda telah menyelesaikan tugas hari ini - Klik DI SINI

Salam penting dan bahagia
Klaus Forster

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